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Public Calendar for Week of June 25, 2007

Public Calendar for Week ofThis public calendar is issued by the Food and Drug Administration. It lists meetings held by the FDA policy makers with persons outside the executive branch of the Federal Government.

FDA Official and TitleDate and SiteOther FDA ParticipantsNon-FDA ParticipantsSubject
Andrew C. von Eschenbach, M.D., Commissioner6/20/07 Rockville, MDRandall Lutter, Susan Winckler, Sheldon Bradshaw, Maggie Glavin, Janice Oliver, Patricia Kuntze, Paul Seligman, Tim Ulatowski, Bernadette Dunham, Katherine Spooner, Sharon Mayl, Vicki Babb, Michel Mital, Irene Chan, and Indya MungoJames Guest, Jean Halloran, Bill Vaughn, Rob Schneider, and Sally GreenbergImport Food Safety, Drug Safety, ORA, Nanotechnology, BSE
Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Medical Officer6/20/07 Rockville, MDDr. Norman Marks, Brenda Evelyn, Nancy Stanisic, and Dr. Paul StanisicJanet Marchibroda, Marc Overhage, John Glaser, Emily Welebob, Adrian Thomas, and Davis Ison, eHealth InitiativeUse of Clinical Information for Safety
Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner for Scientific and Medical Programs and Chief Medical Officer6/26/07 New York, NYNoneTodd Sherer, VP, MJFF; Ken Marek, Inst. for Neurodegenerative Disorders; Kalpana Merchant, Eli LillyMichael J. Fox Foundation, identifying and Developing Markers of Progression for Parkinson's Disease
Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner for Scientific and Medical Programs and Chief Medical Officer6/28/07 Washington, DCPatricia DelaneyScott Gottlieb, AEI; Frank Palumbo, Univ. of MD; and Mark Gately, Hogan & HartsonFDLI Colloquium, Access to Unapproved Drugs
Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner for Scientific and Medical Programs and Chief Medical Officer6/29/07 Washington, DCNoneJane Silverthorne, Office of Science and Technology PolicyCritical Path
Janice Oliver, Deputy Center Director6/5/07 Harvey Wiley Building, College Park, MDJoe Baca, Director, Office of Compliance; Faye Feldstein, Acting Director and Lee Anne Jackson, OFDCER; and Paul South, EOSIFT: Fred R. Shank and Barbara Byrd KeenanTo discuss Communication with CFSAN
Robert E. Brackett, Director, CFSAN; Michael Landa, Deputy Center Director for Regulatory Affairs, (OCD)6/6/07 Harvey Wiley Building, College Park, MDLaura Tarantino, Director, Office of Food Additive Safety; Barbara Schneeman, Director, Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling and Dietary Supplements; Amy Lando, OS; Beatriz Flores, HACU; Intern, EOS; Jeremiah Fasan; and Jordan Lin, OFASConAgra Foods: Susan Bond, Patty Packard, and James AstwoodNutrition Labeling and an update on Diacetyl
Randy Lutter, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Policy6/13/07 Rockville, MDSusan Winckler, Mike Landa, William McConagha, Jeff Shuren, Dr. Linda Katz, Michelle Limoli, and Debra KallgrenCosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association: Pamela G. Bailey, President and CEO; John Bailey, Executive Vice President Science; John Hurson, Executive Vice President Government Affair; Steve Chaplin, Partner Duberstein GroupTo discuss support for the work of FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Office of Cosmetics and Colors
Steven Galson, Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research6/19/07 Washington, DCNoneSession Chairs and Panel Members: Stanley Edlavitch (U of Missouri), Melvyn Greberman (Public Health Resources), David Dorsey (US Senate), Amy Muhlberg (US Senate), Kathleen Stratton (IOM), James Kotsanos (PhRMA), Hugh Tilson (U of North Carolina, SPH) and Conference AttendeesDrug Information Association (DIA) Annual Meeting Session "Drug Safety Reform: Actions and Implications
Daniel G. Schultz, MD, Director, CDRH6/19/07 Rockville, MDTim Ulatowski, Nicole Wolanski, Christy Foreman, Gladys Rodriguez and other from CDRH Compliance OfficeBoston ScientificCompliance
Murray M. Lumpkin, MD, Deputy Commissioner for International and Special Programs6/20/07 Atlanta, GeorgiaNoneVarious participants and attendees from U.S. and international government agencies, academia, industry, etc.CDIA 43rd Annual Meeting: Presenter "Global Clinical Trials and Polyethnic Patient Enrollment: Implications for Regulatory Approval of Marketing Applications"
Robert E. Brackett, Director, CFSAN6/20/07 Harvey Wiley Building, College Park, MDFayed Feldstein, Acting Director and Jack Guzewich, OFDCERProduce Marketing Association, (PMA), Kathy Meano, and Bryan Silbermann, PresidentFood Safety increased resources and inspections
Dr. Dan Schultz, Director, CDRH6/25/07 Rockville, MDTim Ulatowski, Alonza Cruse, Fred RichmondAl Mann, CEO Advanced BionicsCompliance
Margaret Glavin, ACRA6/18/07Michael ChappellNoneAFDO Conference in San Antonio, TX
Sheldon T. Bradshaw, Chief Counsel6/25/07 FDA/Rockville, MDEric Blumberg, OCCIFT: Patricia Kaeding, Peter Solmssen, GE Health CareOverview of GE Health care
Murray M. Lumpkin, MD, Deputy Commissioner for International and Special Programs6/26/07 Rockville, MDNoneVarious participants and attendees from academia, industry, general public, etc.Presenter/Panel Participant: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Food and Drug Administration 2-day joint public workshop "Implementation of Risk Minimization Action Plans to Support Quality Use of Pharmaceuticals: Opportunities and Challenges"
Dr. Stephen F. Sundlof, Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine6/26/07 Rockville, MDNoneJoel Newman, American Feed Industry Association (AFIA)Quarterly Meeting
Dr. Stephen F. Sundlof, Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine6/27/07 Rockville, MDDr. Bernadette Dunham, CVMJim Riviere and Mark Papich, North Carolina State UniversityTo discuss FARAD issues