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Annex 1 - Performance Goal 1 Activities

Performance Goal I:

Performance Goal I: Assess the occurrence of CDC-identified risk factors and identify over time. Reduce by 25% the Occurrences of CDC-identified risk factors that cause foodborne illness by October 1, 2010.

(Note: Bold font indicates that the activity has been completed)


  • Design data collection project.
  • Develop data collection form.


  • Design protocol for data input/analysis.
  • Standardize/train Specialists in project protocol - data collection.
  • Pilot test Baseline form/protocol.
  • Conduct Baseline project - 895 establishments, 17,477 observations.


  • Conduct Baseline project - continued into 1999.
  • Analyze data collected.


  • Develop Baseline Report.
  • Conducted Satellite broadcast of the Baseline Report.


  • Incorporated Baseline protocol into Standard #9 of the National Retail Food Program Standards.
  • Presented Baseline results/data at National conferences, Regional Seminars.


  • Revise Baseline data collection form to ensure consistent responses during the second data collection. Add data items, as needed, to capture changes in 2001 Food Code.
  • Make FDA software for Baseline data collection available to state/local/tribal jurisdictions. MS-Access database available by Jan 2003.
  • Coordinate incorporation of any changes in the risk-based methodology used to collect baseline date into the Standardization protocol to ensure consistency between these initiatives.
  • Satellite broadcasting of products of the 1999 grants as relates to baseline data collection.
  • Satellite broadcasting of products of the 2000 grants as relates to baseline data collection.


  • Pilot test revised Baseline Data Collection Form. Address questions and concerns, if necessary.
  • Develop and post Baseline Data Collection Instruction Manual to assist state and local agencies conducting baselines.
  • Prepare National Team for second data collection.
  • Second data collection for Baseline collected by Specialists (comparison of data trends).


  • Analyze data from second data collection.
  • Develop report on Risk Factor trends, 1999 vs. 2003.
  • Complete the timeline and action plan developed for the dissemination of the Baseline report.
  • Conduct satellite Broadcast of Trends Report.
  • Presentation of Risk Factor Trends at National/Regional Conferences.
  • Complete revisions of the baseline data collection manual and the Access instruction guide.
  • Determine what enhancements need to be made to the Access database for our stakeholders.
  • Provide status report to HP 2010 committee on progress toward the HP 2010 objective 10.6.


  • Presentation of Risk Factor Trends at National/Regional Conferences.
  • Update FDA Website/reflect changes.
  • Conduct a follow-up debriefing on the problems and successes of the 2003 data collection to anticipate /address changes needed for 2007.


  • Add or remove data items from Baseline Data Collection Form to reflect current Code provisions/Food Safety Initiative.


  • Third data collection for Baseline conducted by Specialists (comparison trend data).


  • Analyze data from third collection.
  • Develop Report on Risk Factor trends, 1999 to 2003 to 2007.


  • Assess impact of Baseline trend as it relates to the performance indicator.
  • Revise and update Operational Plan.
  • Satellite broadcast.
  • Presentation at National/Regional conferences.


  • Reassess Baseline protocol and data collection form.


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