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Combination Product Types

Source: National Cancer Institute Thesaurus

NCI Thesaurus OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.


SPL Acceptable Term


Type 0: Not a Combination Product C112160
Type 1: Convenience Kit of Co-Package C102834
Type 2: Prefilled Drug Delivery Device/System (syringe, patch, etc.) C102835
Type 3: Prefilled Biologic Delivery Device/System (syringe, patch, etc.) C102836
Type 4: Device Coated/Impregnated/Otherwise Combined with Drug C102837
Type 5: Device Coated or Otherwise Combined with Biologic C102838
Type 6: Drug/Biologic Combination C102839
Type 7: Separate Products Requiring Cross Labeling C102840
Type 8: Possible Combination Based on Cross Labeling of Separate Products (Temporary Type) C102841
Type 9: Other Type of Part 3 Combination Product (e.g., Drug/Device/Biological Product) C102842