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ArrayTrack™ Tutorials

There are several online resources to help you learn how to use ArrayTrack™.  A Quick Start Manual is available that provides a quick overview of the basic ArrayTrack™ functionalities, and for more detailed instruction there are several tutorials available below.

The full ArrayTrack™ Manual is now available.


Links to Tutorial Topics

Tutorial 1 - Comparing Two Groups (PDF - 1.9MB) Statistical methods for group comparison, differentially expressed genes, individual gene analysis using LIB pathway analysis, and gene ontology analysis using GOFFA
TUTORIAL 2: Comparing Multiple Groups (PDF - 649KB) e.g., multiple doses and time points
TUTORIAL 3: VennDiagram (PDF - 1.5MB) Determine common genes/pathways/functions share by two or three gene lists, apply VennDiagram to external files
TUTORIAL 4: Data Exploring Tools (PDF - 1.3MB) Principal component analysis, hierarchical cluster analysis, apply both to external files, extensive features
TUTORIAL 5: Assessing Gene Expression Profiles Using Bar Chart (PDF - 341KB) Learn how to: access the barchart from the tool box, the t-test result table, ChipLib and other libraries; use the barchart for cross-experiment comparison; and assign group by color
TUTORIAL 6: Gene List — An Important Concept in ArrayTrack (PDF - 1.4MB) Create a gene list through data filtering and statistical analysis, Import/export a gene list, conduct normalization, conduct statistical analysis, export a dataset by specifying the gene list
TUTORIAL 7: Normalization Methods (PDF - 725KB) Normalization methods for affymetrix and 7 other platforms including LOWESS
TUTORIAL 8: How to Create Your Own Workspace (PDF - 219KB) Copy, paste, and duplicate an experiment
TUTORIAL 9A: Data Import (PDF - 2.6MB) Batch import and SimpleTox format data import
TUTORIAL 9B: Data Export (PDF - 1.4MB) Options of data exporting, export a selected dataset, export multiple experiments and/or platforms
TUTORIAL 10: Other Useful Functions (PDF - 273KB) Correlation matrix, ID converter, scatterplot, combine two tables, split table, pick out the unique ID
TUTORIAL 11: Basic Scripting for Querying (Raw and Normanlized) Data and Table (PDF - 160KB) Query data from the database tree, query data in tables
TUTORIAL 12: Using SAM Through ArrayTrack (PDF - 1.6MB) One and two class survival and time course, multi class survival
TUTORIAL 13: SimpleTox Format (PDF - 564KB) For animal toxicology and toxicogenomics, data are searchable, batch import, contains required, optional and customized fields, not limited to non-clinical study
Tutorial 14: K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) (PDF - 1.6MB) KNN and LDA are classification methods for building predictive models (See the User Guide for KNN and LDA below.)
Tutorial 15: Proteomics Data (PDF - 217KB) Create the files necessary to import proteomics or metablolomics experiments and import the data into ArrayTrack™

Links to User Guides

ArrayTrack™ Manual (PDF - 8.6MB)
ArrayTrack Quick Help Manual (PDF - 1.9MB)
User Guide for KNN and LDA (PDF - 271KB) User guide for K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)

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