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PMA Review Fees


On October 26, 2002 the Medical Device User Fee and Modernization Act of 2002 was signed into law. This law authorizes FDA to charge a fee for medical device product reviews. These fees apply to Premarket Approvals (PMAs), Product Development Protocols (PDPs), Biologics Licensing Applications (BLAs for certain medical devices reviewed by FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research), certain supplements, and Premarket Notification 510(k)s.

The fee must be paid for the above listed applications, unless the applicant is eligible for a waiver or exemption. Small businesses may qualify for a reduced fee. Payment must be received on or before the time the application is submitted. If the applicant has not paid all fees owed, FDA will consider the application incomplete and will not accept it for filing.

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Information on PMA fees are located on MDUFA III Fee page.  The applicable fee corresponds with the date of receipt of the submission by FDA. Please note that FDA will consider the application incomplete and will not accept it for filing until the fee is paid in full. That is, the date of receipt is the date that the application has been received AND the fee is paid in full.

Guidance on assessing user fees can be found in "Assessing User Fees: PMA Supplement Definitions, Modular PMA Fees, BLA and Efficacy Supplement Definitions, Bundling Multiple Devices in a Single Application, and Fees for Combination Products"

FDA will adjust the fees each year to account for inflation, changes in workloads, and other factors. FDA will announce the new fees for the next fiscal year in a Federal Register notice by August 1 of each year.

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Exemptions and Waivers

The following exemptions or waivers apply to PMA applications:

Fee Exemptions and Waivers (No Fee for These)
CategoryExemption or Waiver
Special PMA supplementno fee
PMA supplement for manufacturing site changeno fee
BLA for product licensed for further manufacturing use onlyno fee
Any application for a device intended solely for pediatric useExempt from user fee.  If an applicant obtains an exemption under this provision, and later submits a supplement for adult use, that submission is subject to the fee in effect for an original premarket application.
Any application from a State or Federal Government entityExempt from any fee unless the device is to be distributed commercially.
First premarket approval submission (PMA, PDP, BLA, or premarket report) from a small business with gross receipts or sales <$30 million.One-time waiver of the fee that would otherwise apply.

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When to Pay

Payment must be received at the time or before the date you send your application.  If FDA receives an application without full payment of all required fees, FDA will consider the application incomplete and will not begin its review.

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How to Prepare Your Payment

Follow these Steps in preparing your payment:

  1. Determine the correct user fee that is required for your submission type.
    • Note: If you believe you qualify as a small business, follow the instructions in the Guidance for Medical Device User Fee Small Business Qualification and Certification located on MDUFA III Fee page. If you qualify, you will receive a Small Business Decision number. You must provide your Small Business Decision number on the Medical Device User Fee Cover Sheet at the time of submission to be eligible for reduced fees. FDA will not accept reduced fees without a Small Business Decision number and will not refund the difference between the standard fee and the small business fee after the submission has been received.
  2. Complete the Medical Device User Fee Cover Sheet (see instructions in next section).
  3. Send your payment with a completed copy of the Cover Sheet (see instructions below).
  4. Send your PMA application with a completed copy of the Cover Sheet.

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Complete the Medical Device User Fee Cover Sheet

Complete the Medical Device User Fee Cover Sheet (Form FDA-3601) online. The Medical Device User Fee Cover Sheet and instructions are available online.

You will need to register to create a Medical Device User Fee Cover Sheet.  To complete the registration process, you will need one of these pieces of information:

Organization #:123456
Dun and Bradstreet Number (DUNS) #123456789
Employer Identification Number (EIN) #123456789

You will also need to identify a Principal Point of Contact (PPOC) in your organization who will be responsible for validating users for security purposes.

After you have registered and have created a user name and password, you will receive a confirmation email. You may then access the cover sheet creation page.  A unique user fee Payment Identification Number will be generated on your cover sheet upon completion.  You will need three copies of your completed User Fee Cover Sheet: one copy for your payment, one copy for your PMA application, and one copy for your records.

Frequently Asked Questions addresses common questions regarding the Medical Device User Fee Cover Sheet.

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Submit Your Payment

Send a printed copy of your User Fee Cover Sheet with your payment. Be sure to include the Payment Identification Number (beginning with MD) and the FDA P.O. Box on your check, bank draft, or U.S. Postal Money Order. The review fee may be submitted by mail, courier, or wire transfer. Send your payment to:

By Mail:
Food and Drug Administration
P.O. Box 979033
St. Louis, MO 63197-9000

By Courier:
If the check is sent by a courier, the courier may deliver the checks to:

US Bank
Attn: Government Lockbox 979033
1005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101
(Note: This address is for courier delivery only. Contact the US Bank at (314) 418-4013 if you have any questions concerning courier delivery.)

By Wire Transfer:

As of 1/31/10, US Bank will no longer accept wire transfers.

Wire transfers are now processed through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. You will need the following information to remit a payment:

FDA Deposit Account Number: 75060099
US Department of Treasury Routing/Transit Number or ABA: 021030004

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045
Tel (212) 720-5000

Also include your User Fee Payment Identification Number from your Medical Device User Fee Cover sheet when you send payment by wire transfer.

Note: Your bank or financial institution may assess a fee for sending a wire transfer.

If needed for accounting purposes, FDA's tax identification number is 53-0196965.

Fees should arrive at the bank at least 1 day before the application arrives at FDA. FDA recommends that you send the payment to the bank 4-5 business days before the application arrives at FDA so there is no delay in starting the review of your application. FDA records as the submission receipt date the latter of the following:

  1. The date the submission was received by FDA; or
  2. The date Bank notifies FDA that payment has been received.

Bank is required to notify FDA within one working day, using the Payment Identification Number.

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