Food and Drug Administration

Blood Products Advisory Committee

September 12, 2002

Briefing Information

Topic I: Self-Administration of the Uniform Donor History Questionnaire: First Time Donors

Issue Summary, Dr. Alan Williams   doc   pdf

References  doc   pdf

Topic II: Update on Testing for Chagas Disease (Informational)

Latest Trends in Transfusion-Transmitted Chagas' Disease, Dr. David Leiby, Holland Laboratory  ppt

Current Trends in Transfusion-Transmitted Chagasí Disease in USA and the Regulatory Pathway for the Approval of Chagas Testing for Blood Donor Screening, Dr. Robert Duncan   doc   pdf

Topic III: Window Period HIV Cases and Current Estimates of residual Risk (Informational)

         Implementation of individual donation NAT for HIV to further reduce window period transmissions from donations screened by pooled sample NAT     doc   pdf