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Glenn Bass, Director, Office of Food and Feed Operations

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 Glenn Bass

Glenn Bass is director of the Office of Food and Feed Operations (OFFO) in the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). From 2011 until 2014, Glenn was the Detroit district director. In his current position, he oversee and manages all domestic and foreign field investigatory operations related to foods and feed regulated by the agency on behalf of the associate commissioner of operations. He serves as the central point within the agency through which directorates and other headquarters offices obtain field support services for food and feed activities and serves as the agency focal point in coordinating, directing, and assisting the field and headquarters offices with investigative food and feed activities. He received his Bachelor of Arts in biology from the College of Charleston, Masters in Administration from Central Michigan, and Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Maryland. Glenn joined FDA in 2001.

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