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Each component of wellness is equally important in the pursuit of life fulfillment. While there are a number of different wellness dimensions discussed, many articles agree on some combination of the following: 

  1. Intellectual: maintaining memory, improving cognitive abilities, satisfying our natural curiosity and learning new skills
  2. Physical: dedication to physical exercise and nutritious eating
  3. Emotional: self-acceptance and acknowledging a wide range of feelings in ourselves and others as normal
  4. Social: connecting with others, traveling outside our comfort zone, getting close to other people, and getting to know other cultures
  5. Occupational: gaining expertise in a chosen field of study and achieving professional-level mastery
  6. Spiritual: a set of beliefs, core values, principles and a guiding purpose for one’s life
  7. Environmental: active participation in the reduction of pollution and waste regulation

CVM’s Work-Life/Wellness Program was implemented in an effort to keep each of these components of wellness at the forefront of employees’ minds. The different aspects of the program were developed based on feedback from employees across all offices, and the execution of program initiatives and activities are driven by Center representatives. It is our sincere hope that this program always represents the needs and desires of CVM employees and their quest to get healthy and stay healthy in all areas of life.

What We Offer

  • Monthly CVM-Wide Health Challenges. In an effort to stay active and healthy, each month, employees are given a new challenge and are asked to log their activities accordingly.  Past challenges have been number of steps taken daily, ounces of water drank daily, and number of sit-ups completed daily.   Challenge results are shared by Office at the beginning of each month!
  • Bi-Monthly Physical Activity Offerings. In an effort to be more deliberate with our emphasis on physical well-being, every two months the workforce receives a listing of free videos on a physical activity that employees can do at their convenience, whether alone or with family/friends. Past offerings include yoga and lower body strength training.
  • University of Maryland Extension Partnership. CVM believes strongly in the power of knowledge when it comes to employee wellness. The University of Maryland Extension, Montgomery County, acts as a countywide educational system and is sponsored jointly by the University of Maryland, Montgomery County Government, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Past seminars presented to CVM as part of this partnership include Nutrition 101, Gardening for Nutrition, and Setting Wellness Goals and Strategies for Success.
  • Volunteer Opportunities. Research shows that volunteer work is associated with overall life satisfaction, which links directly to overall wellness. Therefore, twice per year, a bulletin is circulated across the Center, to include organizations in the DC and Baltimore metro areas that are looking for volunteers. This allows employees who are looking for volunteer opportunities to find an organization that best fits their needs. Additional formal volunteer and donation opportunities have been organized as part of the Center’s wellness program as well, to include wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery, a suit drive to benefit the Salvation Army, and a supply drive to benefit the Washington Animal Rescue League.
  • Nursing Mothers Program. Wellness is a family affair. The following services are available to those employees currently breastfeeding, as part of FDA’s Nursing Mother’s Program:
    • The use of lactation rooms (both Rockville and Laurel campuses)
    • Access to consultation services with lactation specialist via telephone
    • Monthly educational seminars
    • The use of a Medela hospital grade pump
    • In-person consultation
  • Employee Assistance Program. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to assist with concerns that affect the quality of employee work and family lives. EAP Services are provided to all CVM employees via Federal Occupational Health (FOH) and provides valuable assistance, intervention and/or information that can assist employees in successfully addressing job-related or personal challenges.

Additional components of CVM’s Work-life/Wellness Program can be found at Quality of Worklife.

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