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I Am ORA: Natalie Hussey

Natalie Hussey, management and program analyst, Division of Project Management, Office of Communications and Project Management, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Food and Drug Administration

Natalie Hussey

My name is Natalie Hussey and I work in the Office of Regulatory Affairs, Office of Communications and Project Management (OCPM), Division of Project Management (DPM). I started my work with DPM in the summer of 2015 as a Pathways Intern. The Pathways Program is an internship program that provides students the opportunity to work in the government and gain experience. I served as an intern for about three years and over that time, I learned a great deal about the processes and best practices of project management. Though I was initially unfamiliar with project management and the great benefit it provides to accomplishing goals, I found project management to be a great skill that can apply to many fields. In 2018, I was converted from the Pathways program to a full-time employee and have continued to learn more about project management through mentorship from my DPM colleagues.

Currently, I am working as a project manager (PM) shadowing experienced PMs as well as taking on projects independently. My DPM colleagues continue to be great resources as I grow my experience as a PM. Their willingness to share their project management experiences with me, in addition to answering questions I may have along the way, provide extensive insight as I further my career in DPM.

DPM serves as ORA’s principal resource for managing high priority and cross-cutting projects to ensure project success. We lead projects using industry-aligned tools to address ORA’s strategic priorities, implement legislation and/or congressional or executive order mandates, and improve ORA’s processes, culture, and decision making.

Some of the values that guide our work include a positive work environment and a cohesive team approach. I feel that the transparent work environment which drives team performance, task ownership, and accountability is important to my success in ORA. 

Natalie Hussey quote

We utilize these values in our work with ORA colleagues to ensure that successful, quality projects are completed. The collaborative and supportive environment we create within DPM is translated into our work with ORA as a whole.

Adhering to industry-aligned project management methods reduces risks, uses resources more efficiently, and increases the likelihood of successful outcomes. DPM uses these practices to ensure that projects within ORA are successful.

I am passionate about working in ORA and DPM, in an office that focuses on excellence and the discipline of project management.

I am Natalie Hussey and #IAmORA.



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