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CPG Sec. 315.100 Illegal Interstate Commercial Shipment of Dentures (CPG retitled and revised 5/19/2005)

Document Effective Date: May 19, 2005

This document supersedes Compliance Policy Guide (CPG) “Sec. 315.100 Dentures; Sale in Interstate Commerce of Dentures by Persons not Licensed to Practice Dentistry (CPG 7124.07)” that was issued in August 1996.

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Sub Chapter 315 Dental

Sec. 315.100 *Illegal Interstate Commercial Shipment* of Dentures (CPG 7124.07)


The Federal Denture Act *of 1942* (Section 1821 of Title 18 *of the United States Code (18 USC 1821)) is *enforced by the Department of Justice.* This law was amended in 1996 (Public Law (PL) 104-294) and 2002 (PL 107-273) and reads* as follows:

"S1821. Transportation of dentures

Whoever transports by mail or otherwise to or within the District of Columbia or any Possession of the United States or uses the mails or any instrumentality of interstate commerce for the purpose of sending or bringing into any State or Territory any set of artificial teeth or prosthetic dental appliance or other denture, constructed from any cast or impression made by any person other than, or without the authorization or prescription of, a person licensed to practice dentistry under the laws of the place into which such denture is sent or brought, where such laws prohibit;

  1. the taking of impressions or casts of the human mouth or teeth by a person not licensed under such laws to practice dentistry;
  2. the construction or supply of dentures by a person other than, or without the authorization or prescription of, a person licensed under such laws to practice dentistry; or
  3. the construction or supply of dentures from impressions or casts made by a person not licensed under such laws to practice dentistry -

    Shall be fined *under this title* or imprisoned not more than one year, or both."


Reports of violations of the Federal Denture Act should *first* be referred to the *local office of the Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI)* for review. *After consulting with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health's Office of Compliance (CDRH/OC), the OCI may refer the matter to the appropriate United States Attorney for consideration for criminal prosecution or to CDRH/OC. The latter office may take appropriate non-criminal action for any violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act or refer the report to state or local regulatory authorities.*

*Material between asterisks is new or revised*

Issued: 4/26/76
Revised: 10/1/80, 11/21/88, 8/96, 5/19/05

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