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The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (Tobacco Control Act) is an important piece of legislation with many requirements. FDA has prepared this infographic to help you understand the rationale for and major events associated with the Act.


This is not a complete summary of the Tobacco Control Act. To understand the full context, you can read the Tobacco Control Act at:


Public Health Tobacco Facts for the Tobacco Control Act

Key Events and Tobacco Control Act Milestones
Tobacco Facts
Image Event

Map of continental U.S. with five circles, one is filled in as red and 4 are filled in as blue.  The red circle represents the 20% of deaths in America as the result of smoking.

20% of deaths in America are the result of smoking (1)

Two stacks of U.S. dollars

$193 Billion spent every year for direct medical costs and lost productivity due to smoking related premature deaths in America (2)

Two stacks of U.S. dollars

$10.4 billion spent by the U.S. tobacco industry on advertising and promotion in 2008 (4)

Four small figures of people and one large figure of a person

80% of adult smokers begin smoking before the age of 18 (3)

Image of stopwatch

167 kids try their first cigarette every HOUR (2)
Key Events and Tobacco Control Act (Tobacco Control Act) Milestones
Date Image Event
June 22, 2009

President Barack Obama

President Obama signs the Tobacco Control Act into law
July 2009   FDA initiates the collection of user fees from the tobacco industry
August 2009 CTP FDA establishes the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)
September 2009 Red Cherries Tobacco Control Act bans cigarettes with characterizing flavor such as fruit and candy
September 2009 Former CTP director Lawrence R. Deyton, MSPH, MD FDA appoints first CTP Director, Lawrence R. Deyton, MSPH, MD
March 2010

 Images of teens of varying racial and ethnic backgrounds

CTP reissues the "1996 rule" that restricts the sale and distribution of tobacco products to protect youth and promote public health
March 2010


Image of gloved human hand holding beaker one-third filled with liquid 

FDA establishes the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC)
April 2010   CTP publishes a final guidance to assist those submitting documents to FDA relating to the health, toxicological, behavioral, or physiologic effects of tobacco products and constituents. Documents submitted will have been produced after June 22, 2009
June 2010   Tobacco Control Act requirements regarding revised warning labels on packages and in advertisements for smokeless tobacco products took effect
June 2010   CTP begins awarding contracts to states designed to support compliance and enforcement activities
June 2010

Circle with slash over the words Low, Light, Mild

Products labeled or advertised with misleading terms such as "low," "light," and "mild," or with similar descriptors, are banned under the Act
October 2010

Group of multi-ethnic teens with school books and bags

CTP publishes an action plan for enforcing restrictions on the promotion and advertising requirements covering the sale of menthol and other cigarettes to youth - especially in minority communities
June 2011

Image of cigarette pack with image of man wearing t-shirt that reads: I Quit

CTP publishes final regulation that requires graphics illustrating the negative health consequences of smoking. Graphics will accompany 9 new health warning statements that will appear on cigarette packages and in advertisements (under litigation)
July 2011

Image of menthol leaf

TPSAC issues a final report on the public health implications of menthol tobacco use to FDA
July 2011   CTP publishes regulations establishing procedures for requesting an exemption from the requirement to establish substantial equivalence
March 2012

Image of brown dissolvable tobacco pills

TPSAC issues report on the public health impact of dissolvable tobacco products
April 2012

 Keyboard with credit card place on top

CTP to publish regulations to address the promotion and marketing of tobacco sold or distributed over the Internet, by mail order, or through other non-face-to-face exchanges between a retailer and a consumer
April 2012   CTP to establish a list of harmful and potentially harmful constituents in tobacco products, including smoke constituents, by brand and sub-brand
April 2013   CTP to publish list of harmful and potentially harmful constituents in a format that is understandable and not misleading to the general public
April 2013   CTP to submit report to Congress focusing on FDA's progress and impediments to implementing Tobacco Control Act, the number of applications received for new tobacco and modified risk products, and how many employees are engaged in implementing the Act
April 2013

Image of brown tobacco leaf

CTP publishes regulations requiring tobacco manufacturers to test and report harmful and potentially harmful constituents
April 2013

 Cigarette icon within slahed circle

CTP to submit report to Congress focusing on how to regulate, promote and encourage the development of new products and treatments designed to help people quit smoking
April 2013   CTP to submit report to Congress on tobacco exports
June 2013   CTP issues first SE (substantially equivalent) marketing orders authorizing the marketing of two new tobacco products.  CTP also issues the first NSE (not substantially equivalent) orders denying the marketing of four tobacco products.
April 2015   CTP to submit report to Congress outlining the public heath impact of raising the minimum tobacco purchase age
April 2015   CTP to submit report to Congress outlining how well the public understands the health consequences of using tobacco products with harmful ingredients


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