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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Public Calendar for week of Feb. 26, 2007

This public calendar is issued by the Food and Drug Administration. It lists meetings held by the FDA policy makers with persons outside the executive branch of the Federal Government.

FDA Official and TitleDate and SiteOther FDA ParticipantsNon-FDA ParticipantsSubject
Margaret Glavin, ACRA2/14/07Stephen Mason and Joseph GroganNoneBrief Senate on ORA Transformation
Margaret Glavin, ACRA2/15/07NoneNonePre-Hearing Prep Session I
Margaret Glavin, ACRA2/15/07NoneMatt Cheroutes (Senator Ken Salazar), Evania Archuleta (Senator Wayne Allard), Scott Prestidge (Rep. Mark Udall), Nate Bowen (Rep Marilyn Musgrave), Jessica Sewell (Rep. Diana DeGette), and Jerry Pifer (Rep. Ed Perlmutter)Brief CO Delegation on ORA Transformation
Margaret Glavin, ACRA2/20/07NoneNonePre-Hearing Prep Session II OC Presentation
Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, Commissioner2/21/07 Fairfax, VaIlisa Bernstein, Janelle Derbis, Carol Holquist, Claudia Karwoski, Steve Silverman, Theresa Toigo and Susan WincklerJoint Commission of Pharmacy PractitionersTo discuss pharmacy-related issues of interest to FDA
Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Medical Officer2/21/07 Rockville, MDDr. Steven Gutman and Dr. Daniel SchultzRandy Scott, Kim Popovits, and Steve Shak, Genomic Health; Nancy Cahill, AIM Group; and Paul Radensky, ConsultantMeet and greet
Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Medical Officer2/21/07 Hyatt Regency, Capitol Hill, Washington, DCDr. Andrew von EschenbachPeter Pittsand Robert Goldberg, CMPI; Journalists and scientistsCritical Path Panel Session
Randy Lutter, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Policy2/22/07Ilisa BernsteinAmbassador NewellCFC's
Murray M. Lumpkin, MD, Deputy Commissioner for International and Special Programs2/22/07 Rockville, MDDianne Murphy, William Rodriguez, and Ann MyersSharon Olmstead (Schering); Melissa Tassarini (Pfizer); Tom Hassel (Abbott); David Hilfiker and Sam Maldonado (Johnson & Johnson); Chin Koerner (Novartis) and Rosemary Cook (PhRMA)Discussion of pediatric-related issues
Randy Lutter, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Policy2/23/07Jill WarnerMerrill Goozner, CSPIACOMS Quarterly Report
Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Medical Officer2/26/07 Rockville, MDNoneIOM Neuroscience Forum and The National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DCConference/speech/working dinner
Margaret Glavin, ACRA2/26/07NoneNonePre-Hearing Prep Session
Dr. Stephen F. Sundlof, Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine2/26/07 Washington, DCNoneUnited States Animal Health Association/American Association of Laboratory Diagnosticians Government Relations Cmte. membersTo discuss various CVM related issues such as, BSE, Minor Use/Minor Species, antimicrobial use in animals and Codex issues.
Steven Galson, Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research2/24/2007 Miami, FloridaNoneConference Attendees Spoke at American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) Meeting