Summaries of Medical and Clinical Pharmacology Reviews

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Summaries of Medical and Clinical Pharmacology Reviews

as of January 15, 2008


Summaries of Medical and Clinical Pharmacology Reviews are in the FDA Archive 
DrugSponsorReview Summary
Alendronate - FosamaxMerckMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Amphetamines - Adderall XRShireMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Anagrelide - AgrylinShireMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Argatroban - ArgatrobanEncysiveMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Aripiprazole - AbilifyOtsukaMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Atovaquone & Proguanil - 
GlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Balsalazide - ColazalSalix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Medical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Benazepril - LotensinNovartisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Betaxolol - BetopticAlconMedical [PDF]None*
Brinzolamide - AzoptAlconMedical [PDF]None*
Budesonide - PulmicortAstraZenecaMedical [PDF]None*
Carboplatin - ParaplatinBristol-Myers SquibbMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Carvedilol - CoregGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Celecoxib - CelebrexG.D. SearleMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Ciprofloxacin - CiloxanAlconMedical [PDF]None*
Ciprofloxacin - CiproBayerMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Citalopram - CelexaForest LabsMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Clofarabine - ClolarIlexMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Desflurane - SupraneBaxter Healthcare CorporationMedical [PDF]None*
Dorzolamide - TrusoptMerckMedical [PDF]None*
Emtricitabine - EmtrivaGilead SciencesMedical [PDF]
Medical [PDF]
Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Ertapenem - InvanzMerckMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Esmolol - BreviblocBaxterMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Fenoldopam - CorlopamAbbottMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Fentanyl - DuragesicALZAMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Fentanyl - ActiqCephalon, Inc.Medical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Fexofenadine - AllegraAventisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Fluconazole - DiflucanPfizerMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Fludarabine - FludaraBerlexMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Fluticasone - FlonaseGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]None*
Fluticasone - FloventGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Fluvastatin - LescolNovartisMedical [PDF]None*
Fosinopril - MonoprilBristol-Myers SquibbMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Gemcitabine - GemzarLillyMedical [PDF]None*
Glimepiride - AmarylAventisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Glyburide & Metformin - 
Bristol-Myers SquibbMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Imatinib - GleevecNovartisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Imiquimod - Aldara3MMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Insulin aspart - NovoLogNovo NordiskMedical [PDF]None*
Irbesartan - AvaproSanofi-SynthelaboMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Irinotecan - CamptosarPfizerMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Lamotrigine - LamictalGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Lansoprazole - PrevacidTAPMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Leflunomide - AravaAventisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Levofloxacin - LevaquinJohnson & JohnsonMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Levetiracetam - KeppraUCBMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Levobetaxolol - BetaxonAlconMedical [PDF]None*
Linezolid - ZyvoxPfizerMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Meloxicam - MobicBoehringer IngelheimMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Methylphenidate - ConcertaMcNeilMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Metoprolol - Toprol-XLAstraZenecaMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Mirtazapine - RemeronOrganonMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Modafinil - ProvigilCephalonMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Nefazodone - SerzoneBristol-Myers SquibbMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Nelfinavir - ViraceptAgouronMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Norgestimate & Ethinyl Estradiol - 
  Ortho- Tri-Cyclen
Johnson & JohnsonMedical [PDF]
Medical [PDF]
Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Octreotide - Sandostatin LARNovartisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Olanzapine - ZyprexaEli LillyMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Ondansetron - ZofranGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Ofloxacin - OcufloxAllerganMedical [PDF]None*
Orlistat - XenicalHoffmann-La RocheMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Oseltamivir - TamifluRocheMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Oxaliplatin - EloxatinSanofi-Aventis US Inc.Medical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Oxcarbazepine - TrileptalNovartisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Oxybutynin - DitropanJohnson & JohnsonMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Paricalcitol - ZemplarAbbottMedical [PDF]None*
Paroxetine - PaxilGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Ramipril - AltaceKingMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Risperidone - RisperdalJohnson & JohnsonMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Ritonavir - NorvirAbbottMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Rofecoxib - VioxxMerckMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Rosiglitazone - AvandiaGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Salmeterol - SereventGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]None*
Sertraline - ZoloftPfizerMedical [PDF]None*
Sibutramine - MeridiaAbbottMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Sirolimus - RapamuneWyethMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Sodium Ferric Gluconate - FerrlecitWatsonMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Sumatriptan - ImitrexGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Temozolomide - TemodarScheringMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Testosterone gel 1% - AndroGelSolvay PharmaceuticalsMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Timolol - Timolol GFSAlcon ResearchMedical [PDF]None*
Tolterodine - Detrol & Detrol LAPfizerMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Topotecan - HycamtinGlaxoSmithKlineMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Valsartan - DiovanNovartisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Venlafaxine - EffexorWyeth AyerstMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Zolmitriptan - ZomigAstraZenecaMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]
Zolpidem - AmbienSanofi AventisMedical [PDF]Clinical Pharmacology [PDF]

 *  No clinical pharmacology review was conducted for this drug.

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