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Transcript: Many just need an opportunity—join FDA

Planning out your career goals or searching for opportunities? Let’s explore your options at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, also known as CDER.

Whether you’re a graduate biomedical student seeking experience; a postgraduate looking for fellowships; or a senior scientist pursuing a research career, CDER offers many paths into the fascinating field of regulatory science.

Before I tell you more about available programs and fellowships, let me tell you about CDER.

FDA’s largest Center, CDER has built a simple and strong foundation:  make sure safe and effective drug products are available to improve the health of people in the United States. CDER has almost 4,500 employees; 80 percent fall into scientific fields. At CDER, you can touch many aspects of drug development, review, and the approval process.

Still interested? Great! Let’s talk about how you can join CDER.

Want to get your foot in the door? Check out these CDER programs.

The Pathways program provides career development for those who have graduated college in the past two years. And for those who have earned a graduate degree, Pathways has the Presidential Management Fellowship.

CDER’s Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education gives recent grads and university teachers educational experience and training in public health and science.

The Regulatory Science Student internship program provides internships to graduate students.  During your time at CDER, you   gain professional experience and can explore other options.

The Visiting Pediatric Pharmacology Fellows Rotation Program gives pediatric pharmacology fellows in established academic programs a chance to rotate within various review teams in CDER.  You will learn about pediatric drug development and regulatory principles

The Commissioner’s Fellowship program offers two-year fellowships in regulatory science training and research to those with a Doctoral-level degree or individuals with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in an engineering discipline.

Finally, the Service Fellowship Plan provides temporary employment, training and professional development to promising research and regulatory scientists -- for up to five years!

Applicants to the Service Fellowship plan must have a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree in an eligible science program. However, a lower level of education and experience may be fine depending on program need.

You are part of a valuable pool of talent that can help CDER deal with complex and exciting possibilities. Take advantage of opportunities at CDER to start or enhance your career!

Remember, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. So, don’t miss your shot at a great career!
Don’t miss
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Don’t miss your opportunity!

For more information about FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research visit f-d-a dot g-o-v slash drugs.
For more information about available fellowships visit f-d-a dot g-o-v and search - Fellowship

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