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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Weight Loss Fraud

Find Out for Yourself

Protect Yourself

Know what you’re taking

Be aware of the ingredients contained in any weight loss products.  Some ingredients, including nutrients and plant components, can be toxic.  Also, some ingredients and products can be harmful when consumed in high amounts, when taken for a long time, or when used in combination with certain other drugs, substances, or foods.

Do your research, it can save your health

Research the product with the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Better Business Bureau before you purchase any weight loss products or services. This may not only save you time and money, but may also save your health.

Always check with your doctor.

Weight loss products, including those that contain dietary supplements, herbals, and vitamins may be harmful in individuals with certain medical conditions or can interact with other medications. Therefore, always consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss product or program.

When Buying Supplements Keep in Mind …

Remember!!! Dietary supplements are NOT FDA Approved.

A common misconception is that the FDA has reviewed the dietary supplement products available in stores or online

  • Dietary Supplements firms are responsible for making sure claims are true and products are safe.  
  • Some of the products claim to be “natural” or only contain “herbal” ingredients, but actually contain potentially harmful ingredients not listed on the product’s label or in promotional advertisements.  These products have not been approved by the FDA, are illegal, and may be potentially harmful to unsuspecting consumers.

CAUTION!    FDA tested weight loss products suspected to be unsafe and found sixty nine to be tainted with many different ingredients including controlled substances, seizure medications, prescription drugs, and drugs not even approved  in the United States.

Lipodissolve Products


False and misleading claims are being made about lipodissolve products.  Learn the facts.

  • 'Lipodissolve will melt your fat away...without surgery... without downtime... and with great results!
    Reality Check: There are currently no FDA-approved injectable drugs to eliminate fat.
  • “Extremely effective for fat reduction!”
    Reality Check: There is no credible scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of any of the drug substances used in lipodissolve procedure for fat elimination.
  • “Over 100,000 treatments have been performed with no serious side effects reported.”
    Reality Check: FDA has received several reports of permanent scarring, skin deformation and deep painful knots under the skin in areas where the lipodissolve treatments were injected.
  • "Lipodissolve can also help treaet Gynecomastia, Cellulite, Surgical Deformities, and Skin Retraction."
    Reality Check: There is no credible scientific evidence that lipodissolve can treat any of these medical conditions. 

Spotting Fraud

  • 'You want quick easy weight loss, without diet or exercise? Look no further! We have the one and only product that is guaranteed to work!'
    Reality Check: Scammers often dress up actors to look like doctors to promote their product.
    Reality Check: There is no 'magic pill' for weight loss. Expensive, natural or herbal do not always mean safe and effective.
  • INSTANT FAT DISSOLVER 'Lose it before your eyes'
    Reality Check: Be wary of promises of quick and easy weight loss without diet or exercise.
  • 'Read our customer testimonials to see how great our product works!'
    Reality Check: Scammers often alter before and after pictures or provide testimonials to showcase unrealistic results.
  • I lost 10 pounds and 3 inches in one week!  Thanks Lose-It-Overnight!
    Reality Check: DON’T Fall for Fraud! Learn to Spot It!  American consumers lose billions of dollars each year to health fraud schemes.  Worse than losing your money, you could lose your health.
  • 'Goodbye pounds - and all it took was an afternoon of getting injected with the new super improved scientific formula.'
    Reality Check: Beware of official looking web sites or using words such as 'Guaranteed' or 'Scientific Breakthrough'.

Reporting and Resources


Consumers are encouraged to report adverse events through FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program either online, by fax, by phone, or by regular mail.


Tips for Good Nutrition and Healthy Weight Loss:

Below are links to FDA’s recent enforcement actions on illegal weight loss products: