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Recall -- Firm Press Release

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Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc. Recalls Refrigerated Ready-to-Eat Products Due to Potential Health Risk


Steve Loehndorf

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 22, 2013 - Reser’s Fine Foods of Beaverton, Oregon is recalling approximately 109,000 cases of refrigerated ready-to-eat products because it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria is an organism which can cause serious and sometime fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people and individuals with weakened immune systems. Healthy people may suffer only short term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant woman.

The recalled refrigerated ready-to-eat products were distributed nationwide and Canada.

The product is sold in retail and food service establishments. The packages will be marked with a Use-by-Date or Best By Date and followed by a plant identifier code of 20. Products affected by this recall are listed below.

NO illnesses have been reported to date.

The recalled products were manufactured at the Topeka, KS salad manufacturing facility. No other Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc. manufacturing facilities are involved in this recall.

Consumers who purchased the product may take it back to the store for a refund or discard it.

For more information please contact Reser’s Fine Foods Consumer Hotline 1-888-257-7913 (8am-8pm EST) or visit the FDA website:


Affected Products

Item#Item DescriptionUse By Date
Plant Code for
Topeka Salad
58108.30144SLAW DIXIE HMSTYLE CVF 2/7#  2013100520past expiration date
58108.30155SLAW SHORT SHRED CVF 2/7#    2013100520past expiration date
71117.18232SLAW COLE DILLON'S  12/14z   2013100520past expiration date
71117.67307PASTA ITALIAN SYSCO 2/8#     2013100520past expiration date
74865.79731PASTA CALIFORNIA SALAD BB 2/5#2013100520past expiration date
22486.15881SLAW COLE SHORT SHRED IMA 2/7#2013100720past expiration date
22486.15888PASTA ITALIAN SALAD IMA 2/8# 2013100720past expiration date
71117.67123SLAW HSTYLE DELI DESIGN 6/2.752013100720past expiration date
71117.67690SLAW HOMESTYLE SHRED SYSCO 2/72013100720past expiration date
28919.00240SLAW COLE TARGET CAD 12/425g 2013101020past expiration date
58108.30156PROT SEAFOOD SALAD CVF 2/8#  2013101020past expiration date
58108.30157POTATO RED ROYALE CVF 2/8#   2013101020past expiration date
71117.00210POTATO CLASSIC RESER 2/8#    2013101020past expiration date
71117.00282SALSA MANGO BAJA CAFE 2/5#   2013101020past expiration date
71117.11150POTATO BAKED CHEFS CHOICE 2/8#2013101020past expiration date
71117.14105POTATO RED SPEC CUT W/SKIN 2/82013101020past expiration date
71117.14195RSTD CORN/BLACK BEAN SLD 2/5#2013101020past expiration date
71117.18231POTATO RED DILLON'S 6/16z    2013101020past expiration date
71117.19010PROT SEAFOOD SALAD AM CL 6/12z2013101020past expiration date
71117.61581SLAW COLE HOMESTYLE RSR 6/4.5#2013101020past expiration date
73474.55031POTATO MY PREMIER 2/5#       2013101020past expiration date
81131.91755PROT TUNA SLD WALMART 12/12z 2013101020past expiration date
71117.00265COOKIES & CREAM RESER 2/6#   2013101220past expiration date
71117.11415PROT SEAFOOD SALAD RESER 2/8#2013101220past expiration date
71117.11446KIT RED POTATO W/BC&BCN 2/5.5#2013101220past expiration date
71117.18257POTATO DEVIL EGG DILLON 12/16z2013101220past expiration date
71117.18262DELIGHT PISTACHIO RESER 6/11z2013101220past expiration date
71117.18424POTATO DEVILED EGG DILLON 6/322013101220past expiration date
71117.19038POTATO DEVILED EGG AM CL 6/16z2013101220past expiration date
71117.85500POTATO REDSKN TEXAS RESER 3/8#2013101220past expiration date
73474.01038SLAW COLE YODER 6/30 oz      2013101220past expiration date
58108.30162SPEC CARROT/RAISIN CVF 2/8#  2013101520past expiration date
71117.06125PASTA TRI-ROTINI RSR 6/3.1875#2013101520past expiration date
71117.15345POTATO NEW ENGLAND RESER 2/8#2013101520past expiration date
81131.91687POTATO REDSKIN WALMART 6/32z 2013101520past expiration date
71117.14177BEANS SPICY/BOLD MILLER'S 6/3#2013101620past expiration date
71117.14178BEANS W/BEEF MILLER'S 12/16z 2013101620past expiration date
71117.19005POTATO RED SKIN AM CL 6/16z  2013101620past expiration date
71117.14210SPEC CARROT/RAISIN RESER 2/8#2013101720past expiration date
71117.16987DIP CREAMY SPINACH RESER 2/8#2013101720past expiration date
71117.67273SPEC CARROT/RAISIN SYSCO 2/8#2013101720past expiration date
72299.15160POTATO HOMESTYLE GILES 2/5#  2013101720past expiration date
72299.15260SLAW AMISH SHREDDED GILES 2/5#2013101720past expiration date
06795.28683PASTA CALIFORNIA WC 2/5#     2013101820past expiration date
58108.30148PASTA CALIFORNIA CVF 2/5#    2013101820past expiration date
58108.30164PASTA ROTINI CVF 2/8#        2013101820past expiration date
58108.30168PASTA BOW TIE CVF 2/4.5#     2013101820past expiration date
71117.00556POTATO BAKED SALAD RESER 2/5#2013101820past expiration date
71117.11439KIT SEAFOOD RESER 2/4.9375#  2013101820past expiration date
71117.11464KIT SEAFOOD SALAD 2/6#       2013101820past expiration date
71117.14807PASTA TWIST BASE RESER 2/2.5#2013101820past expiration date
71117.15314PASTA BOW TIE FLORENTINE 2/4.52013101820past expiration date
71117.67307PASTA ITALIAN SYSCO 2/8#     2013101820past expiration date
74865.79731PASTA CALIFORNIA SALAD BB 2/5#2013101820past expiration date
74865.79733PASTA BOW TIE FLORTNE BB 2/4.52013101820past expiration date
81131.91682SLAW WALMART 12/15z          2013101820past expiration date
81131.91688SLAW WALMART 6/30z           2013101820past expiration date
71117.14820KIT BROCCOLI SALAD 2/1.75#   2013101920past expiration date
22486.15888PASTA ITALIAN SALAD IMA 2/8# 2013102020past expiration date
28919.00237POTATO SLD TARGET CAD 12/454g2013102020past expiration date
28919.00239MACARONI TARGET CAD 12/454g  2013102020past expiration date
41303.82021SLAW COLE EE 6/15z           2013102020past expiration date
52548.51755PASTA MEXICAN 7-11 12/7z     2013102020past expiration date
54627.20863MACARONI CREAMY ELBOW YUM 3/8#2013102020past expiration date
58108.30146POTATO DICED w/EGG CVF 2/8#  2013102020past expiration date
58108.30150POTATO STHRN MUSTARD CVF 2/8#2013102020past expiration date
58108.30160MACARONI SC & CHEDDAR CVF 2/8#2013102020past expiration date
58108.37387POTATO FAMILY STYLE CVF 2/8# 2013102020past expiration date
71117.14107POTATO MUSTARD DILLON'S 6/4# 2013102020past expiration date
71117.14256PASTA ZESTY ROT W/BTN MUSH 2/82013102020past expiration date
71117.14270PASTA CALIFORNIA RESER 2/5#  2013102020past expiration date
71117.14729DRSG. ROTISSERIE CHICKEN 6/32z2013102020past expiration date
71117.14759PASTA ITALIAN RESER 2/8#     2013102020past expiration date
71117.15124SLAW REGULAR RESER 2/7#      2013102020past expiration date
71117.18031DIP ART/JALAPENO SMK 6/10z   2013102020past expiration date
71117.18233MACARONI ELBOW DILLON 12/16z 2013102020past expiration date
71117.18234POTATO DILLON'S 12/16z       2013102020past expiration date
71117.18235POTATO MUSTARD DILLON'S 12/16z2013102020past expiration date
71117.18431POTATO MUSTARD DILLON'S 6/32z2013102020past expiration date
71117.61586POTATO SOUTHERN SAM'S 6/4#   2013102020past expiration date
71117.67504POTATO REGULAR SYSCO 3/8#    2013102020past expiration date
71117.67505POTATO CLASSIC W/EGG SYSCO 3/82013102020past expiration date
71117.67517POTATO HOMESTYLE SYSCO 1/30# 2013102020past expiration date
71117.67685SLAW COLE COURSE SYSCO 2/7#  2013102020past expiration date
71117.67687SLAW SHREDDED SYSCO 2/7#     2013102020past expiration date
74865.79728PASTA GOUR W/CHDR CHSE BB 2/5#2013102020past expiration date
81131.91685POTATO MUSTARD WALMART 6/32z 2013102020past expiration date
81131.91689BEANS BAKED WALMART 6/32z    2013102020past expiration date
81131.91745MACARONI AMISH WALMART 6/32z 2013102020past expiration date
81131.91747POTATO AMISH WALMART 6/32z   2013102020past expiration date
71117.00224MACARONI HMSTYLE SEASHELL 2/8#2013102220past expiration date
22486.15885POTATO SALAD w/EGG IMA 3/8#  2013102320expires 10/23/13
22486.15905POTATO S STYLE MUSTARD IMA 3/82013102320expires 10/23/13
41303.82013POTATO SALAD ORIG. EE 6/16z  2013102320expires 10/23/13
41303.82014POTATO SALAD HMSTYLE EE 6/16z2013102320expires 10/23/13
41303.82016POTATO SALAD MUSTARD EE 6/16z2013102320expires 10/23/13
41303.82023MACARONI CLASSIC EE 6/16z    2013102320expires 10/23/13
41303.82029MACARONI & CHEDDAR EE 6/16z  2013102320expires 10/23/13
41303.82034POTATO DEVILED EGG EE 6/16z  2013102320expires 10/23/13
58108.30157POTATO RED ROYALE CVF 2/8#   2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00158SALSA BLACK BEAN BAJA 2/5#   2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00210POTATO CLASSIC RESER 2/8#    2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00213MACARONI GOUR W/CHS RESER 2/8#2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00214POTATO SOUTHERN MUST. RSR 3/8#2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00215POTATO REGULAR RESER 3/8#    2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00221POTATO HOMESTYLE RESER 1/30# 2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00485POTATO RANCH HVR AM CL 2/8#  2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00557POTATO DEVILED EGG RESER 2/8#2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.11150POTATO BAKED CHEFS CHOICE 2/8#2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.11588POTATO ORIGINAL DICKEY'S 3/8#2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.14138PROT TUNA SALAD RESER 2/5#   2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.14163PASTA SPIN w/CAVTAPI SFY 2/4.52013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.17000POTATO REGULAR SS 12/3.5z    2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.17010MACARONI ELBOW  12/3.5z      2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.17100POTATO REGULAR SS 12/5.5z    2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.18263DELIGHT AMBROSIA RESER 6/11z 2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.18339BEANS SMOKEHOUSE BBQ RSR 6/16z2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19010PROT SEAFOOD SALAD AM CL 6/12z2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19014SLAW CHOPPED AM CL 6/15z     2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19044MACARONI AMISH AM CL 6/16z   K2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19045POTATO AMISH SLD AM CL 6/16z K2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19047POTATO SALAD HVR AM CL 6/16z 2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19300POTATO ORIGINAL AM CL 6/3#   2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19303POTATO MUSTARD AM CL 6/3#    2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19315MACARONI AMISH AM CL 6/3#    K2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19316POTATO AMISH SLD AM CL 6/3#  K2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.19318POTATO SALAD HVR AM CL 6/3#  2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.61502POTATO LOADED w/BACON SMK 6/3#2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.61581SLAW COLE HOMESTYLE RSR 6/4.5#2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.65135POTATO DICED W/EGG 3/8#      2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.67120POTATO REG. DELI DESIGN 6/3# 2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.80400SPEC CRANBRY/ORANGE SALAD 2/8#2013102320expires 10/23/13
73474.01039POTATO AMISH YODER 6/32 oz   2013102320expires 10/23/13
73474.01045MACARONI AMISH YODER 6/32 oz 2013102320expires 10/23/13
73474.01046POTATO AMERICAN YODER 6/32 oz2013102320expires 10/23/13
73474.01047POTATO MUSTARD YODER 6/32 oz 2013102320expires 10/23/13
73474.01048MACARONI DELI MATE YODER 6/32z2013102320expires 10/23/13
73474.55009POTATO AMERICAN YODER 2/5#   2013102320expires 10/23/13
73474.55010POTATO MUSTARD YODER 2/5#    2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00225POTATO DEVILED EGG RESER 2/8#2013102520expires 10/25/13
71117.00265COOKIES & CREAM RESER 2/6#   2013102520expires 10/25/13
71117.00446SLAW AMISH RESER 2/7#        2013102520expires 10/25/13
71117.00480POTATO DEVILED EGG AM CL 6/3#2013102520expires 10/25/13
71117.14251PASTA ROMA FETA RESER 2/5#   2013102520expires 10/25/13
71117.15190SLAW OIL AND VINEGAR 2/9#    2013102520expires 10/25/13
21130.06741POTATO R SKN w/DILL SFY 12/16z2013102820expires 10/28/13
71117.15345POTATO NEW ENGLAND RESER 2/8#2013102820expires 10/28/13
81131.91681POTATO REDSKIN WALMART 12/16z2013102820expires 10/28/13
81131.91687POTATO REDSKIN WALMART 6/32z 2013102820expires 10/28/13
71117.19005POTATO RED SKIN AM CL 6/16z  2013102920expires 10/29/13
72299.15870SPEC APPLES SPICED GILES 2/5#2013103020expires 10/30/13
58108.30151POTATO COUNTRY STYLE CVF 2/8#2013110220expires 11/2/13
58108.30158SPEC CUCUMBER SALAD CVF 2/8# 2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.14106POTATO DILLON'S 6/4#         2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.14107POTATO MUSTARD DILLON'S 6/4# 2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.14135SPEC 4-BEAN SALAD RESER 2/5# 2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.14743BASE ROTISSERIE CHICKEN 6/2# 2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.18042DIP CREAMY SPINACH SMK 6/11z 2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.19012PROT TUNA SALAD AM CL 6/12z  2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.67546POTATO COUNTRY SYSCO 3/8#    2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.67780POTATO MUSTARD GOURMET SYS 3/82013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.67785POTATO MUSTARD CLASSIC SYS 3/82013110220expires 11/2/13
74865.79728PASTA GOUR W/CHDR CHSE BB 2/5#2013110220expires 11/2/13
79453.46925POTATO SLD SLCD STKHSE OK 2/5#2013110220expires 11/2/13
81131.91678POTATO ORIGINAL WALMART 12/16z2013110220expires 11/2/13
81131.91686MACARONI WALMART 6/32z       2013110220expires 11/2/13
81131.91690POTATO REGULAR WALMART 6/4#  2013110220expires 11/2/13
81131.91691POTATO MUSTARD WALMART 6/4#  2013110220expires 11/2/13
81131.91745MACARONI AMISH WALMART 6/32z 2013110220expires 11/2/13
81131.91747POTATO AMISH WALMART 6/32z   2013110220expires 11/2/13
21130.06716POTATO CLASSIC SFWY SS 12/5.5z2013110420expires 11/4/13
71117.06035DRSG. CHICKEN SLD RESER 5/4# 2013110420expires 11/4/13
22486.15883POTATO HOMESTYLE DLXE IMA 3/8#2013110520expires 11/5/13
41303.82013POTATO SALAD ORIG. EE 6/16z  2013110520expires 11/5/13
41303.82016POTATO SALAD MUSTARD EE 6/16z2013110520expires 11/5/13
41303.82023MACARONI CLASSIC EE 6/16z    2013110520expires 11/5/13
41303.82029MACARONI & CHEDDAR EE 6/16z  2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00162POTATO REG PARTY-PACK RSR 6/4#2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00189POTATO COUNTRY RESER 3/8#    2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00193DELIGHT AMBROSIA RESER 2/8#  2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00219POTATO HOMESTYLE RESER 3/8#  2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00223POTATO ORIGINAL RESER  3/4#  2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00224MACARONI HMSTYLE SEASHELL 2/8#2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00227POTATO MUSTARD RESER 3/4#    2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00258POTATO MUSTARD CLASSIC 3/8#  2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00278POTATO REGULAR RESER 2/10#   2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00286MACARONI ELBOW RESER 3/4#    2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.06103DRSG. COLE SLAW 18/20z       2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.14283SPEC CUKE & ONION 2/8#       2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.17000POTATO REGULAR SS 12/3.5z    2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.17010MACARONI ELBOW  12/3.5z      2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.17100POTATO REGULAR SS 12/5.5z    2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.19000POTATO ORIGINAL AM CL 12/16z 2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.64600POTATO OLD FASH KNG SOOPR 3/4#2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.64605MACARONI ELBOW K SOOPER 3/4# 2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.64640POTATO MUSTARD KING SOOPR 3/4#2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.67121POTATO MUST. DELI DESIGN 6/3#2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.67122MACARONI ELBW DELI DESIGN 6/3#2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.80400SPEC CRANBRY/ORANGE SALAD 2/8#2013110520expires 11/5/13
73474.01047POTATO MUSTARD YODER 6/32 oz 2013110520expires 11/5/13
41303.82019POTATO SALAD MUSTARD EE 6/3# 2013110620expires 11/6/13
41303.82020POTATO SALAD ORIGINAL EE 6/3#2013110620expires 11/6/13
71117.00215POTATO REGULAR RESER 3/8#    2013110620expires 11/6/13
71117.18405MACARONI ELBOW RESER 6/32z   2013110620expires 11/6/13
06795.28683PASTA CALIFORNIA WC 2/5#     2013110820expires 11/8/13
58108.30148PASTA CALIFORNIA CVF 2/5#    2013110820expires 11/8/13
71117.00556POTATO BAKED SALAD RESER 2/5#2013110820expires 11/8/13
71117.11396PROT SEAFOOD DELUXE RESER 2/5#2013110820expires 11/8/13
71117.11439KIT SEAFOOD RESER 2/4.9375#  2013110820expires 11/8/13
71117.14807PASTA TWIST BASE RESER 2/2.5#2013110820expires 11/8/13
71117.67307PASTA ITALIAN SYSCO 2/8#     2013110820expires 11/8/13
74865.79721PROT TUNA DELUXE SLD BB 2/5# 2013110820expires 11/8/13
74865.79731PASTA CALIFORNIA SALAD BB 2/5#2013110820expires 11/8/13
74865.79736PROT SEAFOOD DLX SALAD BB 2/5#2013110820expires 11/8/13
22486.15888PASTA ITALIAN SALAD IMA 2/8# 2013111020expires 11/10/13
41303.82021SLAW COLE EE 6/15z           2013111020expires 11/10/13
71117.11586POTATO LOADED BAKED RESER 2/5#2013111020expires 11/10/13
71117.14270PASTA CALIFORNIA RESER 2/5#  2013111020expires 11/10/13
71117.15124SLAW REGULAR RESER 2/7#      2013111020expires 11/10/13
71117.67685SLAW COLE COURSE SYSCO 2/7#  2013111020expires 11/10/13
71117.85506PROT TUNA GOURMET RESER 2/5# 2013111020expires 11/10/13
06795.28681SLAW COLE CLASSIC WC 2/4.75# 2013111320expires 11/13/13
58108.30149PROT CHIX SALAD CVF 2/5#     2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.00485POTATO RANCH HVR AM CL 2/8#  2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.00486PASTA BCN RANCH HVR AM CL 2/8#2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.00557POTATO DEVILED EGG RESER 2/8#2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.11392PROT CHIX CRANBERRY/PECAN 2/5#2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.11587POTATO O.F. DILL DICKEY'S 2/5#2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.18274DELIGHT CRANBERY AMBROSIA 6/9z2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.19008PROT CHIX SALAD AM CL 6/12z  2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.19010PROT SEAFOOD SALAD AM CL 6/12z2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.19047POTATO SALAD HVR AM CL 6/16z 2013111320expires 11/13/13
71117.68007PROT CHIX SYSCO 2/5#         2013111320expires 11/13/13
73474.55031POTATO MY PREMIER 2/5#       2013111320expires 11/13/13
73474.55032POTATO MUSTARD MY PREMIER 2/5#2013111320expires 11/13/13
73474.99042SPEC BEAN KIDNEY SALAD DS 2/5#2013111320expires 11/13/13
74865.79725POTATO RD SKN W/SC&DILL BB 2/52013111320expires 11/13/13
79453.21477PASTA ITAL STYL ZITI OK 2/4.5#2013111320expires 11/13/13
81131.91755PROT TUNA SLD WALMART 12/12z 2013111320expires 11/13/13
21130.06688POTATO DEVILED EGG SFWY 12/16z2013111520expires 11/15/13
21130.06731POTATO PICNIC SAFEWAY 12/16z 2013111520expires 11/15/13
22486.15887PROT CHIX SALAD IMA 2/5#     2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.00225POTATO DEVILED EGG RESER 2/8#2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.00272STRAWBERRIES & CREAM RSR 2/6#2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.00400POTATO BAKED SALAD RESER 2/8#2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.11400PROT CHIX RESER 2/5#         2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.11446KIT RED POTATO W/BC&BCN 2/5.5#2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.14251PASTA ROMA FETA RESER 2/5#   2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.18262DELIGHT PISTACHIO RESER 6/11z2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.85500POTATO REDSKN TEXAS RESER 3/8#2013111520expires 11/15/13
77509.63308PROT CHICKEN/CRAN/PECAN 6/12z2013111620expires 11/16/13
21130.06741POTATO R SKN w/DILL SFY 12/16z2013111820expires 11/18/13
71117.15345POTATO NEW ENGLAND RESER 2/8#2013111820expires 11/18/13
71117.16902PROT SEAFOOD SALAD RESER 2/5#2013111820expires 11/18/13
81131.91681POTATO REDSKIN WALMART 12/16z2013111820expires 11/18/13
81131.91687POTATO REDSKIN WALMART 6/32z 2013111820expires 11/18/13
71117.00281BEANS CAROLINA BBQ w/MEAT 2/5#2013111920expires 11/19/13
71117.14177BEANS SPICY/BOLD MILLER'S 6/3#2013111920expires 11/19/13
71117.14179BEANS W/BEEF MILLER'S 6/3#   2013111920expires 11/19/13
72299.15260SLAW AMISH SHREDDED GILES 2/5#2013112020expires 11/20/13
06795.28677MACARONI ELBOW WC 2/5#       2013112320expires 11/23/13
58108.30145PROT TUNA SALAD CVF 2/5#     2013112320expires 11/23/13
58108.30146POTATO DICED w/EGG CVF 2/8#  2013112320expires 11/23/13
58108.30151POTATO COUNTRY STYLE CVF 2/8#2013112320expires 11/23/13
58108.30159POTATO MUSTARD DICED CVF 2/8#2013112320expires 11/23/13
58108.30166PROT HAM SALAD CVF 2/5#      2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.11428KIT HONEY DRSG F & NUTS 6/40z2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.14135SPEC 4-BEAN SALAD RESER 2/5# 2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.14139PROT HAM SLD SUPREME RSR 2/5#2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.18233MACARONI ELBOW DILLON 12/16z 2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.18234POTATO DILLON'S 12/16z       2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.18235POTATO MUSTARD DILLON'S 12/16z2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.19012PROT TUNA SALAD AM CL 6/12z  2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.67505POTATO CLASSIC W/EGG SYSCO 3/82013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.67513MACARONI HOMESTYLE SYSCO 3/8#2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.67546POTATO COUNTRY SYSCO 3/8#    2013112320expires 11/23/13
71117.68049PROT TUNA SALAD SYSCO 2/5#   2013112320expires 11/23/13
74865.79728PASTA GOUR W/CHDR CHSE BB 2/5#2013112320expires 11/23/13
81131.91679POTATO MUSTARD WALMART 12/16z2013112320expires 11/23/13
81131.91685POTATO MUSTARD WALMART 6/32z 2013112320expires 11/23/13
81131.91744MACARONI AMISH WALMART 12/16z2013112320expires 11/23/13
21130.06685POTATO CLASSIC SAFEWAY 12/16z2013112520expires 11/25/13
21130.06686MACARONI CLASSIC SFWAY 12/16z2013112520expires 11/25/13
21130.06689POTATO MUSTARD SAFEWAY 12/16z2013112520expires 11/25/13
41303.82023MACARONI CLASSIC EE 6/16z    2013112620expires 11/26/13
41303.82029MACARONI & CHEDDAR EE 6/16z  2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.00189POTATO COUNTRY RESER 3/8#    2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.00193DELIGHT AMBROSIA RESER 2/8#  2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.00212POTATO MUSTARD RESER 3/8#    2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.00224MACARONI HMSTYLE SEASHELL 2/8#2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.00278POTATO REGULAR RESER 2/10#   2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.00286MACARONI ELBOW RESER 3/4#    2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.00288MACARONI HMSTYLE ELBOW RSR 3/82013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.11402PROT HAM RESER 2/5#          2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.14172BEANS SMOKEHOUSE BBQ 2/8#    2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.14282DELIGHT HAWAIIAN RESER 2/6#  2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.18263DELIGHT AMBROSIA RESER 6/11z 2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.18330POTATO ORIGINAL RESER 12/16z 2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.18334POTATO MUSTARD RESER 12/16z  2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.18335MACARONI ELBOW RESER 12/16z  2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.19000POTATO ORIGINAL AM CL 12/16z 2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.19300POTATO ORIGINAL AM CL 6/3#   2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.19303POTATO MUSTARD AM CL 6/3#    2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.19305MACARONI SALAD AM CL 6/3#    2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.19316POTATO AMISH SLD AM CL 6/3#  K2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.61650POTATO REGULAR SAM'S 6/5#    2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.64605MACARONI ELBOW K SOOPER 3/4# 2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.65135POTATO DICED W/EGG 3/8#      2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.80400SPEC CRANBRY/ORANGE SALAD 2/8#2013112620expires 11/26/13
73474.55010POTATO MUSTARD YODER 2/5#    2013112620expires 11/26/13
73474.55015MACARONI YODER 2/5#          2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.00215POTATO REGULAR RESER 3/8#    2013112720expires 11/27/13
71117.06102DRSG. BROCCOLI RESER 18/18z  2013121720expires 12/17/13
71117.00266SPEC 4-BEAN RESER 2/8#       2013122320expires 12/23/13
71117.17050DIP RANCH SS 12/4z           2013122720expires 12/27/13
51933.19720PIMENTO SPRD SAV-A-LOT 12/12z2014010320expires 01/03/14
71117.00003PIMENTO SPREAD MRS WEAVR 12/7z2014010320expires 01/03/14
71117.00134SALSA PICO DE GALLO 2/5#     2014010720expires 01/07/14
71117.02793PIMENTO SPRD MRS WEAVER 6/24z2014011520expires 01/15/14
71117.02793PIMENTO SPRD MRS WEAVER 6/24z2014011620expires 01/16/14
71117.14752DRSG. COLE SLAW RESER 2/4#   2014011720expires 01/17/14
71117.02400PIMENTO SPRD MRS WEAVR 12/12z2014020620expires 02/06/14
71117.02793PIMENTO SPRD MRS WEAVER 6/24z2014020620expires 02/06/14
71117.15235PARFAIT STRAWBERRY RESER 2/8#2014031720expires 03/17/14


Canadian Distribution

Item#Item DescriptionBest By Date
Plant Code for
Topeka Salad
71117.18244SLAW CRUNCHY CAD 12/425g     2013101020past expiration date
71117.61225SLAW CRUNCHY RSR CAD 6/1.25kg2013101020past expiration date
71117.61251POTATO HOMESTYLE CAD 6/454g  2013101020past expiration date
71117.61254SLAW OIL/VINEGAR CAD 6/425g  2013101020past expiration date
71117.00164POTATO GOURMET CAD 6/1.81kg  2013101220past expiration date
71117.61209POTATO GOURMET RED CAD 12/340g2013101220past expiration date
71117.61252POTATO DEVILED EGG CAD 6/454g2013101220past expiration date
71117.61629POTATO HMS RED CAD  6/2.27kg 2013101520past expiration date
71117.61206DIP CREAMY SPINACH CAD 12/454g2013101720past expiration date
71117.18241MACARONI CHEESY CAD 12/454g  2013102020past expiration date
71117.61227MACARONI CHEESY CAD 6/1.25kg 2013102020past expiration date
71117.18240MACARONI ELBOW CAD 12/454g   2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.18242POTATO SALAD CAD 12/454g     2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.18243POTATO w/EGG CAD 12/454g     2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.61320POTATO SLD CAD 6/1.25kg      2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.61321POTATO w/EGG CAD 6/1.25kg    2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.61322MACARONI REG CAD 6/1.25kg    2013102320expires 10/23/13
71117.00164POTATO GOURMET CAD 6/1.81kg  2013102520expires 10/25/13
71117.61629POTATO HMS RED CAD  6/2.27kg 2013102820expires 10/28/13
71117.61206DIP CREAMY SPINACH CAD 12/454g2013103020expires 10/30/13
71117.61227MACARONI CHEESY CAD 6/1.25kg 2013110220expires 11/2/13
71117.61322MACARONI REG CAD 6/1.25kg    2013110520expires 11/5/13
71117.00164POTATO GOURMET CAD 6/1.81kg  2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.61252POTATO DEVILED EGG CAD 6/454g2013111520expires 11/15/13
71117.61629POTATO HMS RED CAD  6/2.27kg 2013111820expires 11/18/13
71117.18240MACARONI ELBOW CAD 12/454g   2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.18243POTATO w/EGG CAD 12/454g     2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.61320POTATO SLD CAD 6/1.25kg      2013112620expires 11/26/13
71117.61321POTATO w/EGG CAD 6/1.25kg    2013112620expires 11/26/13


Expanded Recall


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