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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Resources for You

Generic Drugs: Interview

(Radio public service announcement transcript)

WOMAN:       I'm here with Bo Paxton, a very nervous man. Now, Bo, what makes you nervous?

MAN:              (NERVOUSLY) Driving.

WOMAN:       Driving makes a lot of people nervous.

MAN:              (CONTINUES TO BE NERVOUS) Driving…in my driveway.

WOMAN:       Oh.

MAN:              Folding socks…using the phone book…

WOMAN:       Uh-huh. So tax audits?

MAN:              (SHAKY VOICE) Ooooh…

WOMAN:       …tornados…

MAN:              (EVEN SHAKIER) Ohhh…

WOMAN:       …generic drugs…

MAN:              (NOT SHAKY) Oh, no. I'm not nervous about generic drugs.

WOMAN:       But don't you think…

MAN:              They're approved through FDA's tough, multi-step review process. Everything’s reviewed….

WOMAN:       But, still, you get nerv…

MAN:              (IGNORING HER) …quality, performance, manufacturing. Can't be nervous about something so safe and effective.

WOMAN:       Huh. There you have it. A nervous man who's completely confident about taking generic drugs.

MAN:              You know…(STARTING TO GET NERVOUS, AGAIN)…your microphone kinda looks like a snake…

ANNCR:         To learn more, talk to your doctor or pharmacist, call 1-888-INFO-F-D-A, or visit www.fda.gov. Generic Drugs. Safe. Effective. FDA Approved. Brought to you by the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.