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ORA on the Frontlines: Hien Albright

CDR Hien Albright, Consumer Safety Officer, Office of  Training Education and Development

Hien Albright

During this pandemic, I was deployed to Travis Air Force Base in California as the food safety officer. The site initially had over 200 American evacuees from China who were under quarantine and then added 160 American evacuees from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship which also required quarantine. As the food safety officer, I made sure the food being delivered three times a day by a caterer was safe. I inspected the meals before they could be delivered to the evacuees. In addition, I assisted in delivering the food and acted as the safety officer providing safety orientation briefings to new volunteers, scheduling mask fit-testing for new volunteers, and checking to make sure volunteers were properly wearing their personal protective equipment and conducting proper hand hygiene. It was an amazing experience to see and hear the gratitude and elation from the evacuees for assisting them in their arrival on home soil. It was a proud moment for me to be able to help them during these difficult times. 

My name is CDR Hien Albright and #IAmORA on the frontlines.  

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