Prior Notice for Food Articles Step-by-Step Instructions for PNSI: Creating a New Web Entry

Instructions for PNSI Version 2.0.00

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Creating a Web Entry

Note: Required data elements are denoted by an *. Entry of other data is optional.

  1. For this example, select Consumption from the Entry Type drop-down list (Figure 4b). Consumption is one of many entry types subject to prior notice. All parts of this tutorial refer to the Consumption entry type. Other entry types, such as Transportation and Exportation or Mail, require slightly different information.
  2. Choose the Next button. (Choosing Cancel would return you to the Welcome to the Prior Notice System Interface page.)
    Figure 4:
    Web Entry (Create) page

    Figure 4b:
    Web Entry (Create) page Entry Type drop-down list
  3. Input Entry information (Figure 5):
    • Entry Identifier. If you have one for the shipment, enter the CBP Entry Number in the Entry Identifier box. If you do not have a CBP assigned Entry Number, check the Not Known checkbox to have the system generate an Entry Number.
    • How Many...? Enter the number of Prior Notices your company intends to submit for this Web Entry, i.e. the number of articles of food in the shipment subject to the prior notice requirement. This number is an estimate that you can increase or decrease prior to submission.
    Figure 5:
    Web Entry (Create) page Input Entry Information
  4. Enter the Port of Arrival information (Figure 6):
    • Port of Arrival. Enter the Port Code, if you know it. Otherwise, select the State where the Port of Arrival is located, and choose the Find Port Code button to find the Port Code.
    • Anticipated Border Crossing. Enter the name of the specific crossing point, such as the bridge name, if the Port of Arrival has multiple crossing points.
    • Anticipated Arrival Date. Enter the date you expect the shipment to arrive at the Port of Arrival in US date format: MM/DD/YYYY or choose the calendar icon to find a date.
    • Anticipated Arrival Time. Enter the anticipated time of arrival in the time zone of the Port of Arrival. Using a 24 hour clock format: HH:MM, select the time using the dropdown lists.
    Figure 6:
    Port of Arrival Information

Creating a Submitter

Enter the Submitter information (Figure 7): The Submitter of a Web Entry is the individual in the Submitting Firm with knowledge of the required prior notice information submitted to FDA. As the individual logged into this system, you are the "Transmitter" of the data, and may or may not be the Submitter.

  1. If you are the Submitter of this Web Entry, select Yes in the dropdown list.
  2. If you are not the Submitter, do the following:
    1. Select the Country containing the Submitter's business location.
    2. Choose the Enter Submitter button.
      Figure 7:
      Enter Submitter's Country
    3. In the Web Entry: Submitter (Enter) page (Figure 8), if you have the Submitter's Food Facility Registration Number (issued when the facility was registered with FDA's Food Facility Registration System), enter it, the Submitting Individual's Name, Business Name, City, and Country. If you do not have a Food Facility Registration Number enter all required information, denoted by asterisks, and the name, phone, and e-mail contact information for the Submitter.
    4. Choose the Save button. You may be asked to confirm the address (Figure 8b). The Web Entry page will display with the Submitter information in static text (Figure 8c).
      Figure 8:
      Web Entry: Submitter (Enter) page

      Figure 8b:
      Confirm Address (Submitter)

      Figure 8c:
      Submitter's Information

Creating an Importer

  1. If the Importer and Submitter are the same, select Yes in the dropdown list (Figure 9).
  2. If not, do the following:
    1. Select the Country where the Importer's business is located.
    2. Choose the Enter Importer button. The Web Entry: Importer (Enter) page displays (Figure 10).
      Figure 9:
      Enter Importer's Country
    3. In the Web Entry: Importer (Enter) page (Figure 10), if you have the Importer's Food Facility Registration Number, enter it, and the Importer's Business Name and Full Address. If you do not have the Importer's Food Facility Registration Number, enter all required information, denoted by asterisks.
    4. Choose the Save button. The Web Entry page will display with the Importer information in static text.
      Figure 10:
      Enter Importer's Information

Creating a Carrier

  1. Enter Carrier Information (Figure 11):
    1. In the Web Entry (Create) page, select the Mode of Transportation from the dropdown list (Figure 11b), then choose the Enter Carrier button. Note: Options may vary depending on your Entry Type. (e.g. Modes of Transportation "Express Courier - Air" and "Express Courier - Land" will only appear when the Entry Type "Consumption, Express Courier" has been chosen.)
      Figure 11:
      Choose the Enter Carrier Button
      Figure 11b:
      Carrier mode of transportation
    2. Using the Mode of Transportation "Land, Truck" in this example, describe the carrier by entering the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) code (Figure 12). If you do not know the code, choose the Find Code button to display the Find Carrier Code page and use the Carrier Code Wizard. (See the additional section for further detail on Using the Carrier Code Wizard) If there is no Carrier Code, then enter the Carrier Name. If the carrier name is not known/available, enter the Privately-Owned Vehicle License Number, along with the Country Subdivision that is associated with that License Number.

      Note: Required information may vary by mode of transportation.
    3. To describe the shipment, enter the Trip Identifier and the Bill of Lading - Master number. The valid format for the Bill of Lading Number is a minimum 5 characters and a maximum 16 characters that are either letters or numbers. The valid format for Airway Bill Number is AAANNNNNNNN, where A is a letter or a number and N is a number.
    4. Choose the Save button. The Web Entry page will display with the Carrier information in static text.
      Figure 12:
      Web Entry: Carrier (Enter) page, enter the carrier information

(For Figures 13 - 14b see Using the Carrier Code Wizard)

Editing and Saving a Web Entry

  1. Review all of the Web Entry information to make sure that it is accurate (Figure 15). To modify Web Entry information, choose the Edit button in any section header.
  2. Choose Save to save the Web Entry. You will see the Web Entry (View) page with the Web Entry information in static text (Figure 15b) You will also now have the option to choose Create Prior Notice.
    Note: You may continue to modify your Web Entry information until you or your company has submitted the first prior notice for this Web Entry.
Figure 15:
Web Entry (Create)
Figure 15b:
Web Entry (View)


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