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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Public Calendar: January 9-13, 2012

This public calendar is issued by the Food and Drug Administration. It lists significant meetings held by designated FDA policy makers with persons outside the executive branch of the Federal Government.

January 9-13, 2012
FDA Official and TitleDateLocationOther FDA ParticipantsNon-FDA ParticipantsSubject
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs1/12/12Silver Spring, MDDeborah Autor, Mary Lou Valdez, Murray Lumpkin, Linda Tollefson, Shena Arellano, Alyson Saben, Lisa Barclay, Lisa DwyerPaul Smyke (World Economic Forum)Globalization
John M. Taylor, III, J.D., Counselor to the Commissioner1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Deborah M. Autor, Esq., Deputy Commissioner for Global Regulatory Operations and Policy1/14/12Pune, IndiaBruce Ross, Albinus D'Sa, Murali GaviniKathleen Sebelius, Nils Daulaire, Anand Parekh, Erika Elvander (HHS); Roger Glass (NIH); Steven Smith (U.S. Embassy); Satish Mehta, Mukund Ranade, Mahesh Shah, Arun Kumar Khanna, Vik Thapar, Mukund Gurjar (Emcure); Sanjay Singh (Gennova Biopharmaceuticals)Site visit and discussion on corporate responsibility programs
Deborah M. Autor, Esq., Deputy Commissioner for Global Regulatory Operations and Policy1/15/12Mumbai, IndiaBruce Ross, Albinus D'Sa, Regina Brown, Murali Gavini, Michael CharlesKathleen Sebelius, Nils Daulaire, Anand Parekh, Erika Elvander (HHS); Roger Glass (NIH); Steven Smith (U.S. Embassy); Peter Haas (U.S. Consulate, Mumbai); Pauline Harvey (CDC); S. Devendra (Shasun Pharmaceuticals); P.C. Godha (Ipca Labratories); Y.K. Hamied (Cipla Ltd); Rajiv Malik (Matrix Laboratories Ltd); Sudhir Mehta (Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd); Prakash Mody (Unichem Labratories Ltd); Prasahant Tiwari (USV Ltd); Dilip Shah (Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance)Discussion with principals of leading Indian pharmaceutical companies about current issues of mutual interest
Dara A. Corrigan, Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs1/9/12-1/13/12 N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Virginia Cox, Associate Commissioner for External Affairs1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Lawrence Deyton, M.S.P.H., M.D., Director, Center for Tobacco Products1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Elizabeth H. Dickinson, Esq., Acting Chief Counsel1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
David Dorsey, J.D., Acting Associate Commissioner for Policy and Planning1/10/12Silver Spring, MDN/ATamar Haro, James Baumberger, Mark Del Monte (American Academy of Pediatrics)Pediatric Medical Products
Bernadette Dunham, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine1/13/12Rockville, MDDave White, Steve Vaughn, Tracey Forfa, Eric NelsonJoel Willcher (McKinsey & Company)Follow up to Blue Sky Workshop
Jesse Goodman, M.D., M.P.H., Chief Scientist and Deputy Commissioner for Science and Public Health1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Michael M. Landa, Director, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Jim Sigg, Acting Associate Commissioner for Operations1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Karen Midthun, M.D., Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health1/10/12Silver Spring, MDMichelle McMurry-Heath, Susan Cummins, Victoria Wagman, Diane A. MitchellRobert Block, Tamar Magarik Haro, Mark Del Monte, James Baumberger (American Academy of Pediatrics) Pediatric Medical Device Safety and Improvement Act
William Slikker, Jr., Ph.D., Director, National Center for Toxicological Research1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Stephen Spielberg, M.D., Ph.D., Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products and Tobacco1/10/12Silver Spring, MDN/ANick Lovegrove, Vivian Riefberg, Nav Singh, Jeff Smith (McKinsey & Company)Review of McKinsey Prior Work
Michael R. Taylor, J.D., Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Office of Foods1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Mary Lou Valdez, Associate Commissioner for International Programs1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Jill Hartzler Warner, J.D., Acting Associate Commissioner for Special Medical Programs1/9/12-1/13/12N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Janet Woodcock, M.D., Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research1/11/12Dallas, TXN/AMichael Brown (Jonsson Center for Molecular Genetics); Joseph Goldstein (Regeneron); Helen Hobbs (Pfizer)University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center