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Inventure Foods, Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall of Its Fresh Frozen™ Vegetables and Select Jamba® "At Home" Smoothie Kits Because of Possible Health Risk

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Matt Jackson,
Tara Powers,
Lambert, Edwards & Associates
Katie Turner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 23, 2015 – Phoenix, AR – Inventure Foods, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of certain varieties of its Fresh Frozen™ line of frozen vegetables, as well as select varieties of its Jamba “At Home” line of smoothie kits, due to finding of Listeria monocytogenes, in its Jefferson, GA facility. Listeria is an organism that can cause infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.

To date, there are no known illnesses linked to consumption of Fresh Frozen IQF frozen vegetables or Jamba “At Home” smoothies. However, Inventure Foods has decided to err on the side of utmost caution and issue a voluntary recall because Listeria monocytogenes was identified within the facility.

The Company urges anyone who has purchased a product listed below to not consume it and to instead return the package to the store where it was purchased for a full refund. If consumers have additional questions, representatives will be available 24/7 at 866-890-1004; via email at or visit for the latest updates.

The Company said, “Please be assured that we are committed to producing the highest quality products - and our top priority is the health and safety of consumers. It is with this commitment that we have initiated this voluntary recall as a precautionary measure and are working closely with the FDA to proactively remedy the situation.”

The Fresh Frozen products being recalled are distributed to retail outlets, including food service accounts, mass merchandise stores and supermarkets in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

The Jamba “At Home” smoothies’ products being recalled are distributed to retail outlets, including mass merchandise stores and supermarkets east of the Mississippi River. Only specific Jamba “At Home” branded products are involved in this recall. No other Jamba® branded products are affected.

The products being recalled are identified below:

Fresh Frozen Vegetable Products

0-86069-20000-11026/2#SPEC. BUTTER BEANS
0-86069-50000-21054/5#SPEC. BUTTER BEANS
0-86069-20010-01126/2#BABY LIMA BEANS
0-86069-50010-11154/5#BABY LIMA BEANS
0-86069-20020-91246/2#CUT GREEN BEANS
0-86069-50020-01254/5#CUT GREEN BEANS
0-86069-20340-81326/2#ITALIAN GREEN BEANS
0-86069-50340-91354/5#ITALIAN GREEN BEANS
0-86069-20030-82036/2#CROWDER PEAS
0-86069-50030-92054/5#CROWDER PEAS
0-86069-20040-72126/2#BLACKEYE PEAS
0-86069-50040-82154/5#BLACKEYE PEAS
0-86069-20041-42226/2#PURPLE HULL PEAS
0-86069-50041-52254/5#PURPLE HULL PEAS
0-86069-20050-62426/2#FIELD PEAS W/SNPS
0-86069-50050-72454/5#FIELD PEAS W/SNPS
0-86069-20060-52526/2#BUTTER PEAS
0-86069-20005-62566/2#BUTTER BEANS
0-86069-20016-214412/24 ozFORDHOOK LIMA BEANS
0-86069-20061-22626/2#GREEN PEAS
0-86069-50060-62654/5#GREEN PEAS
0-86069-20290-62726/2#GREEN PEAS W/CARROTS
0-86069-50290-72754/5#GREEN PEAS W/CARROTS
0-86069-20042-12836/2#ZIPPER PEAS
0-86069-20032-22956/2#WHITE ACRE PEAS
0-86069-20070-43036/2#CUT OKRA
0-86069-50240-23054/5#CUT OKRA
0-86069-20350-73126/2#BABY WHOLE OKRA
0-86069-20075-93236/2#BREADED OKRA
0-86069-50075-03254/5#BREADED OKRA
0-86069-20100-84026/2#CUT YELLOW CORN
0-86069-50100-94054/5#CUT YELLOW CORN
**** NO UPC42196 CT3" CORN ON COB
0-86069-20200-54226/2#3" CORN ON COB
0-86069-50250-14254/5#3" CORN ON COB
0-86069-20102-24326/2#SHOEPEG CORN
0-86069-50102-34354/5#SHOEPEG CORN
0-86069-20300-25026/2#SLICED YELLOW SQUASH
0-86069-50300-35054/5#SLICED SQUASH
0-86069-20270-85106/2#BREADED SQUASH
0-86069-20310-35226/2#SLICED ZUCCHINI
0-86069-20510-55316/2#CHOPPED VIDALIA ONIONS & SQUASH
0-86069-20500-65426/2#CHOPPED VIDALIA ONIONS
0-86069-20295-16036/2#SLICED CARROTS
0-86069-20355-26596/2#BRUSSEL SPROUTS
0-86069-20140-47036/2#CUT BROCCOLI
0-86069-50140-57054/5#CUT BROCCOLI
0-86069-20141-17086/2#BROCCOLI FLORETS
0-86069-25071-67746/2#MUSTARD GREENS
0-86069-25040-27766/2#IQF COLLARDS
0-86069-25050-17776/2#IQF TURNIP GREENS
0-86069-25060-07786/2#IQF TURNIP GREENS W/R
0-86069-25090-77796/2#IQF CHOPPED SPINACH
0-86069-50080-48054/5#MIXED VEGETABLES
0-86069-20080-38066/2#MIXED VEGETABLES
0-86069-20014-88136/2#PREMIUM CALIFORNIA BLEND
0-86069-20011-78146/2#CALIFORNIA BLEND
0-86069-50011-88154/5#CALIFORNIA BLEND
0-86069-20330-98266/2#SUMMER BLEND
0-86069-20150-38336/2#VEGETABLE GUMBO
0-86069-20160-28366/2#VEGETABLE SOUP MIX W/TOMATOES
0-86069-21270-78426/2#STEW MIX
0-86069-20280-78526/2#STIR FRY BLEND
0-86069-20285-28626/2#ITALIAN BLEND
0-86069-20425-28666/2#FAJITA BLEND
0-86069-20400-98776/2#TEJANO BLEND
0-86069-20405-48826/2#JALISCO BLEND
0-86069-20432-08974/5#SEASONING BLEND
0-86069-20430-68986/2#SEASONING BLEND
0-86069-20170-18566/2#COUNTRY BLEND
0-86069-10180-39019912/1#WHOLE STRAWBERRIES
0-86069-10260-29119912/1#WHOLE BLACKBERRIES
0-86069-10190-29219912/1#SLICED PEACHES
0-86069-10500-995224/12 ozBLUEBERRIES
0-86069-10230-597118/12 ozTRIPLE BERRY BLEND
0-86069-20120-610026/2#YAM PATTIES
0-86069-20112-115708/28 ozSWEET POTATO CUTS
0-86069-50265-515824/5#BOIL BLEND
0-86069-95015-9402212/12 CTSOUTHERN STYLE BISCUITS
0-86069-95020-3403112/12 CTCHEESE BISCUITS
0-86069-95040-1406112/12 CTBUTTER BISCUITS
0-86069-11200-7S12412/12ozCUT GREEN BEANS
0-86069-11210-6S26212/12ozGREEN PEAS
0-86069-11230-4S40212/12ozCUT YELLOW CORN
0-86069-11260-1S70812/10oz.BROCCOLI FLORETS
0-86069-11270-0S80612/12ozMIXED VEGETABLES
0-86069-11275-5S81412/10oz.CALIFORNIA BLEND
0-86069-11280-9S82612/12ozSUMMER BLEND
0-86069-11290-8S86212/10oz.ITALIAN BLEND
0-86069-20001-81029912/1#Speckled Butter Beans
0-86069-20012-41129912/1#Baby Lima Beans
0-86069-20021-61249912/1#Cut Green Beans
0-86069-20341-51329912/1#Italian Green Beans
0-86069-20043-82129912/1#Blackeye Peas
0-86069-20051-32429912/1#Field Peas w/ Snaps
0-86069-20006-32569912/1#Butter Beans
0-86069-20063-62529912/1#Butter Peas
0-86069-20071-13039912/1#Cut Okra
0-86069-20351-43129912/1#Baby Whole Okra
0-86069-20076-63239912/1#Breaded Okra
0-86069-20101-54029912/1#Cut Yellow Corn
0-86069-20301-95029912/1#Sliced Yellow Squash
0-86069-10530-654318/12 ozChopped Vidalia Onions
0-86069-20296-86039912/1#Sliced Carrots
0-86069-20356-96599912/1#Brussel Sprouts
0-86069-20142-87039912/1#Broccoli Cuts
0-86069-25070-97749912/1#Mustard Greens
0-86069-20081-08069912/1#Mixed Vegetables
0-86069-20013-18149912/1#California Blend
0-86069-20151-08339912/1#Vegetable Gumbo
0-86069-20431-38989912/1#Seasoning Blend
0-86069-21271-48429912/1#Stew Mix
0-86069-25041-97768012/1#Collard Greens
0-86069-25051-87778012/1#Turnip Greens
0-86069-25061-77789912/1#Turnip Greens w/Diced Turnips
0-86069-25091-4779118/12 ozChopped Spinach

Jamba At Home Smoothie Kits

The products affected have best by dates from 18 Mar 2016 through 17 Oct 2016 with code dates from 72644AH01 through 71075AH01.

Code Format:
7= JEFFERSON, Production codes starting with 3 are not included in the recall

Jamba At Home Smoothie Products

8-84038-85098-7850988/8ozStrawberries Wild72644AH01 thru 71075AH0118 Mar 2016 thru 17 Oct 2016
8-84038-85100-7851008/8ozRazzmatazz72644AH01 thru 71075AH0118 Mar 2016 thru 17 Oct 2016
8-84038-85099-4850998/8ozMango-A-Go-Go72644AH01 thru 71075AH0118 Mar 2016 thru 17 Oct 2016
8-84038-85168-7851688/8ozOrange Dream Machine72644AH01 thru 71075AH0118 Mar 2016thru 17 Oct 2016
8-84038-85169-4851698/8ozCaribbean Passion72644AH01 thru 71075AH0118 Mar 2016 thru 17 Oct 2016
8-84038-85102-1851028/8ozGreen Fusion72644AH01 thru 71075AH0118 Mar 2016 thru 17 Oct 2016
8-84038-85167-0851678/8ozRed Fusion72644AH01 thru 71075AH0118 Mar 2016 thru 17 Oct 2016
8-84038-85166-3851668/8ozBlue Fusion72644AH01 thru 71075AH0118 Mar 2016 thru 17 Oct 2016

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