Advisory Committees

CURRICULUM VITAE - Maria Luz Fernandez, Ph.D.


Name: Maria Luz Fernandez

Position: Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator  


Institute and Place

Field of Study


University of Sonora, México



Instituto Politécnico, México

Food Science


University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ


 Professional Honors (last 5 years)

1991-2007:  Research Advisory Committee, American Heart Association

1999-2000 & 2008:  USDA Review Panel

1997-Present:  Fellow, American Heart Association

2002-2005:  NIH Special Panel, NCCAM, Bethesda, MD

2008-Present: Provost Commission for Women in Science

2000-Present:  Graduate Program Coordinator and member of Graduate Council.

2001-2009:  Associate Editor, The Journal of Nutrition

2004-2005 & 2009-2010:  Chair, Promotion, Tenure and Appointment (College of Agriculture and Natural Resources)

2009-2011:  Faculty Representative, CANR 


2006               Teaching Award by CANR

2007                Provost Research Award (University of Connecticut)  

National and International invitations to present my research

United States (16), Mexico (9), Argentina (2), Colombia (2), Ecuador (1), Brazil (1), Panama (1), Peru (2), Portugal (1), Germany (1), Finland (1), Spain (1), Australia (1), South Korea (1), UAE (1), Egypt (1)

Publications in the last 3 years from a total of 166

  7. Ratliff JC, Leite JO, DeOgburn R, Puglisi M, VanHeest J, Fernandez ML. Consuming eggs for breakfast influences plasma glucose and ghrelin, while reducing caloric intake during the next 24 hours in adult men. Nutrition Res. 2010; 30:96-103.
  8. Floegel A, Kim DO, Chung S-J, Song WO, Fernandez ML, Bruno RS, Koo SK. Chun OK. Development and validation of an algorithm to establish a total antioxidant capacity database of U.S. diet. Intl J. Food Sci Nutr. 2010;61:600-623.
  9. Leite JO, Fernandez ML. "Should we take HDL levels at its face value?" Am J. Cardiovasc Drugs. 2010;10:1-3.
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  11. Leite JO, Deogburn R, Ratliff J, Su R, Smyth JA, Volek JS, McGrane MM, Dardik A, Fernandez ML. Low-carbohydrate diets reduce lipid accumulation and arterial inflammation in guinea pigs fed a high-cholesterol diet. Atherosclerosis. 2010;209:442-448.
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  22. Fernandez ML. The LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio, a more reliable clinical tool than LDL cholesterol to evaluate coronary heart disease risk. The Lipid Spin, 2009; 4:4-6.
  23. Shrestha S, Ehlers SJ, Lee J-Y, Fernandez ML, Koo SI. Dietary green tea extract lowers plasma and hepatic triglycerides by decreasing the expression of SERBP-1 mRNA and its responsive genes in fructose-fed ovariectomized rats. J. Nutr. 2009; 139:640-645.
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  41. Fernandez ML & Webb D. The LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio as a valuable tool to evaluate coronary heart disease risk. The impact of dietary cholesterol. J. Am. Coll. Nutr. 2008; 27:1-5.

Current Research Support

Metagenics, Inc

Effects of a soy, plant sterol containing supplement on cardiovascular disease risk factors in subjects with the metabolic syndrome.


Fellowships; “Diet and Obesity”

California Table Grape Commission

A comprehensive evaluation of the protective effects of grape consumption against dyslipidemias, hypertension, inflammation, oxidative stress & vasoconstriction in male subjects classified with metabolic syndrome

Egg Nutrition   Center

Effects of Egg intake on Reverse Cholesterol Transport and Insulin Resistance in Subjects classified with Metabolic Syndrome

National Dairy Council

Beneficial effects of low-fat dairy products on lipoprotein metabolism and inflammation in subjects classified with metabolic syndrome

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