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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Recall -- Firm Press Release


FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.


Castleberry’s Updates Status of National Canned Food Recall

Officials Express Urgent Need for Retailers and Consumers to Identify and Discard Recalled Items


Doug McGraw
(212) 453-2202


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- AUGUSTA, Ga. – August 1, 2007 – Citing a continuing threat to public health, Castleberry's Food Company is urging retailers, food service operations, food banks, charitable organizations and consumers to be diligent in identifying and discarding canned products subject to Castleberry's national recall.

"Our primary focus is making sure that no potentially contaminated products are on grocery shelves, in peoples' homes or in emergency food supplies," said Steve Mavity, SVP Technical Services/Quality Assurance for Castleberry's. "Surveys by our own audit team, as well as those by inspectors from federal, state and local health agencies, confirm that some retail outlets, especially smaller independent and convenience stores, may still have recalled products available for sale. We are renewing our warning not to sell, open, or consume these products."

Castleberry's voluntarily instituted the recall on July 18 due to the risk of botulinum toxin, a toxin which can cause botulism, a potentially life-threatening illness. The company broadened the scope of its recall on July 21 and has temporarily ceased production in its Augusta, Ga. plant, where it is suspected that there was a processing problem on one of the facility's canning lines. Castleberry's continues to work with the FDA and USDA to identify and correct any production issues.

What Consumers and Retailers Should Do

"Consumers, retailers, restaurants, food pantries and others should reconfirm that all products included in the recall, regardless of best-by date, are immediately disposed of," Mavity said. "Check the product description and can size of products included in the recall and follow disposal instructions communicated by Castleberry's and recommended by governmental agencies. In addition, consumers should notify family members and friends about the recall."

Mavity added, "To strengthen our outreach to smaller independent grocers, gas stations, and convenience stores, we've re-directed all of our direct retailer, distributor and wholesaler customers to contact their respective customers downstream, to ensure they are aware of the recall and follow the proper removal and disposal instructions."

Castleberry's will assist retailers in disposing of the products through Carolina Supply Chain Services (CSCS). The retailer/distributor hotline to arrange for pickup is 1-800- 821-5293. "CSCS will arrange for immediate collection," Mavity said.

In disposing of any cans that remain in homes, or in retail establishments with just a few cans on hand, Castleberry's and health officials are instructing people to double bag the cans in plastic bags that are tightly closed before being placed in a trash receptacle for non-recyclable trash outside of the home. If any of the cans are swollen, bulging or leaking, the consumer should put on gloves and eye protection before double-bagging and disposing of the cans. Slowly remove gloves and dispose of them after use. People should then wash their hands with soap and running water for at least two minutes.

Individuals who feel ill after handling or accidentally consuming any of the recalled products should seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms may include general weakness, dizziness, double vision, and trouble speaking or swallowing. Difficulty in breathing, weakness of other muscles, abdominal distension and constipation are also common symptoms.

There is no need to return cans to stores. For refunds and answers to questions, consumers should contact the consumer hotline at 1-800-203-4412 or visit www.castleberrys.com.

Outreach Efforts Continue

Since the recall was announced July 18, Castleberry's has:

  • Issued public warnings through the news media
  • Established a toll-free hotline for consumers that has handled more than 20,000 calls
  • Posted recall information and guidance on the company's Web site at www.castleberrys.com
  • Instituted a refund program available online or via mail (requiring no return of product to retailers)
  • Deployed recall audit teams to conduct on-site inspections at retail outlets across the country (as of July 31, more than 17,500 stores have been audited)
  • Placed recall advertising in consumer publications
  • Begun an effort to reach Spanish-speaking consumers and retailers (the company's Espanol section of Web site dedicated to Spanish speakers will launch August 1)

Full Recalled Product Listing

"We want to remind consumers that as an added level of safety, we are recalling all products listed below, regardless of 'best by dates' printed on the cans," Mavity said. "We encourage consumers and retailers to focus on the product description and can size as these are the critical details in identifying the recalled products. In order to avoid any potential confusion around case and label UPC codes, we're publishing the complete list without UPC codes."

The products included in the voluntary recall have not changed since the recall was expanded on July 21.



Can Size

AustexBeef Stew15oz
AustexChili no Beans15oz
AustexChili no Beans19oz
AustexChili with Beans15oz
AustexChili with Beans19oz
AustexHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
AustexOnion Hot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
Best YetChili with Beans15oz
Best YetCorned Beef Hash15oz
Big YChili no Beans15oz
Big YChili with Beans15oz
Big YCorned Beef Hash15oz
Black RockChili with Beans15oz
BloomHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
BryanChili no Beans15oz
BryanChili no Beans10oz
BryanChili with Beans15oz
BryanCorned Beef Hash15oz
BryanHot Dog Chili Sauce with Beef10oz
Bunker HillChili no Beans10oz
Bunker HillHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
Bunker HillSpicier Chili no Beans10oz
Castleberry'sBarbecue Beef10oz
Castleberry'sBarbecue Pork in Barbecue Sauce10oz
Castleberry'sBarbecue Pork in Barbecue Sauce14.5oz
Castleberry'sBeef Stew15oz
Castleberry'sBrunswick Beef Stew Chicken & Beef15oz
Castleberry'sChili no Beans10oz
Castleberry'sChili no Beans15oz
Castleberry'sChili with Beans15oz
Castleberry'sCorned Beef Hash15oz
Castleberry'sCreamed Chip Beef Gravy10oz
Castleberry'sGeorgia Hash15oz
Castleberry'sHot Chili with Beans15oz
Castleberry'sHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
Castleberry'sOnion Hot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
Castleberry'sSausage Gravy10oz
Cattle DriveBeef Stew (Steak)15oz
Cattle DriveChicken Chili with Beans15oz
Cattle DriveChili no Beans15oz
Cattle DriveChili with Beans15oz
FirefightersChicken Chili with Beans15oz
FirefightersChili no Beans15oz
FirefightersChili with Beans15oz
Food ClubChili no Beans15oz
Food ClubChili with Beans15oz
Food ClubCorned Beef Hash15oz
Food LionHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
GoldstarOriginal Chili10oz
GoldstarTex-Mex Chili with Beans15oz
Great Value (Canada Only)Chili with Beans15oz
Great Value (Canada Only)Hot Chili with Beans15oz
KrogerBeef Stew15oz
KrogerChili no Beans15oz
KrogerChili with Beans15oz
KrogerHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
Lowes FoodsChili no Beans15oz
Lowes FoodsChili with Beans15oz
Lowes FoodsCorned Beef Hash15oz
MeijerChili no Beans15oz
MeijerChili with Beans15oz
MeijerCorned Beef Hash15oz
MeijerHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
Morton HouseChili with Beans (Beef & Chicken)15oz
Morton HouseCorned Beef Hash15oz
ParamountChili Hot Dog Chili15oz
ParamountChili no Beans15oz
ParamountChili with Beans15oz
ParamountHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
Piggly WigglyChili no Beans10oz
Piggly WigglyChili no Beans15oz
Piggly WigglyChili with Beans15oz
Piggly WigglyCorned Beef Hash15oz
PrudenceCorned Beef Hash15oz
Southern HomeChili no Beans15oz
Southern HomeChili no Beans10oz
Southern HomeChili with Beans15oz
Southern HomeCorned Beef Hash15oz
Steak 'n ShakeChili with Beans10oz
Thrifty MaidChili with Beans15oz
Thrifty MaidCorned Beef Hash15oz
Thrifty MaidHot Dog Chili Sauce10oz
Triple Bar RanchChili no Beans15oz
Triple Bar RanchChili with Beans15oz
Triple Bar RanchChili with Beans Slow Cooked15oz
Value TimeBeef and Chicken Chili with Beans15oz
Pet Food Products  
Natural BalanceEatables for Dogs Chinese Take Out with Sauce with Vegetables and Chicken15oz
Natural BalanceEatables for Dogs HOBO Chili with Chicken and Pasta15oz
Natural BalanceEatables for Dogs Irish Stew with Beef, Potatoes and Carrots15oz
Natural BalanceEatables for Dogs Southern Style Dumplings with Chicken and Vegetables15oz

Web Site Information and Resource

Complete information on the Castleberry's recall for consumers and retailers is available by visiting:



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