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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Public Calendar: September 9-13, 2013

This public calendar is issued by the Food and Drug Administration. It lists significant meetings held by designated FDA policy makers with persons outside the executive branch of the Federal Government.

September 9-13, 2013
FDA Official and TitleDateLocationOther FDA ParticipantsNon-FDA ParticipantsSubject
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs9/10/13Jefferson, ARN/AN/A3rd Global Summit on Regulatory Science Research
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs9/10/13Jefferson, ARWilliam Slikker, Margaret Miller, Weida Tong, Mary Lou ValdezN/AGlobal Coalition for Regulatory Science Research Program Meeting
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs9/11/13Rockville, MDN/AN/A1st Annual Kidney Health Initiative Stakeholder Meeting
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs9/11/13Silver Spring, MDJohn Taylor, Lisa Barclay, Walter Harris, Janet Woodcock, John Jenkins, Theresa Mullin, Patrick Frey, Karen Midthun, Robert Yetter, Peter Lurie, Sally HowardRon Cohen (Acorda); Bob Hugin (Celgene); Rachel King (GlycoMimetics); Richard Pops (Alkermes); Chris Viebacher (Genzyme); William Chin, Jeff Francer, Sascha Haverfield, John Castellani (PhRMA); James Greenwood, Sara Radcliffe, Tom DiLenge, Andrew Emmett (BIO) Meeting with PhRMA and BIO
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs9/11/13Silver Spring, MDDanielle Grote, Jeanne Ireland, Sally Howard, Maryll Toufanian, Cara TenenbaumJim Greenwood (BIO)Meeting with BIO
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs9/13/13Washington, DCKatherine Bond, Mary Lou ValdezN/AMeeting with the Institute of Medicine 
John M. Taylor, III, Counselor to the Commissioner and Acting Deputy Commissioner for Global Regulatory Operations and Policy9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Virginia Cox, Associate Commissioner for External Affairs9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Elizabeth H. Dickinson, Esq., Chief Counsel9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Bernadette Dunham, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine9/12/13Washington, DCN/AN/AAnimal Health Institutes, Pet Night
Bernadette Dunham, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine9/12/13Rockville, MDWilliam Flynn, Tracey Forfa, Neal Bataller, Kevin Greenlees, Linda Wilmot, Steve Vaughn, Dragan Momcilovic, Michael Murphy, Tomislav Modric Dorothy McAdams, John Baker, Lee Anne PalmerChuck Penry, Dean Danilson, Bryan Burns (Tyson Foods)Regulatory Drug Process
Jesse Goodman, M.D., M.P.H., Chief Scientist9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Walter S. Harris, M.B.A., P.M.P., Deputy Commissioner for Operations and Chief Operating Officer9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings 
Sally Howard, J.D., Deputy Commisioner for Policy, Planning and Legislation and Acting Associate Commissioner for Legislation9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Michael M. Landa, J.D., Director, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition9/10/13Little Rock, ARN/ASeveral Scientific ExpertsSpeech at the Global Summit on Regulatory Science- Regulation of Nanotechnology
Peter Lurie, M.D., M.P.H., Acting Associate Commissioner for Policy and Planning9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Karen Midthun, M.D., Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Melinda K. Plaiser, Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Jeffrey E. Shuren, M.D., J.D., Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
William Slikker, Jr., Ph.D., Director, National Center for Toxicological Research9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Michael R. Taylor, J.D., Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine9/8/13-9/13/13Brussels, Belgium; Geneva, Switzerland; Grange, IrelandCamille Brewer, Brian Pendleton, Virginia Scott, Sharon Mayl, Charlotte Christin, Roberta Wagner, Samir Assar, Dara CorriganSeveral members of the European Union and Regulatory CounterpartsEuropean Union Food Safety Modernization Act Outreach 
Mary Lou Valdez, M.S.M., Associate Commissioner for International Programs9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Jill Hartzler Warner, J.D., Acting Associate Commissioner for Special Medical Programs9/9/13-9/13/13N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Janet Woodcock, M.D., Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research9/10/13Washington, DCRachel Sherman, Joanne LessHan-Georg Eichler (European Medicines Agency)Joint Meeting of Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative Executive Committee, Steering Committee, and Patient Leadership Council
Mitchell R. Zeller, J.D., Director, Center for Tobacco Products9/11/13New Delhi, IndiaN/AConference Attendees2013 International Conference on Public Health Priorities in the 21st Century: Endgame for Tobacco