PMO 2007: Section 10 Transferring, Delivery Containers, and Cooling

Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (2007 Revision)

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Except as permitted in this Section, no milk producer, bulk milk hauler/sampler or distributor shall transfer milk or milk products from one (1) container or milk tank truck to another on the street, in any vehicle, store or in any place except a milk plant, receiving station, transfer station or milkhouse especially used for that purpose. The dipping or ladling of milk or fluid milk products is prohibited.

It shall be unlawful to sell or offer for sale any pasteurized milk or milk products that have not been maintained at the temperature set forth in Section 7 of this Ordinance. If containers of pasteurized milk or milk products are stored in ice, the storage container shall be properly drained.


TRANSFERRING: The dipping or ladling of milk and fluid milk products is expressly prohibited, except for immediate cooking purposes. Milk and milk product containers, which have been filled and sealed at a milk plant, shall be used for the delivery of milk or milk products. Caps, closures or labels shall not be removed or replaced during transportation.

BULK DISPENSERS: Bulk dispensers, approved by the Regulatory Agency, shall satisfy the following sanitary design, construction and operation requirements:

  1. All dispensers shall comply with the applicable requirements of Section 7 of this Ordinance.
  2. Product-contact surfaces shall be inaccessible to manual contact, droplet infection, dust or insects, but the delivery orifice may be exempted from this requirement.
  3. All parts of the dispensing device with which milk or milk products come into contact, including any measuring device, shall be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the milk plant. Provided, that dispensing valves, which are applied to the dispenser subsequent to its delivery to the retail vendor may be cleaned and sanitized at such establishments.
  4. The dispensing container shall be filled at the milk plant and shall be sealed so that it is impossible to withdraw any part of its contents, or to introduce any substance without breaking the seal(s).
  5. The milk or milk products shall be thoroughly and automatically mixed with each dispensing operation, except for milk or milk products that remain homogeneous.
  6. All cans shall be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Milk and milk products shall be kept at or below 7°C (45°F) at all times. The dispenser tube shall be integral with the dispensing container, shall be protected and shall be under adequate refrigeration during transportation and storage.


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