State, Local, Tribal and Federal Inspection/Training Officers Certified by the FDA Using the Standardization and Certification Procedures

October 2003; Updated September 2017

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Purpose of listing of state standardized officials.

Under the authority of the Public Health Service Act as amended, the FDA has a responsibility to provide assistance to state and local retail food protection programs [42 USC 243]. The FDA provides assistance to federal agency retail food protection programs under authority of the Economy Act [31 USC 1535]. Assistance provided to state, local, and federal governmental bodies is also pursuant to FDA's authorities and responsibilities under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act [1 USC 301].

Historically, FDA has met this responsibility by offering a variety of training opportunities and technical assistance based on model codes addressing recommended sanitation and food safety criteria for retail food establishments. Providing model food codes and model code interpretations and opinions, is the mechanism through which FDA, as a lead federal food control agency, promotes uniform implementation of national food regulatory policy among federal, state, tribal, and local agencies that have primary responsibility for retail food safety oversight or regulation. To assure greater uniformity, FDA recommends that regulatory jurisdictions adopt the model Food Code as law or regulation.

The main goal of a national food safety program is the reduction and prevention of foodborne illness. To that end, FDA provides several pathways, one of which is the standardization and certification of retail food inspection personnel. This process provides regulatory personnel the opportunity to subject their knowledge and skills related to the Code's provisions to a uniform system of measurement. The process and criteria for demonstrating proficiency in the required performance areas are described in the FDA Procedures for standardization and certification of Retail Food Inspection / Training Officers.

The procedures are based on the FDA Food Code and are updated to reflect current Food Code provisions and to include a more refined focus on foodborne illness risk factors, food code interventions, and application of the principles of hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP).

It is critical that food safety personnel become standardized and subsequently certified through this process to ensure that retail foods are safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented at retail throughout the United States. certification as an fda-certified inspection / training officer is issued to all candidates who successfully complete the standardization process. FDA is pleased to recognize, by listing according to FDA Regions, those persons who are recognized as standardized and certified via this process. 

FDA Regional Retail Food Specialists: Please submit updates to the table by email. 

Pacific Region

Bevin Durant03/2019AK Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Sunny Muir10/2018AK Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Ytamar Rodriguez05/2020AK Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Blanca Caballero06/2018AZ Dept. of Health Services
David Morales10/2017AZ Maricopa County Environmental Services
Michelle Chester03/2015AZ Maricopa County Environmental Services
Brenda V. Faw06/2019CA DPH Food and Drug
Jeanne-Marie Weathers07/2019CA DPH Food and Drug
Sarah-Jean Snyder10/2018CA Indian Health Services
Susan K. Rimando07/2020CA Monterey County, Department of Environmental Health Bureau
Nianna Burns09/2012FDA ITP LOS DO
Devon Shoop08/2017FDA ITP SEA DO
Julia Chervoni05/2018FDA ITP SEA DO ITP
Evan Lum09/2015Guam Dept. of Public Health and Social Services
Ronald Carandang09/2015Guam Dept. of Public Health and Social Services
Michael Une07/2019HI Dept. of Health, the Big Island of Hawaii
Alvin A. Viernes02/2020HI Dept. of Health, Oahu, Hawaii
Amber Vuong08/2018HI Dept. of Health, Oahu, Hawaii
Patrick Guzzle07/2017ID Dept. of Health and Welfare
Alicia Coonen03/2020MT Dept. of Health and Human Services
Christine Cox04/2016MT Dept. of Health and Human Services
Cindy Ulch04/2015NV Bureau of Health Protection Services
Richard Elloyan07/2016Nevada State Health Division
Brian Hawkins03/2019OR Dept. of Ag
Susan Kendrick08/2017OR Dept. of Ag
Valerie Aliski06/2018OR Health Division
Erica Van Ess08/2019Oregon Health Authority, FBI Prev. Pgm
Cynthia Robinson08/2019Oregon Health Authority, FBI Prev. Pgm
Lloyd Clark Snyder04/2016Riverstone Health
Christine Sylvis03/2016Southern Nevada Health District, Las Vegas
Jacqueline Raiche-Curl09/2017Southern Nevada Health District, Las Vegas
Elizabeth Hodge08/2020US Army Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Environmental Health and Veterinary Services (WA)
Joseph Graham12/2015WA State Dept. of Health
Larry French 03/2018WA State Dept. of Health
Helena Barton01/2018WA Dept. of Health
Scott Pierce10/2015WA Tacoma-Pierce HD
Katie Lott10/2015WA Tacoma-Pierce HD

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Northeast Region

Amanda Valden04/2020Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
Christine Applewhite09/2019CT Dept. of Public Health
Cynthia Costa12/2017CT Dept. of Public Health
Valerie Potopsingh08/2015FDA ITP NYK DO
Richard Hapke06/2019FDA ITP NWE DO
Richard L. Licari06/2018FDA ITP NWE DO
Diane Bernazzani02/2018MA Food Protection Program
Diane Chalifoux-Judge07/2016MA City of Boston
Maurice Anderson12/2016Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Laurie J. Davis07/2020Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Scott L. Davis04/2020Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Jessica Fletcher02/2018Mohegan Tribal Nation, Uncasville, CT
Maryam Hosseini03/2018Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, Mashantucket, CT
Robert Allen06/2018NH Dept. of Health
John Seiferth09/2017NH Dept. of Health
Judy Jervis09/2017NH Town of Exeter Health Dept.
William Kalabanka10/2014NYS Agriculture and Markets
Brian Lockard11/2017NH Town of Salem Health Dept.
Lydia S. Brown12/2019Rhode Island Department of Health
Brian Johnson05/2017Rhode Island Department of Health
Robert Manfredi05/2018VT Dept. of Health
Sherry Sawyer06/2017VT Dept. of Health

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Central Region

Victoria Grover-Fletcher11/2019DC Department of Health
Jae Kim04/2019Delaware Division of Public Health
Austin Appler04/2020FDA ITP BALT-DO
Brian Emanuel03/2016FDA ITP CHI-DO
Carol Perry04/2015FDA ITP NJ
Tammy Phillips06/2018FDA ITP PHI DO
Kevin Dreesman10/2017IL Dept. of Public Health
Dan Miller02/2018IN State Dept. of Health
Lisa Harrison03/2018IN State Dept. of Health
Leslie Cobb04/2018KY Cabinet for Health
Christy Courtney03/2020KY Department for Public Health, Food Safety Branch
John Townes05/2020KY Department for Public Health, Food Safety Branch
Kim Burns10/2017MD Dept. of Health & Mental Hyg.
Diedre Moltere04/2018MD Dept. of Health & Mental Hyg.
Tonia Taylor09/2018MD Dept. of Health & Mental Hyg.
Barbara Coy06/2017MI Dept. of Agriculture
Rebecca Kryznowski09/2016MI Dept. of Agriculture
Thomas Tederington12/2018MI Dept. of Agriculture
Caleb L. Johnson05/2020MN Department of Health
Michelle Messer01/2018MN Department of Health
James Topie10/2017MN Department of Health
Nicole Baysal08/2019MN Dept. of Agriculture
Lorna K. Girard03/2018MN Dept. of Agriculture
Michael S. Lee09/2018ND Dept. of Health
Jeanne Garbarino06/2016NJ Vineland City Health Dept.
Jason Ahrens08/2020OH Department of Agriculture
Tim Tewksbary03/2020OH Department of Agriculture
Hannah Windle04/2020OH Department of Health
Bobby McLean12/2015PA Dept. of Agricuture
George Van Note04/2015PA Dept. of Public Health
Michael Treppel04/2018U.S. Capitol
Nancy Diersen06/2020VA Dept. of Health
Peri Pearson07/2018VA Dept. of Health
Lana Buckles09/2019VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Sandor Sean Hejja02/2020VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Keith Jordan08/2020VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Christopher Thackston04/2018VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Jessica Douglas10/2017WV Dept. of Health
Arthur Ness02/2017WI Dept. of Agriculture TCP
Sonja Miller02/2016WI Dept. of Agriculture TCP
Sara Strehlow04/2017WI Dept. of Agriculture TCP
Carrie Pohjola02/2017WI Dept. of Health/Family Services (DHFS)

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Southwest Region

April Jones09/2014AR DH
Cary Gray04/2016AR DH
David McKinnon11/2016AR DH
Jeff Jackson03/2017AR DH
Lynn Lively11/2017AR DH
Sherri Woodus12/2015AR DH
Matthew Brandt03/2018CO Department of Public Health and Environment
Troy Huffman10/2018CO Department of Public Health and Environment
Brianne Ratajczak01/2018CO Department of Public Health and Environment
Joanne Sax02/2016CO Department of Public Health and Environment
Robert Warwick06/2020CO Department of Public Health and Environment
Mark Speltz08/2015IA Department of Inspections and Appeals
Tina Batterson02/2018IA Department of Inspections and Appeals
Sara Kingland12/2019IA Department of Inspections and Appeals
Julie Kraling11/2018IA Department of Inspections and Appeals
Debra Grabowski10/2016IHS Albuquerque Area Office
Jessica Wrosch07/2018Kansas Department of Agriculture
Brenda Tatom03/2018Kansas Department of Agriculture
Kala Wood01/2018Kansas Dept. of AG
Pat Mahoney09/2017St. Louis City Health Dept.
Robert Gilliland07/2018Kansas City, MO
Ann Winkler03/2016MO DOH
Dan Kahler06/2016NE Dept. of AG
Johnathan Gerhardt07/2016NM ED
Ron Taylor05/2013NM ED
Anita Roy05/2013NM ED
Lucas Tafoya03/2013BC EH
Alicia Burkett04/2017OK SDH
Marsha Allmon11/2018OK SDH
Jordan Cox11/2019Oklahoma Area IHS
Quwanza Duggins08/2019Oklahoma City-County HD
Debbie Watts11/2015Tulsa City-County HD
DeBrena Hilton06/2020Tulsa City-County HD
Benjamin Anderson12/2016TX DSHS
Billy Craddock02/2017TX DSHS
Christa Lennon05/2019TX DSHS
Melissa Hardin06/2020TX DSHS
Tom Arbizu09/2018TX DSHS
Jason J. Guzman12/2017TX DSHS
Aaron McNeill03/2017U.S. Public Health Service-Indian Health Service
N.Jay Schvaneveldt08/2018UT DAF
Chris Nelson08/2019Utah Department of Health
Jon Cecil02/2018WY Dept. of Agriculture
Dawn Helms08/2018WY Dept. of Agriculture

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Southeast Region

Lauren Lerner03/2019AL Department of Public Health
Rene Sinsky10/2017AL Jefferson County Health Department
Diana Cardwell03/2019FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Mark Cohen07/2019FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Joetta Defrancesco03/2018FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Lydia Gonzalez03/2018FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Matthew Johansson06/2019FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Anna Johnson06/2019FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Robert King07/2020FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Lisa Lambert04/2018FL DBPR
Douglas Peterson08/2019FL DBPR
Jose Quinones03/2020FL DBPR
VaKesha Brown07/2020FL Dept. of Health
Sharon Saulter05/2019FL Dept. of Health
Karen Anderson08/2019GA Candler County Health Department
Lauren Baker10/2018GA Chatham County Health Department
Angie Davis09/2018GA Cobb-Douglas Public Health District
Nakia McGuire-Robinson11/2017GA DeKalb County Board of Health
Darius Gresham08/2018GA Dept. of Agriculture
Lauren Harris02/2020GA Dept. of Agriculture
Allison Strickland05/2018GA Dept. of Agriculture
Shaun Bryant10/2017GA DPH
Corey Millwood12/2018GA DPH
Priya Nair06/2018GA DPH
Carline Richardson04/2017GA Fulton County Health Department
Jason Reagan08/2020GA Gwinnett County Environmental Health
William (Ken) Collins07/2019GA Lee County Health Department
Suzette Bass01/2019MS Dept. of Health
Suzan Walker11/2017MS MSDH
Rosemarie Wright08/2020NASA Kennedy Space Center
Teresa Clark11/2018NC Craven County Health Department
Veronica Bryant05/2019NC DHHS
Carolyn Griffin06/2019NC DHHS
Melissa Ham11/2019NC DHHS
Cheryl Slachta08/2019NC DHHS
Shane Smith02/2020NC DHHS
Stephen Graham01/2018NC Mecklenburg County Health Department
Matt Muris05/2018NC Mecklenburg County Health Department
Mark Kenion05/2020NC New Hanover County Health Department
Ellen Reynolds07/2017NC Union County Health Dept.
Thomas Jumalon08/2018NC Wake County Environmental Services
Ilsa Suris04/2019Puerto Rico Dept. Of Health
Danny Vazquez01/2018PRHD
Rebecca Causey08/2019SC DHEC
Tammy Gordon03/2020SC DHEC
Siu Wong04/2018SC DHEC
Ron Murphy04/2018TN Dept. of AG
Nathan Hannah07/2017TN Dept. of AG
Jeff Kirksey10/2017TN Dept. of AG
Bill Walls01/2019TN Dept. of Health
Phil Petrie03/2020TN DOH

Please submit updates to the table by email.

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