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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Advisory Committees

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Public Submissions - March 2, 2011 TPSAC Menthol Report Subcommittee Meeting

American Academy of Pediatrics and Legacy  (preprint from American Journal of Public Health)

  • Winickoff, Jonathan P MD, MPH; Robert McMillen, Ph.D., M.S.; Donna Vallone, Ph.D.,M.P.H.; Jennifer Pearson, M.P.H.; Susan Tanski, M.D., M.P.H.; Janelle Dempsey, B.A.; Cheryl G. G. Healton,Dr.Ph., M.P.A.; Jonathan Klein, M.D., M.P.H.; David Abrams, Ph.D., M.S. Attitudes about Banning Menthol in Cigarettes: Results from a Nationally Representative Survey.  American Journal of Public Health 2011 (in press)

Americans for Limited Government

Battelle Laboratories

Committee for Regulatory Effectiveness

  • Aitken, Campbell K.,  Tim R. L. Fry, Lisa Farrell, & Breanna Pellegrini. Smokers of illicit tobacco report significantly worse health than other smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 11, Number 8 (August 2009) 996–1001

J. Daniel Heck, Ph.D.

  • Nelson, Paul R., Peter Chen, Mike Dixon, Thomas Steichen. A survey of mouth level exposure to cigarette smoke in the United States. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology xxx (2010) xxx–xxx (in press, but available on line)
  • Murphy, Claire. Age-Related Effects on the Threshold, Psychophysical Function, and Pleasantness of Menthol. Journal of Gerontology 1983. Vol. 38. No. 2. 217-222
  • Kremer, Stefanie, Johannes H. F. Bult, Jos Mojet and Jan H. A. Kroeze. Food Perception with Age and Its Relationship to Pleasantness. Chemical Senses Advance Access. May 22, 2007
  • Saint Charles, F.K, A.A. Kabbani, M.F. Borgerding. Estimating tar and nicotine exposure: Human smoking versus machine generated smoke yields. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 56 (2010) 100–110

John H. Lauterbach, Ph.D.

Judith Prochaska, PhD, MPH, UCSF Department of Psychiatry

Legacy (preprints from American Journal of Public Health)

  • Levy, David, Kenneth Blackman, John A. Tauras, Frank J. Chaloupka, Andrea Villanti, Raymond S. Niaura, Donna M. Vallone, David B. Abrams. Quit Attempts and Quit Rates among Menthol and non-Menthol Smokers: Findings from a national population survey. American Journal of Public Health 2011 (in press)
  • Levy, David, Jennifer L. Pearson, Andrea C. Villanti, PhD MPH, Kenneth Blackman, Donna M. Vallone, Raymond Niaura, PhD, and David B. Abrams, PhD. Modeling the future effects of a menthol ban on reduced smoking prevalence and deaths averted in the United States. American Journal of Public Health 2011 (in press)


National Troopers Coalition

Shasta County Tobacco Education Coalition

University of California, San Francisco (preprints from Tobacco Control)

  • Anderson, Stacey J. Marketing of menthol cigarettes and consumer perceptions: A review of tobacco industry documents. Tobacco Control (in press) 2011
  • Anderson, Stacy J. Menthol cigarettes and smoking cessation behavior: A review of tobacco industry documents. Tobacco Control (in press) 2011
  • Klausner, Kim. Menthol Cigarettes and Smoking Initiation: A Tobacco Industry Perspective. Tobacco Control (in press) 2011
  • Salgado, Victoria, and Glantz. Direct Disease-Inducing Effects of Menthol through the eyes of Tobacco Companies. Tobacco Control (in press) 2011
  • Anderson, Stacey PhD, Phyra M. McCandless, JD, MPH, Kim Klausner, MA, Rachel Taketa, MLS, Valerie B. Yerger, ND.Tobacco documents research methodology. Tobacco Control (in press) 2011
  • Yerger, Valerie B and McCandless. Menthol sensory qualities and smoking topography: A review of tobacco industry documents. Tobacco Control (in press) 2011
  • Yerger, Valerie B. Menthol’s potential effects on nicotine dependence: A tobacco industry perspective. Tobacco Control (in press) 2011
  • Lee, Youn OK, Glantz. Menthol: Putting the Pieces Together. Tobacco Control (in press) 2011

Letters from the public (in response to Newport Flier)

Emails from the public (in response to Newport flier)

The statements contained in these submissions are from the public, not FDA, and FDA does not necessarily agree with the statements.

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