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Vaccines, Blood & Biologics

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HIV, Influenza, and Smallpox Vaccines: Development of New Assays and Animal Models for Evaluation of Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

Principal Investigator: H. Golding, PhD
Office / Division / Lab: OVRR / DVP / LR

General Overview

Industry and academic researchers are developing new vaccines against viruses, including HIV, pandemic influenza strains such as H1N1 (swine influenza) and H5N1 (avian influenza), and the smallpox virus. Some of these vaccines are being developed to work with new types of adjuvants (agents that stimulate or increase immune response to vaccines).

Therefore, in addition to evaluating the safety and efficacy of the vaccine itself, FDA also must evaluate the combination of vaccine and its adjuvant. Moreover, evaluation of each viral vaccine presents unique challenges that agency regulators must address individually.

The goal of our program is to develop new and improved tools for monitoring vaccine safety and efficacy. FDA will then share these new tools with the regulated industry to enable use of these tools in their research and development efforts.

The availability of new tools could reduce the time it takes to develop new vaccines against HIV, influenza, and smallpox, and help FDA to recognize quickly potential safety problems with vaccines that use new adjuvants. Thus, our work will contribute significantly to public health in the US and globally by facilitating development and approval of new vaccines that prevent serious diseases.

Scientific Overview

Our laboratory is working to generate effective vaccines against highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1), and against the newly emerging swine influenza H1N1.

Future vaccines for influenza strains with pandemic potential will likely be combined with adjuvants in order to improve their immunogenicity, to generate heterosubtypic neutralizing activity, and to reduce the amount of antigen required for vaccination--an important advantage for global vaccination campaigns.

In parallel with vaccine development, we are working to improve the analytical tools available for comparing immune responses generated by different vaccine candidates. Therefore, our laboratory initiated the use of whole genome phage display libraries to screen antibody repertoires, and surface plasmon resonance to measure antibody binding to properly folded, large HA1 fragments. Both tools are used to screen convalescent sera, monoclonal antibodies, and to compare sera from recipients of unadjuvanted vaccines with that of recipients of adjuvanted vaccines.

Many of these new adjuvants contain components that can cause unacceptable reactogenicity and systemic adverse reactions. Often these adverse reactions are undetectable in pre-clinical toxicity studies in small animals due to species differences in the cellular receptor targeted by the novel adjuvants or because of their relative sensitivity to drug-associated toxicities. Therefore, we are developing rapid in vitro screening assays based on human cells to evaluate the activity of new adjuvants and to identify parameters that will predict unacceptable toxicities during in vivo studies.

Another major goal of our program is to resolve a problem facing investigators running HIV vaccine clinical trials. Participants of these vaccine trials are not infected. However, most HIV-1 prophylactic vaccines under development are complex products containing multiple HIV genes or proteins. As a result, the sera of vaccine recipient are expected to be reactive in licensed HIV-1 detection kits. Thus, HIV-negative individuals who have received an investigative vaccine will be erroneously identified as being HIV-positive. This will likely complicate future phase III efficacy trials of prophylactic HIV vaccines that require early detection of breakthrough infections. Therefore, our laboratory developed HIV-SELECTEST (both a serodiagnostic EIA and the Multispot Rapid Test) that provides differential diagnosis of true HIV infection in the presence of vaccine-induced antibodies. Both versions of the test are in advance stages of development and transfer to the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute for production and licensure.

Our program is also supporting development of safer smallpox vaccines. The development of novel vaccines against smallpox and of new pre- or post-exposure therapies is critically dependent on pre-clinical testing in animal models. Various endpoints are used to follow infections in mice, including weight loss, pox lesion scoring, and lethality. These endpoints are not optimal since they cannot avoid morbidity, nor can they accurately predict lethality in individual animals. In response to this limitation we established whole-body bioimaging of animals challenged with recombinant vaccinia-luciferase. This new approach, in addition to the use of advanced statistic tools, will provide a practical, quantitative, and humane approach to following virus dissemination in animal models and for evaluating the efficacy of novel vaccines and therapies for smallpox.


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