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FDA/OIP Executive Operations Office

FDA/OIP Executive Operations Office

The Executive Operations Office (EOO) is responsible for supporting the management and coordination of the Office of International Programs (OIP) resources, including people, money, equipment and facilities. This includes providing management services in the areas of budget formulation and execution, program evaluation and forecasting, process improvement, personnel and strategic management, international travel operations and facilities management.

Serving as OIP’s interface for management operations, EOO is also responsible for developing processes and administering policies. EOO is the liaison between OIP and external offices/organizations on policies and processes in the areas of acquisitions, equal employment opportunities, facilities, finances, human resources, information technology, international travel, new employee set-up, performance management, strategic management, telecommunications, and workforce planning.

The roles and responsibilities of EOO, includes providing two very unique services to the agency: 1) serves as passport agents and approves international travel for all FDA employees and 2) develops and administers policies and processes which govern the activities of FDA employees living and working at FDA Foreign Post.

The Executive Operations Office staff is located at FDA Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland USA.

Executive Operations Office Activities:

FDA Services

  • FDA international travel
  • FDA Foreign Post - Administrative Operations

OIP Services

  • Administrative Management
  • Strategic Management


FDA/OIP Executive Operations Activities