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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Public Calendar: January 3-7, 2011

This public calendar is issued by the Food and Drug Administration. It lists significant meetings held by designated FDA policy makers with persons outside the executive branch of the Federal Government.

January 3-7, 2011
FDA Official and TitleDateLocationOther FDA ParticipantsNon-FDA ParticipantsSubject
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs1/4/11Silver Spring, MDJesse Goodman, Lawrence Deyton, Jeanne Ireland, Richard Pazdur, Richard Klein, Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Sylvia KimMargaret Foti, William Dalton, Roy Herbst, Jon Retzlaff, Pamela Bradley (American Association for Cancer Research [AACR])AACR activities relating to FDA-relevant issues
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs1/4/11Washington, DCVicki Seyfert-MargolisN/APanel remarks at the AAAS/MIT Forum
Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of Food and Drugs1/7/11Silver Spring, MDJanet Woodcock, Keith Webber, Ralph Tyler, Sylvia KimPaul Bisaro, Tony Mauro, Robert Billings, Gordon Johnston (Generic Pharmaceutical Association); Charlie Mayr (Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)Generic Drugs
Joshua M. Sharfstein, M.D., Principal Deputy Commissioner of Food and Drugs1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Dara A. Corrigan, Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Lawrence Deyton, M.S.P.H., M.D., Director, Center for Tobacco Products1/3/11-1/7/11 N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
David Dorsey, J.D., Acting Deputy Commissioner for Policy, Planning, and Budget1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Bernadette Dunham, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings 
Jesse Goodman, M.D., M.P.H., Chief Scientist and Deputy Commissioner for Science and Public Health1/3/11- 1/7/11 N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Michael M. Landa, Acting Director, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Murray M. Lumpkin, M.D., Deputy Commissioner for International Programs1/3/11- 1/7/11 N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Beth Martino, Associate Commissioner for External Affairs1/4/11Silver Spring, MDN/AWayne Pines (APCO Worldwide)Meet and Greet
Karen Midthun, M.D., Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings 
Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health1/4/11Silver Spring, MDChristy Foreman, William Maisel, Rachel Turow, Phillip Desjardins, Alberto Gutierrez,  Catherine NorcioSusan Alpert, Patricia Shrader, Lou Mazzarese, Bob Durgin, Sharon Segal, Janet Trunzo  (AdvaMed)Medical Devices
Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health1/6/11Silver Spring, MDChristy Foreman, Rachel Turow, Phillip Desjardins, Alberto Gutierrez, Catherine NorcioHans Beinke, Steve Binion, Jennifer Carey, Tom Connaughton, Steve Ferguson, Ralph Hall, Mark Leahey, Debra Rasmussen, Pam Schaub, Vince Ventimiglia  (B&D Consulting)Medical Devices
William Slikker, Jr., Ph.D., Director, National Center for Toxicological Research1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Michael R. Taylor, J.D., Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Office of Foods1/6/11Washington, DCRebecca Buckner, Caitlin Boon, Sherri Dennis, Roberta Wagner, Richard Runyon, Amy Barringer, Kara Morgan, Barry Hooberman, Mary Bartholomew, Camelia OwensFood Safety Experts and StakeholdersFood Safety
Michael R. Taylor, J.D., Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Office of Foods1/7/11TeleconferenceBeverly Kent, Brittany Conner, William Dardick, Mary Bartholomew, Kara Lynch, Peter Salsbury, Steven Solomon, Donald KraemerAndrew Maccabe (Centers for Disease Control); John Breitsman (Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture); Joe Corby (Association of Food and Drug Officials); Brian Collins (Plano, Texas Health Department); Ron Klein (Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation); Doug Saunders (Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services); Oscar Garrison (Georgia Department of Agriculture); James Melvin (North Carolina Department of Agriculture)Food Safety
Ralph Tyler, J.D., Chief Counsel1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings 
Jill Hartzler Warner, J.D., Acting Associate Commissioner for Special Medical Programs1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings
Janet Woodcock, M.D., Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research1/3/11- 1/7/11N/AN/AN/ANo Significant Meetings