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Office of Food Policy and Response

Welcome to the Office of Food Policy and Response


OFPR Teams

OFPR Immediate Office

Office of Priority Policy and Initiatives (OPPI)

Resource Planning and Strategic Management (RPSM)


New Era of Smarter Food Safety

The New Era of Smarter Food Safety 

The FDA is taking a new approach to food safety, leveraging technology and other tools and approaches to create a safer and more digital, traceable food system. Our ultimate goal is to bend the curve of foodborne illness in this country by reducing the number of illnesses.


Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

The FDA  Food Safety Modernization Act is transforming the nation’s food safety system by shifting the focus from responding to foodborne illness to preventing it. Congress enacted FSMA in response to dramatic changes in the global food system and in our understanding of foodborne illness and its consequences, including the realization that preventable foodborne illness is both a significant public health problem and a threat to the economic well-being of the food system.

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