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OPDP Organization Listing

Director's Office

Thomas Abrams, Director

Mark Askine, Deputy Office Director

Catherine Gray, Staff Director

Katie David, Deputy Staff Director

Jean-Ah Kang, Special Assistant

Robyn Tyler, Regulatory Counsel Team Leader

Suzanna Boyle, Regulatory Counsel

Dominic Cirincione, Regulatory Counsel

Jonathan McKnight, Regulatory Counsel

Kathryn Aikin, Social Science Team Leader

Kevin Betts, Social Science Analyst

Amie O'Donoghue, Social Science Analyst

Helen Sullivan, Social Science Analyst

Sheila Ryan, Health Science Policy Analyst Team Leader

Kemi Asante, Health Science Policy Analyst

Christine Corser, Health Science Policy Analyst

Elizabeth Pepinsky, Health Science Policy Analyst

Jason Cober, Project Management Team Leader

Diane Nhu, Regulatory Project Manager

Olga Salis, Regulatory Project Manager

Becki Vogt, Regulatory Project Manager

Michael Wade, Regulatory Project Manager 

Sharon Smith, Technical Information Specialist

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Division I

Andrew Haffer, Director, Division I

Lisa Hubbard, Deputy Director

Janet Daly, Program Specialist 

Team 1 – Oncology

Susannah O’Donnell, Team Leader

  • Emily Dvorsky, Reviewer
  • Robert Nguyen, Reviewer
Team 2 – Oncology

Kevin Wright, Team Leader 

  • Adesola Adejuwon, Reviewer
  • Rachael Conklin, Reviewer 
  • Maritsa Serlemitsos-Day, Reviewer
Team 3 – Oncology

Brian Tran, Team Leader

  • Nazia Fatima, Reviewer
  • Lynn Panholzer, Reviewer
  • Nisha Patel, Reviewer
Team 4 – Addiction, Analgesics, Anesthetics, Antivirals

Sam Skariah, Team Leader

  • Koung Lee, Reviewer
  • Wendy Lubarsky, Reviewer
  • Nima Ossareh, Reviewer
  • Shenee Toombs, Reviewer
Team 5 – Neurology, Psychiatry

Aline Moukhtara, Team Leader

  • Christine Bradshaw, Reviewer
  • Domenic D'Alessandro, Reviewer
  • Dhara Shah, Reviewer
  • Sapna Shah, Reviewer

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Division II

Robert Dean, Director, Division II

Twyla Thompson, Deputy Director

Nneka Onwudiwe, Evidence Review

Lisa Champion, Administrative Officer

Team 6 – Dental, Dermatology, Osteoporosis, Reproductive, Urology

Matthew Falter, Team Leader

  • Laurie Buonaccorsi, Reviewer
  • Jina Kwak, Reviewer
  • Elvy Varghese, Reviewer
Team 7 – Metabolic & Endocrine

Melinda McLawhorn, Team Leader

  • Sam Bryant, Reviewer
  • Ankur Kalola, Reviewer
  • Meena Savani, Reviewer
  • Charuni Shah, Reviewer 
Team 8 – Allergy, Gastroenterology, Pulmonary, Rheumatology

Katie Klemm, Team Leader

  • Adewale Adeleye, Reviewer
  • Taylor Burnett, Reviewer
  • Meeta Patel, Reviewer
  • Kyle Snyder, Reviewer
Team 9 – Anti-Infective, Cardiovascular, Medical Imaging, Ophthalmology, Renal, Transplant

Jim Dvorsky, Team Leader

  • David Foss, Reviewer
  • Carrie Newcomer, Reviewer
  • Zarna Patel, Reviewer
  • Puja Shah, Reviewer

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