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National Disaster Call Center Questions


This page provides information relating to Disaster Evacuation to be used by ORA personnel in the event of national or local disaster.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions when calling into the Division of Food Defense Targeting in response to a National Disaster:

  1. What is your name, address, and contact number?
  2. What is your current location?
  3. What is your Office/District?
  4. Are you an FDA employee? If not, what is the name of the employee on whose behalf you’re calling?
  5. Are you and your family ok?
  6. What happened?
  7. Is there anything FDA can do to assist you?
  8. Please provide the name and phone number of someone not traveling with you in case we need to reach you and can't get through on the number you just provided.
  9. Where will you be staying?
  10. Was your residence affected?
  11. Are you searching for anyone? If yes, who is not accounted for?
  12. Do you have Internet access in case we need to contact you that way?
  13. Can you work?
  14. Do you know where to obtain additional information/instructions regarding your office’s COOP or other emergency procedures?
  15. Have you been in contact with any other FDA employees? If yes, do you have their contact information?
  16. What are your general/travel plans within the next 5 days?

Please call back as soon as possible if any of the information you have provided changes.

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