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ArrayTrack™ Version 3.5.0 Updates

ArrayTrack™ version 3.5.0 includes the following new functions and improvements:

  • K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) classification methods available for model building and predictions on clinical, nonclinical, and toxicological microarray data. Both KNN and LDA support multiple validation algorithms and offer detailed results, including performance and class prediction reports. Additional classification algorithms such as SVM and nearest centroid are under development.
  • Two new libraries, the SNP Library and QTL Library, have been added and integrated with other existing libraries. The SNP Library includes all human SNPs collected in the latest build of dbSNP (Build 130 as of November 2009) and links SNPs to genes, proteins, and pathways hosted in other ArrayTrack™ existing libraries. The QTL (Quantitative Trait Locus) Library includes QTLs for human, mouse, and rat. It enables researchers to search QTLs in the vicinity of any given genes.
  • Two-Way ANOVA with source of variance plot.
  • GOFFA and other existing libraries have been updated.
  • ArrayTrack™ now supports creating Protein Panel and Metabolite Panel for data storage, analysis, and interpretation of proteomics and metabonomics.
  • Customized call options have been provided for processing Affymetrix CEL data.  This function is intended to support microbial microarray data, but can also be used elsewhere.
  • The correlation matrix tool now includes an option based on flag (gene presence/absence call) corcordance and a heat map for a visualization of sample similarity and quality control.
  • HCA can now be calculated based on flag (gene presence/absence) calls.  This function is intended to support microbial microarray data, but can also used elsewhere.
  • Several drop-down menus in the ArrayTrack™ Database panel have been reorganized.

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Assistance in using ArrayTrack™:     Feng Qian (870-543-7290 or
                                                 Don Ding (870-543-7685 or

Submit suggestions:                      Dr. Hong Fang (870-543-7538 or

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ArrayTrack™ is a product designed and produced by the National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR). FDA and NCTR retain ownership of this product. 
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