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Risk Communication Staff

Jodi Duckhorn, Director

Our Risk Communication Staff's objective is to assess and enhance FDA's approaches to effectively communicate the risks and benefits of using FDA-regulated products. This includes providing leadership in identifying, developing, conducting and promoting cross-cutting research, promoting understandable communication, and finding ways to improve the consistency and effectiveness of our communication approaches. This program also directs the activities of FDA's Risk Communication Advisory Committee, which was established: to advise on strategies and programs to communicate the risks and benefits of FDA-regulated products so as to facilitate optimal use; to review and evaluate FDA's and others' research relevant to such communication; and to facilitate interactively sharing risk and benefit information with the public to help people make informed independent judgments about use of FDA-regulated products.

Our major functions include:

  • Coordinating development of agency policies on risk communication practices.
  • Coordinating agency strategic planning activities concerning risk communications.
  • Coordinating agency research agenda for risk communication methods.
  • Facilitating development and sharing of risk communication best practices and standard operating procedures.
  • Conducting risk communications research on methodological and cross-cutting issues.
  • Leading management and coordination of the FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee.
  • Staffing and co-leading FDA's Communications Council.

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