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ODT Strategic Priorities

The ODT Strategic Plan for 2023-2025 will guide our efforts on our modernization journey for the coming years as we continue to implement FDA’s Modernization Framework. This plan includes ambitious, yet achievable goals and initiatives to reach strategic objectives.

ODT’s strategic theme for 2023 is “All FDA” and builds on our “One ODT” theme for 2022. This past year was pivotal for ODT as we established our new organization, culture, and ways of working. As we move into our second year, we will scale the spirit of collaboration and strategic alignment across the broader Information Technology ecosystem to advance the FDA’s mission priorities.

ODT Strategic Priorities 

  1. Cloud Forward: Implement repeatable processes, provide packaged cloud offerings, and ensure the infrastructure supports agile migration and use of the cloud.
  2. Data: Develop a responsible strategy for putting data to use and to allow the FDA to manage and analyze data to include driver projects, data practices, and talent.
  3. Organizational Excellence: Continue improving our culture by enhanced talent acquisition, employee retention and engagement, and strengthening an emerging workforce.
  4. Governance: Provide a framework aimed at improving the overall selection and management of IT systems and applications to enable FDA to manage IT risks, invest in the right priorities, ensure compliance, and measure performance. 
  5. User Experience: Market and communicate IT offerings and strategies and develop standards and best practices to deliver intuitive services to customers.
  6. Operational Excellence: Help achieve the FDA’s strategy by strengthening IT infrastructure and management operations to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and service levels. 
  7. Cybersecurity: Ensure the appropriate security measures and protections are in place to maintain the public’s trust and the FDA’s reputation as a global public health leader.


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