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BBB - Poisonous mushrooms and their edible look-alikes

Bad Bug Bokk Edition 1
Table 3. Poisonous Mushrooms and their Edible Look-Alikes.

Mushrooms Containing Amatoxins

Poisonous speciesAppearanceMistaken for
Amanita tenuifolia (Slender Death Angel)pure whiteLeucoagaricus naucina (Smoothcap Parasol)
Amanita bisporigera (Death Angel)pure whiteAmanita vaginata (Grisette), Leucoagaricus naucina (Smoothcap Parasol), white Agaricus spp. (field mushrooms), Tricholoma resplendens (Shiny Cavalier)
Amanita verna (Fool's Mushroom)pure whiteA. vaginata, L. naucina, white Agaricus spp., T. resplendens
Amanita virosa (Destroying Angel)pure whiteA. vaginata, L. naucina, Agaricus spp., T. resplendens
Amanita phalloides (Deathcap)pure white varietyAmanita citrina (False Deathcap), A. vaginata, L. naucina, Agaricus spp., T. resplendens
Buttons of A. bisporigera,. A. verna, A. virosapure whiteButtons of white forms of Agaricus spp. Puffballs such as Lycoperdon perlatum, etc.
Amanita phalloides (Deathcap)green = normal cap colorRussula virescens (Green Brittlegill), Amanita calyptrodermia (Hooded Grisette), Amanita fulva (Tawny Grisette), Tricholoma flavovirens (Cavalier Mushroom), Tricholoma portentosum (Sooty Head)
Amanita phalloides (Deathcap)yellow varietyAmanita caesarea (Caesar's Mushroom)
Amanita brunnescens (Cleft Foot Deathcap) Amanita rubescens (Blusher), Amanita pantherina (Panthercap)
Galerina autumnalis (Autumn Skullcap)LBM"Little Brown Mushrooms," including Gymnopilus spectabilis (Big Laughing Mushroom) and other Gymnopilus spp., Armillaria mellea (Honey Mushroom)
Leucoagaricus brunnea (Browning Parasol)LBMLepiota spp., Leucoagaricus spp., Gymnopilus spp. and other Parasol Mushrooms and LBM's
Lepiota josserandii, L. helveola, L. subincarnataLBMLepiota spp., Leucoagaricus spp., Gymnopilus spp. and other Parasol Mushrooms and LBM's

Mushrooms Producing Severe Gastroenteritis

Poisonous speciesAppearanceMistaken for
Chlorophyllum molybdites (Green Gill) Leucocoprinus rachodes (Shaggy Parasol), Leucocoprinus procera (Parasol Mushroom)
Entoloma lividum (Gray Pinkgill) Tricholomopsis platyphylla (Broadgill)
Tricholoma pardinum (Tigertop Mushroom) Tricholoma virgatum (Silver Streaks), Tricholoma myomyces (Waxygill Cavalier)
Omphalotus olearius (Jack O'Lantern Mushroom) Cantharellus spp. (Chanterelles)
Paxillus involutus (Naked Brimcap) Distinctive, but when eaten raw or undercooked, will poison some people

January 1992

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