Index of Memoranda of Milk Ordinance Equipment Compliance (M-b)

January 4, 2012




Model/Serial # 

Issue Date

M-b-1Mechanical CapperScholleSCMC-10110/3/1962
M-b-2Milk Porter “Sputnick”Milk Porter CompanyMP-200, MP-3005/28/1963
   Sup. 1Milk Porter “Sputnick” LP-300, LMP-3001/29/1965
M-b-3Milk Equipment Documentation Requirements for Review  11/29/1962
M-b-4Plastic Tubing for Polygal FillersPolygalPart No. PGV 1531/29/1963
M-b-5Milk Carton PerformerPre-O-FormCorporation1001/31/1963
M-b-6Straw Seal UnitMilliken Tetra PakSS-21/31/1963
M-b-7Rapid-Flo Filter HolderJohnson and JohnsonPart No. 799-3, 799-44/2/1963
M-b-8Pt. Container w/Straw Opening ContainerEx-Cell-O Corporation 4/4/1963
M-b-9Cap Press and Cap MachineExsa Division, R. A., Fords LTD.Mark 16/1PL, Mark 3RJ4/15/1963
M-b-10ClarifierDelaval Separator CompanyMRPX-2134/24/1963
M-b-11Milky Weigh Milk MeterYandell Company, IncorporatedPart No. Y463, Y363, Y5634/24/1963
M-b-12Mobile LactoriumChore-Boy 5/13/1963
M-b-13Seal-O-Matic Filler and SealerLiquid Package Equipment CorporationLP-500, Service No. 600 and up, A-216 No. 6500 and Up5/13/1963
M-b-14Meterflo DispensersMeterflo Dispensers, Inc.F-1, F-2, UC-2, UC-2C5/16/1963
M-b-15Milk VeyorWeco Milk Veyor Corporation10, 20, 306/3/1963
M-b-16Ultra-Pak Form- Fill-Seal Machine for Packing Cream and Similar Dairy ProductsPackaging Frontiers, IncorporatedSeries 700-D6/5/1963
M-b-17Pure-Pak Gallon Carton EquipmentEx-Cell-O CorporationUP7/3/1963
M-b-18Portable PipelinesPlymouth Portable PipelinesC, D, E7/3/1963
M-b-191-Gallon Filler-SealerAMI ManufacturingA-157/3/1963
M-b-20Milk Transfer SystemARCO Manufacturing CompanyB, C7/3/1963
M-b-21Milk Transfer SystemThe Schlueter CompanyHCDS-10, SHCDS-10, CDS-10, BDS-107/3/1963
M-b-22Submission of Additional Descriptive Material for Equipment Review  7/11/1963
M-b-23Pure-Pak Steam Defoamer and Sanitary Filler Bowl Lid SealEx-Cell-O CorporationPart 74-KB-5064, 5065, and 507C7/23/1963
M-b-24    7-Gallon Multi-Use Poly Milk Dispenser ContainerMagi-Pak Corporation 7/29/1963
M-b-25Pure-Pak Filler and SealerEx-Cell-O CorporationWP, Serial 6001 and Up7/29/1963
M-b-26Single Service Bag FillerFitting Specialties CompanyFSC Model T, Ser. No. 1000 and Up7/31/1963
M-b-27Kesco Milk Mover SystemKent Supply CompanyS-30, RS-30, C, RS-30C, RS-319/3/1963
   Sup. 1Kesco Milk Mover System   S-30, SW-30, C, RS-150, RS-10011/4/1964
M-b-28Roistrip Filter DispenserJohnson and Johnson 10/21/1963
M-b-29Bulk Milk Dispenser Cans with Sealed Doubled BottomsJohn Wood 1/15/1964
M-b-30Seal-O-Matic Filler and SealerLiquid Package EquipmentLP-75011/14/1963
M-b-31Plastic Plug Type Milk and Food ValvesTanacoSerial A-225 and Up11/15/1963
M-b-32Cattle Drinking Cups, Revised List of Approved Cups  11/15/1963
   Sup. 1Cattle Drinking Cups, Revised List of Approved Cups  4/8/1964
   Sup. 2Cattle Drinking Cups, Revised List of Approved Cups  9/1/1965
   Sup. 3Reito Automatic Float Valve for Cattle Watering TanksReitman Manufacturing Company50011/1/1972
M-b-332" Ball Check ValvesLadish Company45-BY, 45-BYMP1/17/1964
M-b-34Boot Seal ValveStahlin Corporation 2/3/1964
M-b-35Single Service Container and Bag Filler; Filling ValveLiquid-Box Corporation2203Revised 1/10/1966
M-b-36Pulsator and Visi-Lid for Suspended BucketDairy Equipment Company8581900, 85006183/18/1964
M-b-37Milk Transport SystemUniversal6250, 67304/27/1964
   Sup. 1Milk Transport Assembly 72705/28/1965
   Sup. 2Milk Transport Assembly 7270-1, 7270R-14/13/1967
M-b-38Minute Man Milk FillerAmerican Can CompanyTuffy7/1/1964
M-b-39Perfection Milk Transfer SystemSta-Rite ProductsP593B, P594B, P591B, P595B7/6/1964
   Sup. 1Perfection Milk Transfer System   DE401-5, DE-300-5, DE-300-6, DE-300-103/10/1972
M-b-40Mechanical Capper for Auto-FillScholleMF7/8/1964
M-b-41Hand Mechanical Capping DeviceWaldorf Paper Products Company1-644000, Serial 40028/12/1964
M-b-42Milk FilterFilter Equipment Sales Company100, 200, 3009/8/1964
M-b-43Former, Filler, SealerChicago Stainless EquipmentHQ, Serial 10049/8/1964
M-b-44CZ System, Packaging Bag-in-Box Type ContainerCrown Zellerbach30009/21/1964
M-b-45Milk Transfer StationAcro Manufacturing CompanyRSC9/25/1964
M-b-46Cattle WaterersStar Tank and Boat CompanyCPE, CHPE9/30/1964
M-b-47Aer-Void Portable Milk DispensersVacuum Can CompanyM-954, M-904, M-854, M-804, M-794, M-78410/21/1964
M-b-48Sanitary Food PumpAlemite-Division of Stewart-Warner784610/28/1964
   Sup. 1Cover for Use with the Sanitary Food Pump  4/9/1965
M-b-49Filler and CapperAnderson Brothers Manufacturing Company600PH10/22/1964
M-b-50NOR-KEL Defoaming ValveCrystal Preforming and Packaging CompanyM-112/1/1964
M-b-51Seal-O-Matic FillerLiquid Package Equipment CompanyAP-400012/1/1964
   Sup. 1Crystal-Matic Filler AP-44006/16/1966
   Sup. 2Crystal-Matic Filler 12-205/17/1968
M-b-52Pure Pack Carton PerformerNorthern Illinois Machine CompanyNIMCO 20012/1/1964
M-b-53Breeze-Pak Capping HeadProven Products, Nibot CorporationA, C12/23/1964
M-b-54FillerEyrle CompanyMM64122/15/1965
M-b-55Tri-Clover Bulk Milk FillerLadish Company50D152/15/1965
M-b-56Top-Line Sanitary Milk PumpBen H. Anderson CompanyP-73/29/1965
M-b-57Family-Serv Packaging SystemProven ProductsS 201-001 and Up, C201-020 and Up3/23/1965
M-b-58ARCO Milk Line Dryers for Milk LinesBen H. Anderson Company 3/23/1965
M-b-59Automatic Screw CapperResina Automatic MachineryS-30DL, S-30D3/23/1965
M-b-60B and R MeterBopp and ReutherNW-32, NW-50, NW-65, NW-1003/29/1965
M-b-61Top Line Milk Transfer Station with and w/o Hose RackBen H. Anderson CompanyRS-CP-20 (Without Hose Rack), RS-CP-30 (With Hose Rack)3/30/1965
See M-b-61Letter Dated October 18, 1965, on Anderson (Top Line) Milk Transfer Station with/w/o Hose Rack Anderson Manufacturers and Distributes Under Their Name the same Model Numbers RS-CP-20 (Without Hose Rack), RS-CP-30 (With Hose Rack)10/18/1965
M-b-62"Tuffy" Former, Filler, SealerFood Machinery CorporationCrusader 1254/6/1965
M-b-63Milk Transfer StationZero ManufacturingRS30, S30, RS314/21/1965
M-b-64Milk Transfer StationARCO ManufacturingChange in Model # (See M-b-20)4/21/1965
M-b-65Pure-Pak Packaging MachineEx-Cell-O CorporationXP5/4/1965
M-b-66Surge Electrobrain Pipeline WasherBabson Brothers Company 5/4/1965
M-b-67Mechanical Hand Filling DeviceGeneral Films 5/20/1965
M-b-68Automatic Filling HeadsScholle Container Corp.100, 5005/21/1965
M-b-69Sanitary Milk PumpSta-Rite ProductsSRP5/28/1965
   Sup. 1Sanitary Milk Pump SRP10/18/1965
M-b-70Air Activated Pasteurization Vat Outlet Valve w/Leak DetectorTri-Clover Division, Ladish Company262D1257/1/1965
M-b-71Stainless Steel Sanitary MeterBadger Meter ManufacturingSPS-1, SPS-27/6/1965
M-b-72Vacuum Operated Milk PumpDeLaval Separator Company8300531-807/6/1965
   Sup. 1Vacuum Operated Milk Pump 8300531-819/3/1970
M-b-73Z-RO Line and FittingsZero Manufacturing CompanyPart# MA524-400 Thru MA524-442, MA520-21, MA195-41, MA120-277/9/1965
M-b-74Sani-Matic Milk Transfer StationSchlueter CompanyPHCT-10, SPHCT-10, PCT-10, SPCT-10 w/Model 4 Pump8/11/1965
   Sup. 1Model # Changes   PHT-8, HTS-10, TS-107/13/1966
M-b-752 and 3-Way Seven Star ValvesLumaco 8/11/1965
M-b-76Former, Filler- SealerChicago Stainless Equipment200, 4008/16/1965
M-b-77Filter for Compressed AirDeltech 9/1/1965
M-b-78Pre-O-Form Former-Filler and Former; Seal-O-Matic Former-FillerPaper Package Corporation200, 300, 100, 34010/11/1965
M-b-79Semi-Automatic Can FillerMayfair Products 11/9/1965
M-b-80Milk PumpUniversal Machine6054-1, 6022-111/22/1965
M-b-81Semi-Automatic Plastic Carton Pre-FormerRoto-Seal90011/22/1965
M-b-82Fluid Packaging SystemBuford Brothers Manufacturing CompanyC65820001, V658200112/14/1965
   Sup. 1Bag-in-Box Liquid System  10/28/1969
M-b-83Milk-A-Way Transfer UnitRath Manufacturing CompanyW, P12/14/1965
   Sup. 1Milk Transfer UnitElsinger Manufacturing  Co.EZ10/22/1970
M-b-84Sealking Filler and SealerSealright Company, IncorporatedGT-3002/23/1965
   Sup. 1Additional Shields for Metering Cylinders   GT-3001/26/1973
M-b-85Equipment for Washer, Filler, CapperShake Break, Incorporated10, 14, 28, K, 4003/25/1966
M-b-86Plastic Bottle CapperStandard Packaging CorporationSC-1, SC-2, 5B, 5B8, 5B8-13/25/1966
M-b-87Automatic Screw CapperHorix Manufacturing CompanyKS-1-AP5/4/1966
M-b-88Milk Transfer StationBen H. Anderson Manufacturing Company 5/4/1966
M-b-89Kesco Milk Moving EquipmentKent Supply CompanyJR, RSC-P, CP, RSC-100, RSC-150, B5/5/1966
M-b-90Hinkley Sanitary Positive Displace- ment PumpSta-Rite ProductsS-20, S-65, S-150, S-3005/6/1966
   Sup. 1Hinkley Sanitary Positive Displace- ment Pump  6/16/1966
M-b-91Volumetric FillerWeyerhaeuser Co.F5/6/1966
M-b-92Milk-O-Matic Milk ConveyerDairyland Equipment Co.CC-43 and PC-437/6/1966
M-b-93Oval Milk Flow MeterMontgomery Brothers, IncorporatedLS2441, LS2641, LS2741, LS29417/18/1966
M-b-94     Flow Diversion Valve (FDV)Tri-Clover Division, Ladish Company262D1218/4/1966
   Sup.1FDV Leak Detect Line    11/29/1966
   Sup. 2FDV Wiring Diagram 91D212-9No Date Given
   Sup. 3Additional FDV Wiring Diagram and Visual Leak Detection  10/6/1975
   Sup. 4Correction of M-b-94 and Sup. 1  7/21/1978
   Sup. 5Updated Wiring Diagram for FDV  11/30/1983
M-b-95Sanitary Vacuum Relief ValveQ-ControlsQV, QVH, QVF9/9/1966
   Sup. 1Sanitary Vacuum Relief Valve QVW11/30/1967
M-b-96Sanitary Pressure GaugeDeLaval Separator Company 9/29/1966
M-b-97Auto-Filer IV Automatic Filling Device for Bag-in- Box ContainersScholle Container Corporation 9/29/1966
M-b-98Pure-Pak Carton Former Filler MachinesEx-Cell-O CorporationVP & ZP10/12/1966
M-b-99Milk Conveyor and Transparent Milk TubingDeLaval Separator Company8300433-80, 8300400-80 and 306 PVC Transparent Tubing10/20/1966
M-b-100Single Service Plastic Milk Bottle Filler and SealerHaskon, Incorporated24-4011/18/1966
   Sup. 1Single Service Plastic Milk Bottle Filler and Sealer 28-501/24/1967
M-b-101Multi-Pack Carton Former FillerChicago Stainless Equipment Co2-HH11/29/1966
M-b-102Universal Plastic Bottle Filler and CapperWard C. Cramer Associates, IncorporatedPBW, Serial No. 16121 and Up12/15/1966
M-b-103Filter-Flow Sanitary Manhole VentWalker Stainless Equipment Company 12/19/1966
M-b-104Sanitary Vertical Form, Fill, Seal Packaging MachinePackaging Frontiers, IncorporatedModel 700G - Serial No. 64 and Up12/19/1966
M-b-105Buckateer Milk Transfer SystemBabson Brothers, IncorporatedModel No. 100, 150 and 2001/12/1967
M-b-106Sealking Former, Filler, SealerSealright CompanyModel 100GT1/24/1967
   Sup. 1Additional Shielding  1/26/1973
M-b-107Vented Cover for Rotary PumpsCP Division, St. RegisPumps No. 4 or 61/30/1967
M-b-108Lo-Profile Siphon and Surcingle Breaker CupsBabson Brothers, Incorporated     4/13/1967
M-b-109Whipped Cream DispenserNilsen Manufacturing CompanyD-194/24/1967
M-b-110Pure-Pak Aseptic Forming and Filling MachineEx-Cell-O CorporationNP, Ultra-Clean Unit5/23/1967
M-b-111PumpJabsco Pump Company128105/23/1967
M-b-112Washer-ReleaserBender Machine Works, Inc.1600 and 18006/7/1967
M-b-113Speed-CreamerAuto-Pak, Incorporated10006/7/1967
Olinkraft, IncorporatedVFD-10QL and VDF-10QS6/12/1967
M-b-115Five Gallon Multiple Use ContainerPlastican Corporation 7/19/1967
M-b-116BIMBA Actuated Fluid ValveScholle Container CorporationNL 00400011/27/1967
M-b-117Vibrating Milk Cap FeederSyntron CompanyC-1142382/20/1968
   Sup. 1Vibrating Milk Cap Feeder VM #408/20/1973
M-b-118Sanitary Level TransmitterFoxboro Company17FES-MS, Serial # 18674903/4/1968
M-b-119Filler and WasherMagi-Pak Corporation0001 and Up, 00AA and Up4/4/1968
M-b-120Liqui-Matic High Speed Precision FillerLiqui-Box Corporation440, 8805/5/1968
M-b-121Flow Limit DeviceMojonnier Brothers CompanyFLD-3 Serial #5000 and Up5/17/1968
M-b-122Raw Milk Booster Pump Controller on HTST PasteurizersDeLaval Separator Company 5/17/1968
M-b-123Seal-O-Matic Former-FillerHaskon, Incorporated5405/17/1968
M-b-124Air Actuated 3" Flow Diversion ValveTaylor InstrumentSerial # I.E.D. 351597/9/1968
M-b-125Filling, Sealing and Packaging Container SystemPortion Containers, Incorporated7200 and Up - 7201 and Up7/9/1968
M-b-126Filter DispenserFilters, Incorporated6087/9/1968
M-b-127Polymation "Bag- in-Box" FillerMetronics, Incorporated6FS7/15/1968
M-b-128Packaging EquipmentEx-Cell-O CorporationMP Serial # HP-2503 and HP-250411/15/1968
M-b-129Packaging EquipmentEx-Cell-O CorporationNLL Serial # NLL 1018211/15/1968
   Also See
Plastic Coated Carton Former- Filler-SealerNorthern Illinois Machine CompanyNIMCO-500, NIMCO-54512/4/1968
M-b-131Formseal & FillerAnderson Brothers Manufacturing CompanyE-5 with Filler Model 697-16-2 and Model B with Filler Models 697-9-3 and 697-9-62/20/1969
M-b-132Isolok Automatic Sampling Device  for Raw MilkBristol Engineering CompanyM-4JS4/10/1969
M-b-133CTA Ultra-High- Heat ProcessorCP Division, St. Regis40, 80, 120 and 2104/10/1969
M-b-134Sanitary Pressure IndicatorTaylor Instrument Company117K4/11/1969
   Sup. 1Sanitary Pressure Indicator 447K5/26/1976
M-b-135Port-O-Matic Filler-CapperHaskon, Incorporated10110/29/1969
M-b-136Sweetheart Flexi-E-Fill Filler and CapperMaryland Cup Corporation 11/12/1969
M-b-137Heat Exchanger (Including Press And Plates)Cherry-Burrell 11/18/1969
M-b-138Pitcher-Pak Filling MachinePre-Pac Company1S-212/4/1969
M-b-139Automatic Capping MachineEastern Cap and Closure Co.38E-2, 38A-2, 48E-2, 43E-21/12/1970
M-b-140Siemens Meters and Air EliminatorsDelaval Separator CompanyMZS, MRP, MVP, MVPD, MVRP, MVRS, DSM and VAE1/12/1970
   Sup. 1Siemens Meters and Air Eliminators  4/16/1974
M-b-141  Pour-Pak System        Scholle Container CorporationAuto-Fill 203/20/1970
M-b-142Former-SealerAdolf Illig CompanyRDM-40FS4/2/1970
M-b-143Filler-SealerRegent Containers, LimitedM-4504/14/1970
   Sup. 1Filler-Sealer M-450-A10/22/1970
M-b-144Milk PumpBen H. Anderson Manufacturing CompanyP-74/30/1970
M-b-145Milk Fillers and CappersGoyette Machine AssociatedPBF, PBB and Cappers HSC, HC5/1/1970
M-b-146Zero Through-the-Wall Farm Bulk TankZero Manufacturing Company 5/1/1970
M-b-147Surge Tru-Test Milk MeterBabson Brothers Company  26035, 260385/13/1970
M-b-148Twinsac Thimonnier, Liquid Pouch Packaging SystemThimonnier and Cie, and Twinpak, IncorporatedD4/0 Serial No. 138 and Up, D4/2 Serial No. 214 and Up6/5/1970
M-b-149Sanitary Plug- Type ValveMorland Products 10/8/1970
M-b-150Tube-Master Heat ExchangerGirton Manufacturing Company 10/9/1970
M-b-151Rotapac Filling MachineRavema CompanyUP-510/9/1970
M-b-152Concord Milk Claw and Conventional Milk ClawZero Manufacturing Company 10/12/1970
M-b-153CIP Flow DiversionAlloy Products Corporation 11/10/1970
   Sup. 1CIP Flow Diversion Valve  6/2/1971
   Sup. 2Correction of M-b-153, Sup. 1  7/21/1978
M-b-154Reclassification – Former, Filler, Sealer MachinesCherry-Burrell CorporationQ-80, Q-160, H-75, H150, G-6011/23/1970
M-b-155Air Actuated Valve  Lumacs Food Processing EquipmentTypes A1 – A6, B1 – B6, C1 – C61/18/1971
M-b-156Rigid Mount Weigh JarsDairy Equipment Company 2/4/1971
M-b-157Autoweld Bottling SystemKoekring, Brown Machine DivisionAWF-10142/12/1971
M-b-158High Speed Mixer  Norman Machinery Company150 and 4002/17/1971
M-b-159Renumbering - Former-Filler- SealerHaskon Equipment Division340U, 540U3/8/1971
M-b-160CIP Flow Diversion ValveG and H Products, IncorporatedGC 60FDV5/28/1971
M-b-161Former-Filler MachineBertopack Ltd.026, 036; Series #166/18/1971
M-b-162Tearstrip Straw-hole ContainerForemost Foods Company 7/20/1971
ErrattaFDA Region Correction  8/11/1971
M-b-163Cleaning System and Storage Tank Recording ThermometerThe Partlow CorporationRFT-J6678/20/1971
M-b-164Indicating and Air Space ThermometersAnderson Instrument Company, IncorporatedLS22E, AS3C, P5D, JR9E, UR4B10/20/1971
   Sup. 1Correction in M-b-164  11/2/1971
   Sup. 2Additional Dairy Thermometer Series C, BV, BVB, BVR, BVL7/27/1972
M-b-165Milk Pump Assembly  Chore-Boy Division, Golay and Company 10/21/1971
M-b-166Recorder ControllerThe Partlow CorporationRFH-J67310/21/1971
   ErrattaNotice of Error, Nov. 29, 1971  11/29/1971
M-b-167NIMCO Former-Sealer-FillerNorthern Illinois Machine Company7201/12/1972
 Re: M-b-130 And M-b-167   500 & 7203/10/1972
M-b-168Farm Milk Cooling TankGirton Manufacturing CompanyD53/10/1972
M-b-169Sanitary Boot Seal ValveSta-Rite Industries, Incorporated 3/13/1972
M-b-170Washer-Cooler, Drainer, Creamer; Vari-Speed Food Pump for Cottage CheeseGrace Manufacturing Corporation 3/14/1972
M-b-171Screw Capping MachineStewart-Walker Company405-B3/14/1972
M-b-172Brown-Fords Twin Cap PressBrown Machine, Division of Koehring CompanyA-1400-TT/15/15/1972
M-b-173Screw Capping MachineEastern Cap and Closure Company38E-45/18/1972
M-b-174Sanitary Mini Disc ValveLumaco 7/27/1972
M-b-175Milk FillerEx-Cell-O CorporationKP8/17/1972
M-b-176"Patriot" Liquid Packaging MachinePackage Machinery CompanyFP-18/21/1972
M-b-177Recording ThermometersPartlow CorporationRFT-J70310/31/1972
M-b-178Finnpack Form, Fill, Seal Milk Packaging MachineLen E. IvansonFP1650, FP330011/1/1972
M-b-179Turbine Flow MeterScholle Container CorporationSC, Serial #11/24/1973
M-b-180Milk Filler MachineEx-Cell-O CorporationRLL1/23/1973
M-b-181Milk Filler MachineEx-Cell-O CorporationQUC1/24/1973
M-b-182Centrifugal Milk Pump and Milk Leveler ControlDeLaval Separator Corporation8301755-80 8301756-801/24/1973
M-b-183Fil-Per-Pak Thermoform-Fill-Seal Packaging MachineFilper Corporation71-D2/8/1973
M-b-184No-Box Container and #724 Liner BagScholle Corporation 2/22/1973
M-b-185Milk Packaging MachinePitcher Pak Corporation1S-52/22/1973
M-b-186Milker Claw AssemblyDeLaval Separator CompanyPart #8301900-806/6/1973
M-b-187Case-Pak Dispenser Packaging SystemParish Manufacturing, Incorporated 6/13/1973
M-b-188Satellite Conveyor Milk ClawConde Milking Machine Company 7/9/1973
M-b-189Seal-O-Matic Former-Filler-SealerHaskon, Incorporated740-I8/13/1973
M-b-190Swivel JointLC Thomsen and Sons, Inc. 9/7/1973
M-b-191FillerLiqui-box Corporation1000, C-2T, C-1T, C-2B, C-1B10/12/1973
M-b-192Auto-Fill IX Milk FillerScholle Container Corporation 10/12/1973
M-b-193Refrigerated Milk DispenserLiqui-Box Corporation and Ebco Manufacturing CompanyFHR12/11/1973
M-b-194Milk FillerLiqui-Box Corporation# 62011/28/1973
M-b-195Kesco Pipeline Receiver PanelsDoug Johnson Industries, Incorporated27101, 272013/8/1974
M-b-196Auto-Fill X Milk FillerScholle Container Corporation 7/31/1974
M-b-197Vibrating Milk Cap FeedersSyntron Division, FMC Corporation4-140,140-A, 140-B, 140-C, 140-D7/10/1975
M-b-198Cap Supply Hopper and Screw Cap Capping MachineEastern Cap and Closure Company    CH-100 74A7/10/1975
M-b-199Vibratory Cap FeederRikart Manufacturing, IncorporatedRMI-24-CAS-D, Serial #D1 and Up9/15/1975
M-b-200Lab Pumps with PumpheadsFluid Metering, IncorporatedRP-P-SAN Pumpheads2/26/1976
M-b-201Milk Filler for Plastic Gallon and ½ Gallon ContainersE.P. Remy and Company70325/26/1976
M-b-202Compression Couplings for Milk PipelineDeLaval Separator CompanyPart # 830-1716-80 1”, 830-1716-81 2”9/23/1976
M-b-203Automatic Flow SensorGermania Dairy Automation, Inc.FS-110/26/1976
M-b-204Vacuum Shut-off and Flow Sensor AssemblyRoss-HolmA-85810/26/1976
M-b-205Bou-Matic Milk Valve Assembly Flow Sensor AssemblyDairy Equipment Company3551903 3551762, 355310010/28/1976
   Sup. 1Bou-Matic Milk Valve Assembly Flow Sensor Assembly Part 3553002 Not 35531004/22/1977
M-b-206Milk FillerEx-Cell-O CorporationCD94X, QM2D10/29/1976
M-b-207Bag FillerScholle CorporationAuto-fill V, Auto-fill XII, Auto-fill IXC12/9/1976
M-b-208Liquid Box FillerCorco Incorporated, Liqui-Box Division1100C2T, 1100C1T12/10/1976
M-b-209APC Flow Diversion ValveAlloy Products CorporationFDV 7500, FDV 780012/13/1976
   Sup. 1Valve Instruction Manual  12/13/1978
M-b-210Pouch FillerPitcher Pak CorporationlS-5M12/22/1976
M-b-211Milk Flow Sensor and Automatic Milker RemoverSchlueter CompanySafeguard "ACR"7/26/1977
M-b-212Milk Flow Sensing ChambersDeLaval Separator Company959499, 9614367/26/1977
   Sup. 1Modification of Chambers 959499-85, 9614366/14/1979
M-b-213Flow Diversion DeviceCherry Burrell Corporation262-FD, 292-FD12/23/1977
   Sup. 1Flow Diversion Device Revised Manual 5438-77 R 1/78 for 262-FD and 292-FD4/7/1978
   Sup. 2Flow Diversion Device W262 and W282 FDD (1”, 1½”, 2”, and 2½”) With High Pressure Adapter7/21/2005
M-b-214Jet CookerBepex Corporation, Rietz DivisionJC-770373 and Greater12/23/1977
M-b-215Fragile Foods PumpBepex Corporation, Rietz Division803D, 808D4/7/1978
M-b-216Surge VSO Automatic Shut- off ControlBabson Brothers Company215694/14/1978
   Sup. 1VSO w/Stainless Steel Base     5/24/1978
   Sup. 2VSO Strainer  12/29/1978
M-b-217Clean Machine Sanitary Basket CentrifugeDeLaval Separator Company 4/14/1978
M-b-218Milk Meter Flow Sensor AssemblyDairy Equipment Company355250 35521646/5/1978
M-b-219HTST ControllerFoxboro CompanyM/40R6/5/1978
   Sup. 1Chart #87705  3/22/1979
   Sup. 2HTST Controller  1/8/1982
   Sup. 3Renumbering Terminals and Wiring Diagram  8/1/1983
M-b-220Rietz CreamerBepex Corporation, Rietz DivisionRC-(20-30-40-50-60-70) Serial # RC-000-0006/5/1978
M-b-221Pouch Pack Milk Packaging SystemTwinpak Ltd. and Liqui-Box CorporationMIR I, MIR II6/5/1978
M-b-222Vacuum Air Operated ValveScholle Container Corporation 10/13/1978
M-b-223Full-Flo Secondary DrainBabson Brothers Incorporated3148212/29/1978
M-b-224Dual Diversion Recorder- ControllerPartlow CorporationRFH-J7552, Serial 7130763, Chart #A122F – 12 Hour1/8/1979
M-b-225Milk Flow MonitorWestfalia Systemat7053-2437-0701/6/1979
M-b-226   Not Issued
M-b-227High Capacity Milk ClawDeLaval Separator Company8303400-808/8/1979
M-b-228Gaskcovent Tank Venting SystemLight Industrial Design Company 9/10/1979
M-b-229Bodmin Nu-Pulse Milk ClawAmerica’s International Dairy Equipment Co.A100019/10/1979
M-b-230Pure-Pak Fillers-SealersEx-Cell-O Corporation120, 125, 220, 32011/15/1979
M-b-231Fillers & SealersBrik Pak, Inc.AB3, AB511/15/1979
   Sup. 1Headspace Gas Injection and Dosing Unit      7/25/1986
M-b-232Filler and SealerVercon, IncorporatedAWF-1014V11/26/1979
M-b-233Automatic Fill XVI Bag FillerScholle Corporation 1/10/1980
M-b-234Air-Intake Valve Assembly and Discharge Valve AssemblyWestfalia Systemat7053-2938-040 7053-2938-0203/10/1980
M-b-235Refrigerated Milk ReceiverPaul Mueller CompanyParts #93766 and 937499/26/1980
M-b-236Milk Product FillerVercon, IncorporatedSystem 210/31/1980  
M-b-237Magnetic Flow Meter System to be Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump Foxboro  Series 2800 Foxboro Magnetic Flow Meter, Series E96S Magnetic Flow- to-Current Converter, a Series 63U Electronic Alarm, a Model E69 Current-to-Air Transducer, a Series 130 Pneumatic Controller, and a Series 120 Pneumatic Recorder2/6/1981
    Sup. 1Magnetic Flow Meter System to be Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump  Additional Research by FDA Food Engineering Branch-Use for Products with Viscosities no Greater than Ice Cream Mix 10/29/1982  
    Sup. 2Magnetic Flow Meter System to be Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump Additional Research by FDA Food Engineering Branch Indicates System Useable for All Products Irrespective of Viscosity.  Deletes Paragraph 2 of Supplement 1 1/7/1983
    Sup. 3

Magnetic Flow Meter System Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump

 Substituting a Duplex Alarm Unit (63U-BT-OJER) for the Approved Single Alarm Unit (Model 63U-OJBA)


M-b-238Magnetic Flow Meter System to be Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump  Taylor  Taylor X-1100 LK Sanitary Magnetic Flow Meter, a 1100 TK Magnetic Flow-to-Current Converter without Automatic Zeroing Option, a 1401 TA Current-to-Air Transducer, an X 122 RF 137 Flow Recorder with Event Marker, and a 1016 NA High Flow Alarm2/6/1981
   Sup. 1Magnetic Flow Meter System Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump  Additional Research by FDA Food Engineering Branch-Use for Products with Viscosities Not Greater than Ice Cream Mix10/29/1982  
   Sup. 2Magnetic Flow Meter System to be Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump Additional Research by FDA Food Engineering Branch Indicates System Useable for All Products Irrespective of Viscosity.  Deletes Paragraph 2 of Supplement 1  1/7/1983
   Sup. 3Modification of Wiring Diagram for Taylor Magnetic Flow Meter Systems to be Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump Corrected Wiring Diagrams1/14/1985
M-b-239Surge Mini-Orbit Milker ClawBabson Brothers, IncorporatedPart # 19787 w/Valved Outlet as Part # 197896/26/1981
M-b-240Auto-Fill XVII Milk FillerScholle Corporation 9/21/1981
   Sup. 1Picture of Auto Filler XVII  9/30/1982
M-b-241Surge Kube KoolerBabson Brothers, Incorporated810509/25/1981
   Sup. 1Surge Kube Kooler 817358/15/1983
M-b-242AC-Variable Frequency Controller on Metering Pump for HTST Pasteurizer  9/30/1982
M-b-243Milk FillerPure-Pak235 Pacesetter9/30/1982
M-b-244PKL Combibloc FillersBlockpak, IncorporatedCF 5.000, CF 6.000, CF 10.0009/30/1982
   Sup. 1Renumber Models CF505A, CR506A, CF606A, CF706A, CF510A12/21/1984
M-b-245Flo-MasterTM Milk MeterDeLaval Agricultural Division, Alfa-Lavel, IncorporatedPart # 8304200-809/30/1982
M-b-246Sani-Pro Polypropylene Plastic Fittings, Tees and ElbowsBou-Matic1”, 2”, 2½” and 3”9/30/1982
M-b-247VISOTRON Automatic Pulsation ArrestorWestfalia SystematPart # 7051-2910-0309/30/1982
M-b-248Pipeline Receiver SystemWestfalia SystematPart #4018-21009/30/1982
M-b-249Safety Thermal Limit Recorder-Controller SystemFoxboro120 Series9/30/1982
M-b-250HTST Recorder- ControllerAnderson Instrument CompanyHT-223-A240, HT-223-A240D, HT-323-A250, HT-323-A250D9/30/1982
   Sup. 1Modification for Higher Temperature  11/9/1984
   Sup. 2Additional Model Numbers HT-223-A240S, HT-323-A250S, HT-323-A240S, HT-323-A240D, HT-423-A240S, HT-423-A240D, HT-223-A000S, HT-223-A000D3/18/1988
M-b-251Differential Pressure Controller for HTST Pasteurizer SystemPartlow Corporation10010/29/1982
M-b-252Recorder- Controller SystemTaylor1400J Series Using an X210 Transmitter10/29/1982
   Sup. 1Platinum Resistance Bulb  12/14/1983
   Sup. 2Temperature Transmitter 351 R/352 R or 1400 Series Using an X210T or X211T Transmitter8/1/1986
M-b-253Milker ClawBodman Nu-Pulse America, IncorporatedMLX8/15/1983
M-b-254HTST Differential Pressure SwitchAnderson Instrument Co.   9/23/1983
   Sup. 1Transducer Seals  5/15/1997
M-b-255Pipeline Pulsation DampenerAPV Gaulin Corporation8998279/29/1983
M-b-256Mastitis DetectorAMBIC Equipment, Limited - RJB Co  DistributorMK II11/29/1983
M-b-257Electronic Recorder ControllerPartlow CorporationER 130012/2/1983
M-b-258Rotary Drum Cap Sorter and Capping HeadFogg Filler CompanyD12/5/1983
M-b-259Pure-Pak Milk FillerEx-Cell-O Corporation24012/6/1983
M-b-260Pouch Milk FillerThimonnier and Cie, and Twin- Pak, Incorporated  - DistributorM-3100 and M-320012/7/1983
M-b-261Flow Diversion DeviceSuperior StainlessModel K60-FDV12/9/1983
M-b-262Allflex Automatic DetacherG.C. Hanford Manufacturing CoMARK II12/14/1983
M-b-263Window Conveyor ClawConde Milking Machine CompanyConde Satellite III12/15/1983
M-b-264Milk Flow Meter I  Universal Milking MachinePart 3500151/13/1984
M-b-265Form-Fill-Seal EquipmentBenco Machine E Linee Di Confecezio-Namento Packaging LinesAsepack 23/12/1984
M-b-266Magnetic Flowmeter System Used in Lieu of a Metering Pump for HTST PasteurizersAccurate Metering SystemsIZI Diessel Magnetic Flowmeter, Partlow 2 Recorder-Controller, Masoneilan Current-to- Pressure Transducer, Tri-Clover Air-Activated Flow Control Valve3/14/1984
M-b-267Bag-in-Box Milk FillerScholle Corporation#12BD4/9/1984
M-b-268Sanitary Steam Injection HeaterPick Heaters, IncorporatedSC-7, SC-10, SC-254/20/1984
M-b-269Booster Pump ControllerFoxboro Company#43EP7/13/1984
M-b-270Pure-Pak Milk FillerEx-Cell-O Corporation335 Pacesetter7/13/1984
M-b-271Bio-Milker  Milking Machine ClawWestfalia7022-2600-0108/24/1984
M-b-272Tetra-Brik Packaging MachineTetra-Pak, IncorporatedAB91/14/1985
M-b-273Eclipse Milker ClawBabson Brothers, Incorporated341503/18/1985
M-b-274Metatron Milk MonitorWestfaliaPart #7161-2457-0104/5/1985
M-b-275E-Z-Flo SS Coupling, Adapters and HoseDayco Group 7/19/1985
M-b-276“Alert” End of Milking IndicatorBabson Brothers, Incorporated21960, 219807/22/1985
M-b-277Auto-Fill Bag-in- Box FillerScholle Corporation12BDK 12BK7/31/1985
M-b-278Quadro-Flo Milker ClawChore-Boy CorporationClaw I 61480, Claw II 61580, 61581, Claw III 61460, 414612/3/1986
M-b-279Electronic Milk MeterZero Manufacturing Co 2/7/1986
M-b-280Auto-Fill Bag-in- Box Milk FillersScholle Corporation9S and 9D3/14/1986
M-b-281Pacesetter Bag-in- Box Milk FillerLiqui-Box Corporation1110 CITO, 1110 CITO ESL3/14/1986
M-b-282Replaceable PTFE Fluorocarbon Valve SeatsTri-Clover Division, Ladish Company Incorporated 3/24/1986
M-b-283Milk FillersManufactured by Shikoka Kakoki Company - Distributed by Ex-Cell-O CorporationUP-S120, UP-M1607/25/1986
M-b-284Surge Stanchion VSO Milk Unit RetractorBabson Brothers, IncorporatedAssembly #216128/25/1986
M-b-285 Also See M-b-237, 238 and 266Magnetic Flow Meters Using A-C Variable Frequency Motor Drives on Centrifugal Pumps in Lieu of a Positive Displacement Metering Pump on HTST Pasteurizing Systems  9/19/1986
M-b-286Electronic Milk MeterENFARM B.V. ENRAF-NONIOUS GROUPEnfarm Electronic Milk Meter10/3/1986
M-b-287Sanitary Vulcanized HoseDairy Industry, Incorporated 10/10/1986
M-b-288Eclipse Milking UnitBabson Brothers Company, Incorporated34150, 3417510/17/1986
M-b-2893” SS-to-Glass Adapter for Receiver JarBabson Brothers Company, Incorporated28538, 28539, 2852610/17/1986
M-b-290  Flo-StarTM Milking ClawsDairy Equipment Company8506848, 85068645/26/1987
   Sup. 1Flo-StarTM Milking Claws Redesign and Fabrication of 8506848-New 8512558 and 85125596/13/2005
M-b-291  Milk SentryTM  End-of-Milk IndicatorDairy Equipment Company35542425/26/1987
M-b-292Cup FillerWaldner Dosomat – Herman Waldner GMBH and  Co.1, 2 and 1011/3/1987
M-b-293  Surge Dairy ManagerTM Milk MeterBabson Brothers CompanyPart #4721011/5/1987
M-b-294Bulk Filling MachinePryor Packaging Machines, IncorporatedPPMC-1502/19/1988
M-b-295Product Transfer PumpsPryor Packaging Machines, Inc.TP-40-2, TP-200, TP-200-42/19/1988
M-b-296  SentinelTM/New- pack Thermoform Fill-Seal MachineSentinel Machine Division, Packaging Industries Group, IncorporatedFM-100M, FM-150M, FM-200M2/26/1988
M-b-297  SealcupTM FillerPurity Packaging, INNOPAC Corporation802, EC802, 1002, EC1002, 1202, EC12022/29/1988
M-b-298Clay Milking MachineGascoigne-Melotte B.V.Part #429174, 429205, 492157, 037780, 4800815/19/1988
M-b-299Clay DV-5 Diaphragm ValveGascoigne-Melotte B.V.#D-3856377/8/1988
M-b-300Pre-Pak Milk FillersDuPont, Canada, IncorporatedIS-3, IS-69/16/1988
M-b-301Milky Sway SwivelTMJerrine Company, Incorporated#2009/19/1988
M-b-302Delta Air- Operated Milk ValveAPV Rosista, IncorporatedSU22, SU2312/16/1988
M-b-303Fulscope ER/C Recorder-ControllerTaylor Instrument CompanyER/C Models 1900J and 1900R1/6/1989
   Sup. 1Field Modifications  12/1/1992
M-b-304Centrifugal PumpsAmpco PumpsDC2, DCH27/12/1989
M-b-305Safety Thermal Limit RecorderAnderson Instrument Company, Incorporated70010/13/1989
M-b-306Clay Milk MeterGascoigne-Melotte B.V.MR 20001/12/1990
M-b-307Auto-Fill Bag-in- Box Milk FillerScholle Container Corporation9DL4/5/1990
M-b-308Milk Product FillerPryor Packaging Machine Corporation13004/6/1990
M-b-309Dairy Hose Couplings and HosesTitan IndustriesSW 440, SW 330, SS 2804/6/1990
M-b-310Flow Diversion Device w/Relay Logic-Based Control PanelG and H Products CorporationSRC-RD9/6/1990
M-b-311SS Sanitary Vacuum BreakerVacu-Purg, Incorporated 9/18/1990
M-b-312Truline Circular Chart Recorder Controller for Use as Safety Thermal Limit Recorder ControllerHoneywell, IncorporatedDR 45003/15/1991
M-b-313Programmable Logic Controller System for Flow Diversion DeviceCustom Control Products, IncorporatedFDVC 5025P, FDVC 5027P3/15/1991
   Sup. 1Additional Models with Location of Regulatory Seals 5025P, 5027P, 5035P, 5037P, 5045P, 5047P1/20/1993
   Sup. 2 Amends
M-b-313 and M-b-313
Tuchenhagen North America Purchased Custom Control Products, Incorporated and Manufacturers the Products ListedTuchenhagen North America, LLC 7/7/2002
M-b-314“DART” Digital Reference Thermometer (DRT)Anderson Instrument Company 11/27/1991
M-b-315Reseal and PermaSeal Couplers and Sanigard HoseSanitary Couplers, Incorporated 4/8/1992
M-b-316  SS In-Line Sight GlassDairy Industry, Incorporated and Key Industrial 5/12/1992
M-b-317American Classic Visible Milker ClawWestphalia Systemat 10/8/1992
M-b-318Modular One Bag- in-Box Milk FillerLiqui-Box Corporation2000 C1T-A, Low Acid, Aseptic; 2000 C1T-ESL, Extended Shelf Life; 2000 C1T-0, Standard12/15/1992
M-b-319Programmable Logic Controller System for Flow Diversion DevicesCustom Control Products, Incorporated5055P, 5057P, 5065P, 5067P, 5075P, 5077P.5/1/1993
   Sup. 1     Amends     M-b-319Tuchenhagen North America Purchased Custom Control Products, Incorporated and Manufacturers the Products ListedTuchenhagen North America, LLC 7/7/2002
M-b-320IZM Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter Soft- ware Version 2.2Accurate Metering Systems 6/15/1995
M-b-321G and H PD340 MBTS Magnetic Flow MeterG and H Products Corporation 6/30/1995
M-b-322G and H Mechanically Cleanable Vacuum BreakerG and H Products CorporationGHVB1/29/1996
M-b-323Magnetic Flow Meter with TransmitterABB Kent-Taylor, IncorporatedMagmaster9/19/1996
M-b-324    Magnetic Flow Meter Recorder/ ControllerABB Kent-Taylor, IncorporatedC19009/19/1996
   Sup. 1Magnetic Flow Meter Recorder/ ControllerABB Kent-Taylor, IncorporatedNew EPROM Parts-C1900-2201 XX7/22/2005
   Sup. 2Magnetic Flow Meter Recorder/ ControllerABB Kent-Taylor, IncorporatedEPROM Parts-C1900-210110/31/2008
M-b-325Magnetic Flow Meter Recorder/ ControllerABB Kent-Taylor, IncorporatedC19509/20/1996
   Sup. 1Magnetic Flow Meter Recorder/ ControllerABB Kent-Taylor, IncorporatedNew EPROM Parts-C1900-2201 XX7/22/2005
   Sup. 2Magnetic Flow Meter Recorder/ ControllerABB Kent-Taylor, IncorporatedEPROM Parts-C1900-210110/31/2008
M-b-326Digital Indicating ThermometerAndersen Instrument CompanyDigi-Therm9/26/1996
M-b-327Self Powered Digital Read ThermometersWahl Instruments, IncorporatedSeries DST 200 and DRS 39/26/1996
M-b-328Battery Powered Digital ThermometersChicago Stainless EquipmentSani-Flow9/26/1996
M-b-329Pouch Milk FillersDupont Canada, Incorporated,  Liquid PackagingPrepac IS-7 and IS-7M6/6/1997
M-b-330Flo-Diversion Valves and PanelsTri-Clover, IncorporatedModel 762-227 and 762-227MRAL6/6/1997
M-b-331Differential Pressure Booster Pump ControllerABB Kent-TaylorCommander 3208/16/1999  
M-b-332Microprocessor Based Safety Thermal Limit RecorderAnderson InstrumentsAV99008/16/1999
   Sup. 1Microprocessor Based Safety Thermal Limit Recorder Provides for Additional Recording Capabilities of a Safety Flow Limit Recorder7/22/2005
    Sup. 2Microprocessor Based Safety Thermal Limit Recorder/Safety Flow Limit Recorder Revision 3.0 of the Field Setup Guide11/21/2006
M-b-333Coupling SleeveLTI, IncorporatedModel 225011/16/2001
M-b-334Fluid Transfer Systems Including Valve Spool and Air Blow SystemLTI, IncorporatedFTS-1994, FTS-5011, SABS-100011/16/2001
M-b-335Break to Atmosphere Twin TanksWarren Taylor Services, Inc. 11/30/2001
M-b-336Mix Proof ValvesBardiani Valvole USA/ProTermBardiani ZL, 2”9/16/2002
  Sup. 1    Amends   M-b-336Additional Model Sizes Bardiani ZL, 2.5’, 3’ and 4” and the Giotto Control Top9/3/2004
M-b-337Mix Proof ValvesDefontaine of America, Incorporated, Department DefinoxDefinox VDCI PMO, 2”, 2½”, 3”, 4”, and 6”9/16/2002
M-b-338Mix Proof ValveAlfa Laval, Inc.G & H SMP-SC2 PMO Singled Bodied Mix-Proof7/7/2003
M-b-339Mix Proof ValveSudmo, Inc.Sudmo D620-PMO Series Single-Bodied Double Seat Valve (1”, 1½”, 2”, 2½”, 3”, 4”, and 6”9/8/2003
M-b-340Mix Proof ValveTuchenhagen North AmericaTuchenhagen Varivent Mix-Proof Type M.O. Valve9/8/2003
M-b-341Mix Proof ValveAPV InvensysAPV Full Line Size Leak Detect Rosista Series DF2 Mix-Proof “Double Seat Valve”9/8/2003
M-b-342Electromagnetic Flow Measuring SystemAccurate Metering System, Inc.Accurate Metering System, Inc. IZMS Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System for Use as a Magnetic Flowmeter9/8/2003
   Sup. 1Electromagnetic Flow Measuring SystemNew Manufacturer- Anderson Instrument Co., Inc. 7/22/2005
M-b-343  Flow Diversion DeviceBardiani Valvole USABardiani Valvole USA/Pro Therm ZP-FD Flow Diversion Device12/10/2003
M-b-344Mix Proof ValveAlfa Laval, Inc.Alfa Laval Uniq-PMO Sanitary Mix-Proof Valve (Sizes 2”, 2 ½”, 3” and 4”)12/11/2003
M-b-345   Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System  Endress and Hauser, Inc.  Endress and Hauser PROline Promag 50/53 H Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System3/30/2004
M-b-346Circular Chart Recorder/Controller  Honeywell, Inc.  Honeywell DR4500A Truline Series HTST, STLR and Pasteurization Flow Circular Chart Recorder/Controller3/30/2004  
M-b-347  Sudmo BAA S400 Flow Diversion DeviceSudmo, Inc.  Sudmo BAA S400 Flow Diversion Device, Model 2000 DN 1”-4” inch9/10/2004  
      Sup. 1Sudmo BAA S400FDV-IT Select Flow Diversion Valve, Equipped with Proximity Switches,Sudmo, Inc.  Sudmo BAA S400FDV-IT Select Flow Diversion Valve, Sizes DN 1", 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.0”, And 4"9/21/2011
M-b-348Mix Proof ValveWaukesha Cherry-BurrellWaukesha Cherry-Burrell W75RS PMO Double Seat Mix-Proof Valve 1”-4” inch (Spill-Free Design)10/4/2004
M-b-349Aseptic Product ValveTetra Pak, Inc., Packaging SystemsAseptic Product Valve (APV) (Commonly Known as the ABC Valve) Used to Separate Cleaning Solutions from Pasteurized and/or Aseptic Milk and Milk Products4/22/2005
M-b-350Sanitary Flowmeter and TransmittersRosemount, Inc., PB 04Rosemount 8721 Sanitary Flowmeter and the 8712C or 8732D Transmitters8/18/2005
   Sup. 1Sanitary Flowmeter and TransmittersRosemount, Inc., PB 04Corrections in Model Letter Designations for the Transmitter Models are 8712D and 8732C10/5/2005
   Sup. 2Sanitary Flowmeter and TransmittersRosemount, Inc., PB 04Referencing Model Designation 8712E as a Direct Replacement of the 8712D Transmitter and Model Designation 8732E as a Direct Replacement of the 8732C Transmitter.10/31/2008
M-b-351Dual Stem Flow Diversion Device (FDD)Waukesha Cherry-BurrellW265/W285 FD HTST Divert Valves8/18/2005
M-b-352Magnetic Flow Meter Based Timing SystemABB, Inc.FXE 4000Model DE21-PMO with Remote Es-PMO Signal Converter and Model DE23-PMO with Integral E4-PMO Signal Converter11/30/2006
M-b-353Varivent® Mixproof Valve M_0 (06) Valve Vent Cavity Cleaning OptionTuchenhagenManufacturer’s Operating Instruction Manual Varivent® Mixproof Valve M_O (06), Issue 2007-03, Revision 8, Valve code ending …/06, Parts no. 430-407E; and the Operating Instructions Control Module T.VIS® M-1 for PMO Valve Type M_O (06), Issue 2007-03, Revision 8, Parts no. 430-398E4/10/2007
     Sup. 1LLC PMO Varivent® Mixproof Valve M_OB (06) Valve Vent Cavity Cleaning OptionTuchenhagenAddition of a balancer cleaning device. Addition of a six (6) inch OD valve size. Acceptance of alternative valve control module options. Removal of the maximum seat lift time.10/31/2008
M-b-354D 365it Double-Seat Mixproof Valve With The Vent Cavity Cleaning Option, Sizes 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4” And 6”SudmoManufacturer’s Operating Instructions BAA D 365it, Double seat valve, DN 1.5” - 6” (1/16/2008)1/28/2008
M-b-355Paperless Data Acquisition SystemsEurothermManufacturer’s Installation and Operation Manual, HA261742, 5100/5180, Issued May 5, 2001; User Guide HA028910, 6100/6180A, Issue G, Issued October 2005; and User Guide HA027566, 5000B, Issued April 5, 2003 5000/6000 Series, Model Numbers 6100A, 5100A, 5180V and 5000B1/28/2008
M-b-356Unique PMO Plus™ Double-Seat Mix-Proof Valve With The Vent Cavity Cleaning Option, Sizes 2”, 2.5”, 3”, And 4”Alfa LavalManufacturer’s Operating Instructions Manual, Unique PMO Plus™ Sanitary Mix-Proof Valve  Sizes 2”, 2.5”, 3”, and 4”, effective 11/1/20075/12/2008
  Sup. 1Unique PMO Plus® Series Double-Seat Mix-Proof Valve With The Vent Cavity Cleaning Option, Sizes 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4” and 6”Alfa LavalManufacturer’s Instructions Manual, Unique PMO Plus® Series Sanitary Mix-Proof Valve  Sizes 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4” and 6”, effective 11/1/2007, Revision 8/1/200910/14/2009
M-b-357W75CP PMO Double Seat Mix Proof Valve With The Vent Cavity Cleaning Option, Sizes 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.0”, 4.0” and 6.0”Waukesha Cherry-BurrellManufacturer’s Operating and Maintenance Manual, Mix Proof Valves (in O.D. Tubing Sizes), W75CP PMO Mix Proof, Revision Date: September 2008, Publication 95-0309410/29/2008
M-b-358Tuchenhagen Flow Diversion Device Type XKR and XWR, Sizes 1”, 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.0”, 4.0” And 6.0”Tuchenhagen Flow Components, LLCTable of Contents and Manufacturer’s Operating and Maintenance Manual XKR and XWR-Dual Stem Device—Test Procedures, Issue 2008-07/Revision 10; Part no. 430-4552/2/2009
Sup. 1Tuchenhagen Flow Diversion Device Type XKR and XWR, Equipped with Proximity Switch, Sizes 1”, 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.0”, 4.0” and 6.0”Tuchenhagen Flow Components, LLC  Cover Page-Manufacturer’s Operating Instruction Manual, Flow Diversion Device with Proximity Switch, Issue 2010-03/Revision 13, Part no. 430-455 Cover Page-Operating Instructions, Control Module T.VIS® M-1 FDD, Issue 2010-01, Part no. 430-5399/10/2010
M-b-359Tuchenhagen 24/7 PMO Mixproof Tank Valve Varivent® Type MT/T_R 08 (1”, 1½”, 2”, 2½”, 3”, 4” and 6”) with a Vent Cleaning Option GEA Tuchenhagen US, LLCTable of Contents and Photos of the Vertical and Horizontal Valve Mounting6/29/2009
M-b-360ABB FlowMaster Series, Hygienic Master Magnetic Flowmeter Integral And Remote Systems FEH321-PMO With FET321-PMO, FEH325 With FET325-PMO, FEH311-PMO And FEH315-PMO, Sizes 1”, 1¼”, 1½”, 2”, 2½”, 3”, and 4”ABBMagnetic Flowmeter Integral and Remote Systems4/14/2010
M-b-361GEA Farm Technologies, Incorporated Cluster IQ Intelligent Quarter Milking System IQ Claw Model Numbers 7025-2620-010, 7025-2620-020 And 7025-2620-030GEA Farm TechnologiesIncorporated Cluster IQ Intelligent Quarter Milking System IQ Claw4/14/2010
M-b-362Dairymaster Jetstream Model Numbers JS30 (2” Outlet), JS31 (2.5” Outlet), JS32 (3” Outlet) And JS33 (4” Outlet)Dairymaster USA, Inc.CIP Cleaning of Dairy Farm Pipeline-Discharge Water as a Solid Slug at Set Intervals4/14/2010
M-b-363Dairymaster Swiftflo Claw Model Numbers SF105 (Heavy Claw with Weight) And SF305 (Lite Claw Without Weight)Dairymaster USA, Inc.Milking Claw4/14/2010
M-b-364Anderson AJ-3000 Series VAT Pasteurization Combination Electronic Control PackageAnderson Instrument Co, Inc.VAT Electronic Recorder/ Sensors Combination Package8/5/2010
M-b-365KROHNE, Inc. IFC 300F, OPTIFLUX 6000/6300 Magnetic Flow Meter, Sizes 0.5”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4”KROHNE, Inc.Manufacturer’s IFC 300 Handbook (Excerpts and Photos)12/3/2010
M-b-366Dairymaster USA, Inc. AquaJetz With Cover, Model JT 300Dairymaster USA,, Inc.Item 9r-Utensils and Equipment –Construction of the PMO (Jetter Cup Cover for Milking Unit Inflations)5/31/2011
M-b-367Vigilistics, Inc. vEMI CIP Compliance Reporting System(Including Product Storage and Filtration)Vigilistics, Inc.Items 12p-Cleaning and Sanitizing of Containers and Equipment, 16p-Pasteurization and Aseptic Processing (related to temperature monitors for membrane filtration) and 17p-Cooling of Milk and Milk Products; and Appendix H-Pasteurization Equipment and Procedures and Other Equipment (related to electronic data collection, storage and reporting) of the PMO5/31/2011

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