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  1. FDA-TRACK: Agency-wide Program Performance

FDA-TRACK: Reportable Food Registry Data Dashboard

Welcome to the interactive Reportable Food Registry Data Dashboard. Hover over points on any of the charts to view additional information and click through the tabs for breakdowns of data. The source data used to create this dashboard can be downloaded by clicking on the button labeled "Download RFR Dataset" located at the bottom of the webpage.

Download RFR Dataset   RFR Glossary & Commodity Definitions


  1. Data includes entries submitted for RFR Years 1-13 (September 8, 2009 - September 7, 2022).
  2. Due to rounding, percentages may not precisely total 100%.

Note: The data provided on this website is produced on an ongoing basis for performance management purposes and is subject to change due to updates of preliminary estimates, corrections, or other reasons.


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