M-b-321: G & H PD340 MBTS Magnetic Flow Meter G & H Products Corp., Kenosha, WI

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200 C Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20204


June 30, 1995

TO: All Regional Food and Drug Directors
Attn: Regional Milk Specialists

FROM: Milk Safety Branch (HFS-626)

SUBJECT: G & H PD340 MBTS Magnetic Flow Meter G & H Products Corp., Kenosha, WI

The PD340 MBTS Magnetic Flow Meter has been reviewed as a stand alone unit and found to comply with the intent of the applicable provisions of the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) for HTST milk pasteurizing systems when installed and operated with manufacturers operating instructions and the following provisions:

  1. The flow meter shall be installed in compliance with the criteria for COMPONENTS and PLACEMENT OF COMPONENTS detailed in Appendix H., Magnetic Flow Meter Based Timing Systems for HTST Pasteurizers, Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance.
  2. The flow meter is programmed at the factory and has a lock switch inside the cover. The flow meter converter shall have restricted access to protect the programmed conversion factors. It will come with temporary seals from the manufacturer. On installation, the regulatory agency shall seal by the application of seals through the drilled cover bolts that are provided.
  3. The eight preset registers shall be verified by the regulatory agency upon installation and when regulatory seals have been broken in accordance with G & H PD340 MBTS instructions. It will be necessary for the user to provide access to G & H PD210 display unit for use by the regulatory agency.
  4. When installed, the flow meter shall comply with all test requirements (2A - 2F) of test 11, PMO, for Magnetic Flow Meters.

Copies of this memoranda are provided for distribution to state milk control agencies and state milk sanitation rating officer in your region. States desiring further information or copies of the materials concerning this equipment may contact:

G & H Products Corp.
7600 57th Avenue
P.O. Box 1199
Kenosha, WI 53141-1199
(800) 558-4060
Fax (414) 694-2907
Attn: Per Anderson

FDA's review of this dairy equipment and our findings that it is in compliance with the applicable items of the PMO does not constitute agency endorsement or approval and any representation on the label or in any printed literature that it is "FDA Approved" is false.

Steven T. Sims

Attachments (2)

  1. Instructions PD340 MBTS
  2. PD340 MBTS for Meter Based Timing Systems

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