M-b-334: Fluid Transfer System (FTS-1994)

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200 C Street, SW
Washington DC 20204


November 16, 2001

TO: All Regional Food and Drug Directors
Attn: Regional Milk Specialists

FROM: Milk Safety Team (HFS-626)

SUBJECT: Fluid Transfer System (FTS-1994)

In accordance with M-I-00-2, Milk and Milk Product Equipment-A Guide for Evaluating Construction, the Pacific Region Dairy Equipment Review Committee (PRDERC), composed of State Rating and Regulatory Officials, has evaluated this Fluid Transfer System (FTS-1994). FDA's Pacific Region Dairy Products Team (DPT) has validated and confirmed the technical information submitted. When constructed as described in this memorandum, this equipment has been found to meet the applicable provisions of the Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).

Compliance with the PMO is based upon construction, installation and operation in conformance with the following criteria:

The Fluid Transfer System (FTS-1994), which includes Valve Spool (FTS-5011) and Air Blow System (SABS-1000), is intended for use as a single pump/double tanker milk pumping system for bulk milk pick up tankers. The system provides free draining piping and hoses and a rotating valve spool to facilitate cleaning (see attached diagrams). Although the system is designed for mechanical cleaning, the valve spool includes a butterfly valve, which is not designed for mechanical cleaning. This valve must be dismantled and manually cleaned after use.

The technical information that was reviewed addressing the Fluid Transfer System (FTS-1994) constitutes the PRDERC's Engineering Design and Technical Construction File (EDTCF) PR-00-02. The table of contents for this file is attached and is also on file with the PRDERC.

The material in the EDTCF is the property of the manufacturer and may be shown at their discretion. For information regarding this equipment and to request copies of the documents listed, please contact:

LTI, Inc.
12009 N.E. 99th St.,
Suite 1402
Vancouver, WA 98682
Attn: Brad Williamson
Phone: (360) 256-2577
Fax: (360) 256-4068

FDA's review and acceptance of this equipment, does not constitute agency endorsement or approval. Any representation on a label or in printed literature citing or indicating as, "FDA Approved" is false and misleading.

Copies of this memorandum are enclosed for distribution to Regional Milk Specialists, State Milk Regulatory Agencies and State Milk Sanitation Rating Officers in your region. This memorandum will also be available on the FDA Web site at at a later date and should be widely distributed to representatives of the dairy industry and other interested parties.

Randy Elsberry Steven T. Sims FDA Regional Dairy Specialist FDA/MST Milk Sanitation Officer

Drawings: Model: SABS-1000
Valve Spool
"Bungy" and "Pogo" type hose hangers Inside Bypass Pipe Location LTI, Inc., Fluid Transfer System (FTS-1994)- Table of Contents-(EDTCF)

Drawings: Model: SABS-1000, Sanitary Tanker Airblow System
Drawings: Valve Spool
Drawings: 'Bungy' and 'Pogo' type hose hangers
Drawings: Inside Bypass Pipe Location

LTI, Inc. Fluid Transfer System

Model FTS-1994

Engineering Design and Technical Construction File (EDTCF)

Table of Contents

  • RERC Dairy Equipment Submission Form
  • Cover Letter
  • Introduction
  • Submittal Overview
  • Attachment "A": Fluid Transfer System Overview
  • Attachment "B": Detailed Drawing, Valve Spool "Loading"
  • Attachment "C": Detailed Drawing, Valve Spool "Washing"
  • Attachment "D": Detailed Drawing, "Internal Bypass Tubing"
  • Attachment "E": Detailed Drawing, "Air Blow System"
  • Attachment "F1": Isometric Drawing, "Valve Box"
  • Attachment "F2": Isometric Drawing, "Front Manifold"
  • Attachment "F3": Isometric Drawing, "Rear Manifold"
  • Attachment "F4": Isometric Drawing, "Valve Spool"
  • Attachment "G": Photo, Valve Position, "Loading"
  • Attachment "H": Photo, Valve Position, "Washing"
  • Attachment "I": Photo, Valve Position, "Additional Cleaning"
  • Attachment "J": Photo, "Free-Draining Demonstration"
  • Attachment "K": Photo, "Hose Support Detail"
  • Attachment "L": Photo, "Spool Rotation Benefit"
  • Attachment "M": Photo, "Spool Rotation Benefit, continued"
  • Attachment "N": Photo, "C.I.P. Demonstration"
  • Attachment "O": Photo, "Document Holder"
  • Attachment "P": Photo, "Air Blow Components /Demonstration
  • Attachment "Q": Photo, "Valve Sizing Explanation"
  • Attachment "R": Photo, "Hose Boot"
  • Attachment "S": Isometric Drawing, Pump Cabinet"

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