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Safety & Health

Long Description of Figure III-2: Critical Biological Systems Approach

Box 1: Selection of donor and recipient cells, oöcyte manipulation, nuclear transfer, embryo culture/transfer, implantation, placentation, pregnancy maintenance

Arrow pointing from Box 1 to: Cell Fusion Through Fetal Development

Box 2: Induction of labor, parturition, post-natal survival

Arrow pointing from Box 2 to: Perinatal Development and Function

Box 3: Growth and development measures

Arrow pointing from Box 3 to: Juvenile Development and Function

Box 4: Gametogenesis, secondary sex characteristics, estrus, fertility, mating behavior, ease of delivery

Arrow pointing from Box 4 to: Reproductive Development and Function

Box 5: Physical and physiological functions

Arrow pointing from Box 5 to: Post-Pubertal Maturation

Arrow pointing from Reproductive Development and Function to Progeny