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PDUFA IV Five-Year Financial Plan - 2009 Update: CBER Plan Summary Tables

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PDUFA IV Five-Year Financial Plan-2009 Update
CBER Plan Summary Tables - PDUFA IV
Plan for Funds from PDUFA Fee Revenues ($000)

Note: Numbers Are Rounded and May Not Add

Category2008 Plan2009 Plan 2010 Plan2011 Plan2012 Plan5-Year Total
Inflation Adjustment Estimate
Annual Inflation Estimate 5.60%5.60%5.60%5.60% 
Cummulative Inflation Estimate 5.60%11.51%17.76%24.35% 
Estimated Inflation Adjustor 105.60%111.51%117.76%124.35% 
PDUFA III Additive Base
PDUFA III Additive Base Staff Years214214214214214 
Share of unallocated FTE Increase33333 
Share of Increase for Meeting Workload (87 total)1616161616 
Share of Increase for Workload Adjustment (180)3434343434 
Total PDUFA IV Base FTE267267267267267 
Payroll for PDUFA III Staff Years$28,855$30,471$32,178$33,980$35,883 
Operating Support for PDUFA III Base$3,730$3,938$4,159$4,392$4,638 
Base Additions for PDUFA IV
Share of unallocated FTE$527$556$587$620$655 
Share of Increase for Meeting Workload $2,808$2,965$3,131$3,307$3,492 
Share of Increase for Workload Adjustment$5,967$6,301$6,654$7,027$7,420 
Subtotal--PFUFA IV Base$41,886$44,232$46,709$49,325$52,087$234,240
PDUFA IV Enhancements Over PDUFA III
Critical Path Increase$0$0$0$0$0$0
Additional Staff Years      
Payroll for Additional Staff Years     $0
Operating Support       $0
Drug Safety/Risk Management Increase$1,861$1,965$2,075$2,191$2,314$10,407
Additional Staff Years44444 
Payroll for Additional Staff Years $646$682$720$761$803$3,613
Operating Support  $215$227$240$253$267$1,202
Contract Support $1,000$1,056$1,115$1,178$1,244$5,592
IT Increase$0$0$0$0$0$0
Additional Staff Years      
Payroll for Additional Staff Years      $0
Operating Support       $0
Contract Support      $0
Additional Drug Safety Increase$2,133$3,184$4,324$5,559$6,898$22,098
Additional Staff Years1014182226 
Payroll for Additional Staff Years $1,372$2,021$2,738$3,529$4,400$14,060
Operating Support  $383$564$764$985$1,228$3,925
Contract Support$378$599$822$1,045$1,270 
Workload Adjustment Addition $1,943$4,450$7,253$10,542$24,188
Additional Staff Years 10213244 
Payroll for Additional Staff Years  $1,603$3,555$5,720$8,306$19,184
Operating Support   $340$895$1,533$2,236$5,004
Contract Support      
Subtotal of PDUFA III Additional Staff Years28435874 
Subtotal PDUFA IV Enhancements$3,994$7,092$10,849$15,004$19,754$56,693
Total PDUFA Additive Funds--CBER$45,880$51,324$57,558$64,329$71,841$290,932
Total PDUFA Additive Staff Years--CBER281295310325341 

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