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Dr. David Rotstein

Consumer Safety Officer
Office of Surveillance and Compliance

Dr. David Rotstein
David Rotstein

1. Why did you become a veterinarian?

I wanted to become a veterinarian since I was in preschool and I have my preschool yearbook as proof! I have always had an interest in animals and I have been lucky to have had opportunities to work with many species and job situations before coming to CVM.

2. What made you want to work for CVM?

My interest in working at CVM and FDA in general was the animal/public health component. I have enjoyed many different experiences at FDA, including working with the Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation Network and the Complaint Emergency Recall Team which have allowed me to focus on public health.

3. What is the best thing about being a veterinarian for CVM?

The best things about being a veterinarian at CVM are the flexibility and the enormous privilege of being able to not only help with the normal day-to-day functions of the center, but to also use my specialty training as a veterinary pathologist at CVM and other FDA centers.

4. What does the veterinary profession mean to you?

The veterinary profession represents opportunity on many levels. At the forefront is our ability to provide animal care, promote animal health, and educate the public. On another level, our profession has so many different career choices that we have the amazing opportunity to assess and redirect our career.

5. What is your most memorable moment as a veterinarian?

My most memorable moment was obtaining Diplomate status in the American College of Veterinary Pathology. I didn’t go the normal route of internship to residency right out of vet school and had a higher mountain to climb with my training to achieve the goal.

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