The FDA Seafood List - Updates for 2013

The following additions and changes to The Seafood List have been made in 2013.

  • Type: V=vertebrate, I=invertebrate, I(C)=Invertebrate (Crustacean)
  • An asterisk (*) next to the Acceptable FDA Market Name indicates that a specific regulation applies to that species.
  • A listed regulation number refers to the applicable section of the Regulation cited.
  • A dagger (†) next to the Scientific Common Name in the Seafood List identifies the names that are prohibited by a law. The specific law is noted to provide additional information.
  • Consult The Seafood List Guidance for additional information.
2013 Seafood List Additions and Changes: January – June
TypeAdditions and Changes
to the Seafood List
Acceptable Market
or Law
VMarket Name changeDrum  Collichthys spp.
VNew Species addedSlipperysnail SlipperysnailCrepidula fornicate
VNew Species addedStingray Southern StingrayDasyatis Americana
VNew Species addedScad Shortfin ScadDecapterus macrosoma
VSpecies removed from the Seafood List (considered a subspecies of Diagramma pictum)   Diagramma pictum pictum 
VAlternate Market Name added [Toothfish or Chilean Seabass (from Toothfish)]Toothfish or Chilean Seabass Antarctic ToothfishDissostichus mawsoni
VNew Species addedGrouper Bridled GrouperEpinephelus heniochus
VGenus name change (Istiompax from Makaira)Marlin Black MarlinIstiompax indica
VGenus name change (Istiompax from Makaira)Marlin Blue MarlinIstiompax nigricans
VGenus name change (Kajikia from Tetrapturus)Marlin White MarlinKajikia albida 
VGenus name change (Kajikia from Tetrapturus)Marlin Striped MarlinKajikia audax 
VMarket Name change [Nile Perch or Lake Victoria Perch  (from Perch, Nile)];  Common Name change [Nile Perch (from Lake Victoria Perch)]Nile Perch or Lake Victoria Perch Nile PerchLates niloticus
VNew Species addedMonkfish Blackfin GoosefishLophius gastrophysus
VCommon Name Change [(Yellow Goosefish (from Monkfish)]Monkfish Yellow GoosefishLophius lituton
VCommon Name Change [Anglerfish (from Monkfish)]Monkfish AnglerfishLophius piscatorius
VCommon Name change [Rose Snapper (from Spotted Rose Snapper)]Snapper Rose SnapperLutjanus guttatus
VMarket Name Change [Leatherjacket (from Triggerfish)] and Common Name change [Rough Leatherjacket from  Leatherjacket)]Leatherjacket Rough LeatherjacketMeuschenia scaber
VGenus name change [Microstomus (from Embassichthys)]Sole or Flounder Deepsea SoleMicrostomus bathybius
VMarket Name change [Atka Mackerel (from Mackerel, Atka)]Atka Mackerel Atka MackerelPleurogrammus monopterygius
VNew Species addedTigerperch or Grunter Barcoo GrunterScortum barcoo
VAdditional Market name for this speciesPerch, Ocean or Rockfish Pacific Ocean PerchSebastes alutus
VNew Species addedDogfish Shark or Cape Shark North Pacific Spiny DogfishSqualus suckleyi
INew Species addedMussel Cholga MusselAulacomya ater
I(C)Regulation applies to all Chionoecetes spp. (see Principle 1 in the Seafood List Guidance)Crab, Snow*21 CFR 102.50 Chionoecetes spp.
I(C)Common Name change [Red-banded Lobster (from Lobsterette)]Lobsterette Red-banded LobsterMetanephrops thomsoni
I(C)New Species addedShrimp Kadal ShrimpMetapenaeus dobsoni
INew Species addedMussel Chilean MusselMytilus chilensis
ICommon Name RemovedClam or Geoduck (none)Panopea abrupta
INew Species addedClam or Geoduck Pacific GeoduckPanopea generosa
I(C)New Species addedShrimp Kiddi ShrimpParapenaeopsis stylifer
I(C)New Species addedSwimming Crab Three Spot Swimming CrabPortunus sanguinolentus
I(C)New Species addedShrimp Titi ShrimpProtrachypene precipua
2013 Seafood List Additions and Changes: July – December
TypeAdditions and Changes
to the Seafood List
Acceptable Market
or Law
VNew Species addedTriggerfish Starry TriggerfishAbalistes stellatus
VSpecies deleted: Endangered (NMFS/FWS)  Shortnose SturgeonAcipenser brevirostrum
VMarket Name Change (Jobfish or Snapper, from Jobfish) for genera Aphareus, Aprion, PristipomoidesJobfish or Snapper JobfishAphareus spp.
VCommon Name Change (Witch, from Flounder)Flounder WitchArnoglossus scapha
VCommon Name Change (Milky Spotted Sole, from Kobe Sole)Sole Milky Spotted SoleAseraggodes kobensis
VScientific Name Change (Atheresthes stomias from Reinhardtius stomias)Flounder, Arrowtooth Arrowtooth FlounderAtheresthes stomias
VCommon Name Change (West Coast Sole, from Sole)Sole West Coast SoleAustroglossus microlepis
VCommon Name Change (Mud Sole, form Sole)Sole Mud SoleAustroglossus pectoralis
VCommon Name Addition: (Common name: Goonch)Goonch GoonchBagarius yarrelli
VMarket name Change (Yellow Sole or Sole, from Sole) and Common Name Change (Solenette, from Yellow Sole)Yellow Sole or Sole SolenetteBuglossidium luteum
VCommon Name Change (Pelican Flounder, from Longjawed FlounderFlounder Pelican FlounderChascanopsetta crumenalis
VCommon Name Change (Roughscale Sole, from Roughscale Flounder)Sole or Flounder Roughscale SoleClidoderma asperrimum
VCommon Name added (New Zealand Turbot)Flounder New Zealand TurbotColistium nudipinnis
VMarket Name change (Toothfish or Chilean Seabass from Patagonian Toothfish or Chilean Seabass)Toothfish or Chilean Seabass Patagonian ToothfishDissostichus eleginoides
VNew Species addedSole or Flounder Deep Sea SoleEmbassichthys bathybius
VNew Species addedGrouper Banded GrouperEpinephelus amblycephalus
VNew Species addedGrouper Speckled Blue GrouperEpinephelus cyanopodus
VNew Species addedGrouper Striped GrouperEpinephelus latifasciatus
VNew Species addedGrouper White-blotched GrouperEpinephelus multinotatus
VNew Species addedGrouper Dot-dash GrouperEpinephelus poecitonotus
VCommon Name Change (Witch Flounder, from Gray Sole) and Market Name added (Gray Sole or Sole or Flounder from Sole or Flounder)Gray Sole or Sole or Flounder Witch FlounderGlyptocephalus cynoglossus
VNew Species addedEel, Moray Giant MorayGymnothorax javanicus
VSpecies deleted: Endangered (NMFS/FWS)  Black AbaloneHalitosis cracherudii
VSpecies deleted: Endangered (NMFS/FWS)  White AbaloneHaliotis sorenseni
VNew Genus addedHalfbeaks HalfbeaksHemiramphus spp.
VCommon Name Change (Bigmouth Flounder, from Bigmouth Sole)Flounder or Sole Bigmouth FlounderHippoglossina stomata
VMarket Name Change (Plaice or Flounder, from Plaice)Plaice or Flounder American PlaiceHippoglossoides platessoides
VNew Species addedGizzard, Shad Dotted Gizzard ShadKonosirus punctatus
VCommon Name Change (Southern Rock Sole from Rock Sole)Sole or Flounder Southern Rock SoleLepidopsetta bilineata
VMarket Name Change (Flounder or Megrim or Whiff from Flounder or Whiff) and Common Name Change (Fourspot Megrim from Fourspot Scaldfish)Flounder or Megrim or Whiff Fourspot MegrimLepidorhombus boscii

Market Name Change (Flounder or Megrim or Whiff from Flounder or Whiff)

Flounder or Megrim or Whiff MegrimLepidorhombus whiffiagonis
VScientific Name Change (Metacarcinus magister from Cancer magister)Crab, Dungeness Dungeness CrabMetacarcinus magister
VNew Species addedSole or Flounder Deepsea SoleMicrostomus bathybius
VNew Species addedBream, Threadfin Fork-tailed Threadfin BreamNemipterus furcosus
VNew Species addedBream, Threadfin Golden Threadfin BreamNemipterus virgatus
VScientific Name Change (Chrysophrys auratus to Pagrus auratus)Porgy SquirefishPagrus auratus
VScientific Name Change (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus from Pangasius hypophthalmus)   Pangasianodon hypophthalmus
VNew Species addedSnapper Yellowtail Blue SnapperParacaesio xanthura
VNew Species addedFlounder*21 CFR 102.57Cortez HalibutParalichthys aestuarius
VMarket Name Change (Tonguesol or Sole or Flounder, from Sole or Flounder; Common Name Change (Double-lined Tonguesole, from Rock Sole)Tonguesole or Sole or Flounder Double-lined TonguesoleParaplagusia bilineata
VMarket Name change (Sole or Flounder, from Flounder)Sole or Flounder New Zealand Lemon SolePelotretis flavilatus
VCommon Name Change: New Zealand Common Sole, from New Zealand SoleFlounder New Zealand Common SolePeltorhamphus novaezeelandiae
VNew Species addedSnapper PinjaloPinjalo pinjalo
VScientific and Market Name ChangePlaice or Flounder European PlaicePleuronectes platessus
VMarket Name Change (Plaice or Flounder, from Plaice)Plaice or Flounder Alaska PlaicePleuronectes quadrituberculatus
VCommon Name spelling Change (C-O Sole, from C-o Sole)Sole or Flounder C-O SolePleuronichthys coenosus
VCorrected Common and Market Names (Market name: Swimming Crab; Common name Warty Swimming Crab)Swimming Crab Warty Swimming CrabPortunus haanii
VCommon Name Change (Spottail Spiny Turbot, from Spottedtail Turbot)Turbot Spottail Spiny TurbotPsettodes belcheri
VCommon Name Change (Indian Ocean Spiny Halibut, from Indian Ocean Flounder)Flounder*21 CFR 102.57Indian Ocean Spiny HalibutPsettodes erumei
VCommon Name Change (Smalltoothed Flounder, from Smalltooth Flounder)Flounder Smalltoothed FlounderPseudorhombus jenynsii
VCommon Name Change (Threespot Righteye Flounder, from Ali Flounder)Flounder Threespot Righteye FlounderSamariscus triocellatus
VCommon Name Change (Slender Lizardfish, from Lizardfish)Lizardfish Slender LizardfishSaurida elongata
VNew Species addedLizardfish Filamentous SaurySaurida filamentosa
VNew Species addedGilleybaka or WhiskerfishFD&C 403(t)Gillbacker Sea Catfish (†)Sciades parkeri
VMarket Name Change (King or Spanish Mackerel, from Mackerel, Spanish)King or Spanish Mackerel King MackerelScomberomorus cavalla
VNew SpeciesTurbot TurbotScophthalmus maximus
VMarket Name Change (Common Sole or Sole, from Sole)Common Sole or Sole European Dover SoleSolea solea
VNew Species addedSole Narrowbanded SoleSynclidopus macleayanus
VCommon Name Change (Fantail Flounder, from Fantail Sole)Sole or Flounder Fantail FlounderXystreurys liolepis
IMarket name change: Surfclam from Clam, Surfclam for all genera noted.Surfclam  Mactra spp.
Mactrellona spp.
Mactromeris spp.
Mactrotoma spp.
Rangia spp.
Simomactra spp.
Spisula spp.
Tresus spp.
I(C)Market Name Change (Crab, Swimming, from Warty Swimming Crab) and Common Name Change (Warty Swimming Crab, from Swimming Crab)Crab, Swimming Warty Swimming CrabPortunus haanii
I(C)Market Name Change (Crab, Swimming from Swimming Crab)Crab, Swimming Three Spot Swimming CrabPortunus sanguinolentus



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