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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Public Calendar for week of April 2, 2007

This public calendar is issued by the Food and Drug Administration. It lists meetings held by the FDA policy makers with persons outside the executive branch of the Federal Government.

FDA Official and TitleDate and SiteOther FDA ParticipantsNon-FDA ParticipantsSubject
Sheldon T. Bradshaw, Chief Counsel3/27/07 Rockville, MDElizabeth Dickinson and Jeffrey Senger, OCC; Steve Mason Legs and Micahel D. Bernstein, CDERNancy L. Buc, James A. Boiani, Buc & Beardsley; Erin Fry, and Stephen Conafay, Fabiani & CompanyAntibiotic Discussion
Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Medical Officer3/29/07 Rockville, MDDr. Rachel Behrman, Dr. Wendy Sanhai, Dr. Shirley Murphy, Dr. Robert Temple, Dr. Marilyn Lightfoote, Dr. Robert Powell, Dr. Ellen Maher, Dr. Don Fink, and Dr. Mitch MathisCEO representative from the Neurotech Industry Organization (NIO)Informational Meeting concerning Critical Path and other issues
Margaret Glavin, ACRA3/29/07Diana Kolaitis, David Elder, Mary Malarkey, Eric Blumberg, and Evelyn BonninJack McGuire, Mary O'Connell, and Eva QuinleyAmerican Red Cross