M-b-342: Accurate Metering System, Inc IZMS Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System for Use as a Magnetic Flowmeter

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September 8, 2003

TO: All Regional Food and Drug Directors
Attn: Regional Milk Specialists

FROM: Milk Safety Branch (HFS-626)

SUBJECT: Accurate Metering System, Inc IZMS Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System for Use as a Magnetic Flowmeter

The IZMS Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System has been reviewed and found to comply with the applicable provisions of the Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) when used as a flow-measuring device.

Compliance with the PMO is based upon construction, installation, and operation as described in the manufacturer's manuals IM-IZMS 0297 and IM-IZMS-short form-0400, as well as the following provisions:

  1. The Flowmeter shall be installed in compliance with the criteria for Magnetic Flow Meter Based Timing Systems for HTST Pasteurizers, Components and Placement of Components Sections as cited in Appendix H of the PMO.
  2. The meter based timing system shall comply with the requirements for meter based timing systems as cited.
  3. The configured values will be documented by the manufacturer and maintained so that the operator and/or Regulatory Agency can verify these values. The Regulatory Agency should maintain a copy for their files. After the configuration values have been verified, the cover of the converter is replaced. Access to the electromagnetic flowmeter transmitter shall be restricted by the application of a regulatory seal.
  4. When installed, the magnetic flowmeter sensor and transmitter shall comply with all applicable test requirements in Appendix I of the PMO for magnetic flow meter based timing systems.

The technical information that was reviewed constitutes the Accurate Metering System Engineering Design and Technical Construction File.

For further information contact:

Accurate Metering Systems
1651 Wilkening Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: (847) 882-0690
Fax: (847) 882-2695

FDA's review and acceptance of this Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System does not constitute agency endorsement or approval. Any representation on a label or in printed literature citing or indicating "FDA Approved" is false and misleading.

Copies of this memorandum are enclosed for distribution to Regional Milk Specialists, State Milk Regulatory Agencies and State Milk Sanitation Rating Officers in your region. This memorandum will also be available on the FDA Web site at at a later date and should be widely distributed to representatives of the dairy industry and other interested parties.

Jonathan M. Gardner
Sr. Milk Sanitation Officer


Literature (page 3)
Converter Sealing Diagram (page 4)
Converter to Meter Body Diagram (page 5)
Configuration Record Verification Letter (page 6)
Quick Reference for Display of IZMS Flow Rate (page 7)

Note: The Cal/Meas switch must be in the Meas position prior to sealing the converter. The converter cover must then be sealed by Regulatory Agency.

accurate metering

accurate systems, inc.


To view the current flow rate of the IZMS meter if the flow register is not already displayed, depress and release the "up" arrow until the lower display changes to "Q ---gal/min", This display is the measured flow rate of the meter. Note: no more than 3 key pushes should be necessary to display the flow rate.

To view the programmed maximum flow rate of the flowmeter, depress and release the menu [§] key, then depress and release the number "0" and depress and release the number "3". This will change the display to the Qmax value, which is the meters maximum flow rate, and also the rate at which it produces 20 mA. The Qmax value will be displayed for approximately 2 minutes and the display will revert back to the operation display.

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