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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Applying for Positions on USAJobs

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 Hello, my name is  Elaine Atkins and I'm in HR specialist  with the US Department of Health  and  Human Services in human resources  Department. At this point, we will  start he how to apply online through  USA Jobs.  As you can see, on the screen, we are at home page of  USA Jobs . For the sake of time,  we have a ready created an account  for this training  session. Therefore, we will click  on "sign  in online." The top right hand corner  of the screen. We  will now move a quarter of the page  down and click in the first and  type in our  login.  

And we will click on "next and  moved to the second box and type  in  our password. Next we will hit  the "tab" key and click on "I agree,  sign me  in." Next, we will move to the USA  Jobs page  that highlights from USA Jobs . At  this point, we already know  the  vacancy announcement number of the position we want  to apply to so we will move to the  web box at the top of the screen.  And click inside the box and type  in the announcement number for which  we would like to apply to. At this  point, this  number is HHS-FDA-01-MP-12-557610.  

And hit  the "tab" key and the move over  to the blue box  what the white arrow to the right  of "where." Click on that and move  to the next page. On this page,  we have the  search results. One of one. Which  is the "program analyst." So we  will click on the link for the  program analyst because we would  like to apply to  this position.  

We will move to the next page  which shows us the vacancy announcement.  It has the overview, duties and  qualifications, benefits,  other, info, and how to apply information.  At this point, we know we want to  apply to this position. We will  continue to move over to the right  under the "go  to" section and click on the blue  box to  apply online.  

Now, we have moved over  to the "apply online section of  USA  Jobs . As you can see, on this page,  we have the job announcement number,  job title,  the great  -- grade, agency and job location.  Below that, you have resume and  at this point, you  will select the one that you have  stored in USA Jobs that you would  like to send  over for this position for which we are applying  to. At this point, we will select  the  second resume.  

Which is "program analyst." The  next box, you  have attachments. We will select  "all documents" that we would like  to send over for this application  package. For the first one, we would  like to select  the D2-14. And click under select  and collect -- and  select D2-14. And select more than  one document. In order to do  that, hold down the  control key. And select the next  document. At this point we will  select "other" and  " Vetletter." And go down  and select SL15  and SL50 in  the transcripts. And then you will  lift off of the  control key.  

Use the far right hand control  for two scroll down  the page. Next, you have  three paragraphs. We will read the  first one. I have previewed  my resume. And the select a document  includes the information that I  wish to provide with  this application and if this is  true and correct, you will check  this box to  the left. The  second one, says allow me to attach  demographic information to  the application. Review or update your demographic  information. We don't need to do  that at this time. We agree with  this information so we will select  the box to the left of the  word "allow." And the third., You are certifying  to the best of your knowledge and  belief that all information submitted  by me for the applications  for this is true and complete and  made in  good faith.  

Therefore, I will select this  box as well which is also to the  left of the  letter "I." Below this paragraph,  with two options. The option to  hit "cancel" and the  option to "select and apply for  this position now. We  will check the position to apply  for this position  now. Next, we will move on to  the system for the food and drug  administration. Wait 15 seconds  or select the button that says "take  me now.  we will  select now.  

Then we move over  to the food and nutrition office  system which is the application  manager system. We will select the  box that says "proceed with my  application now." On  this page, it is a biographic  information page. On  this screen, you should see in the  top right hand corner, you have  the option to go back to the main  page. To the right of that, you  have importantly. And continue to  move to your right, the third box  says "help" and the fourth box is  locked out. Below logout it says  the username. And back to the left  and in the middle of the screen,  you have the job title,  announcement number and the USA  Jobs control number  and the applicant name and underneath that you have  the option to change  your name.  

If you come down further, you  have previous. And then to the right  of that is  "next and --" and pass that is "save.  The previous one  is grayed because there isn't a  previous page at this time. For  there to your left, in the  top corner, under "application manager"  screen  is the navigation bars.  As we continue to hit "next on each  page, we will move down the  navigation bars.  

Back to the middle of the page.  You have the biographical data.  This information is being pulled  from USA Jobs . Therefore, we will  scroll down and verify that this  information  is correct. And anything that needs  to be changed in  any way, you will click in any of  the boxes and make the edits at  that time. For instance, for  the address, and the first box,  I have  my address, at this time, I need to add my  apartment number. So I will click  in the second box below the address  and type in my  apartment number.  

I will spell out the  word "apartment." And then I will  scroll down using the far  right scrollbar scroll down to continue  to verify my information. My city.  My state. If  that code. Country, we can leave  that blank. Telephone number. I  have that there. And the  contact time. I can make a selection  by clicking on the down a rope box  and select -- down  arrow box and  select "either" and I can  also add a fax an extension number which  are not going to do this time. Next,  I have the e-mail address which  is  accurate. Citizenship. I am a citizen  so I don't need to make any  additional changes. So I'm going  to select "next" at the bottom of  the page.  

I have moved over to the eligibility  information page. As you can see,  I am moving down the  navigation part of the eligibility  information has  turned blue . The boxes turned blue. So now  I am on eligible information page.  Again, the middle of the page, the  job title, announcement number,  application name, all of that information,  along with the  user information and the top mainstream,  the navigation  information has the important links  and then help and log off. Those  navigation bars continue to follow  on each of  the pages.  

Below that, you have an Xbox  which is the  lowest grade. At this point, I have  the option to enter the lowest  grade label -- level that I will  accept for this position the lowest  one for this position is GS9. I  will select the drop down arrow  box and select the  lowest grade that I will accept  for this position. I  will  accept "9" at this point. Go  down further, the next box. The  preference claim. As you see, I  have  already selected the disability  preference claim. Which was pulled  off of USA Jobs  for  me.  

 The next is the date of active duty.  Military service. At this point,  I need to add my date. Click on  the  drop-down box. As you can see, there  is a calendar there. I can select  from the calendar or I can type  it in. At this point, I will type  in  my date.  January 1 January 1, 1980. And I  will tap over and go  to  the "to" box to do the same. And  enter  the "to" box which is January  1, 2010.  

Now I will scroll down a little  further using the far  right-hand scrollbar. And the next  box is the occupational specialty.  For the specialty. The  program analyst. It is the position.  It has been selected  for me. I will not make any changes  to that box. Next, continue to scroll  down further. And have  the geographical availability. At  this point, I will select at least  one geographic location in which  I am interested in and will  accept employment.  

This position only has one location  available for me.  Which is silver Springs, Maryland,  United States. And that box is also  checked for me. The last box on  this page is a transition  assistance plan. I have the option  to select either career  to the -- transition were agency  career transition plan. At  this point, I will be those two  boxes link. And click "next" at  the bottom  of the -- of the page. We have moved  on to  "other  information." The  

The many bars are still the same.  In the middle of the screen, we  now start off with the  employment availability. The first  one is  full-time employment. Warty hours  per week. And select that box.  Part-time employment. I don't want  part-time work so I will not select  those boxes. The next section  is  temporary employment. I don't want  any  temporary employment. Therefore  I will not select those  boxes either. The next one is jobs  requiring travel or when from home.  

I will select the first one which  is 1 to 5 nights a month. I will  select the first one. Now I will  scroll down using  the scrollbar to  the right. Next, I had the interagency  career transition transition --  career transition program. Are you  eligible? My options are yes  or no. The option I would choose  for this position is no. The next  question  is preference?  As identified? As defined by the  Department of Interior? My options  are yes  or no. I will select know for this  question. Next is the  public law.  94-37 Eligible. Are you eligible  based  on this? For the scholarship recipient?  My response for this would  be no.  

Again, using the scrollbar to  the right,  scroll down in these are the remaining  questions for this position. The  next question,  schedule A eligible? Are  you available -- eligible for the  federal program for persons  with disabilities? For this question,  I will select yes. The  next question, [ Indiscernible --  low volume ]. Are you a  PHS Commissioned officer? My response  to this will  be no.  

The  last question is eligible for noncompetitive  appointment? Are you eligible for  noncompetitive appointment under  a special authority such as the  veterans. In authority or former  Peace Corps personnel or current  postal personnel? I  will select yes for  this question.  

Scrolling down a little further.  The next section is  miscellaneous information. Are you  a male at least 18 years of age? I am  and females of this question is  not applicable to me so I  will select the third option which  is  not applicable. Next, we have  availability date. We will click  on the drop-down box. Again, you  have the option to select from  the calendar. Or you can type in  a date. We will use the calendar  for this month and we will  select today.  

Next, we will  select "next" and open the next  screen. Now we have moved on to  the assessment questionnaire. We  have  section 1. Notice here, and section  1, to the far right of this box,  it tells you how me questions are  in  the assessment. We have 19 questions  to  answer. Okay? Potion number one  says, from the description below,  select the one which best describes  your education and/or experience  and meet the  minimum qualifications or quality  -- or requirements for a program  analyst GES 349.  

You have  four options. One year specialized  experience. I have  two years of progressively higher-level  graduate education leading to a  Masters degree. Or the equivalent  combination of related education  and experience. Or you  do not possess these specialized  experiences and/or education described  above. Question number one, we  will  select "A" -- we have one year of  specialized experience for  this position . They go down and select "next"  to go to the next section. Section  number two. For the questionnaire.  On the navigation bars. Question  number two. It asks the  same question but it's for the  343 -11. Therefore, for  option number "A" you have one year  specialized experience  or "B" three years of graduate education.  Or "C" equivalent combination  or "D", I  do not have the specialized experience  or education described above. For  this once we will describe in use  "D". For  this position and we will select  "next" to go to the next selection.  Section 3. Are you currently including  drug administration employee? We  will select know for this question.  Which is option "B" and then we  will  select "select."  

The next section which is  section four, we will answer the  question for each of these in this  group, we will choose the statement  from the  list low that describes your experience  and or education. Starting with  question number four, with  databases related to document  tracking, approval  and/or assessments, question number  four. Again, we have five options  for this section.  Starting  with "A", I have not had education  or training or experience in this  task. Or "B", I  have had training but have not yet  performed it on the job.  Or "C", I have performed this task  on the job. And I work on this task  and was  monitored closely by a supervisor  or senior employee to ensure compliance  with the proper  procedures.  

"D", I have performed this task  is a regular part of a job. I have  performed it independently and normally  with that reviewed by a supervisor  or senior employee and  option "E", I  am considered an expert in performing  this test or I have supervised or  formants of this task or am normally  the person who was consulted by  other workers to assist them in  doing this task because of  my expertise.  

For question number four, we  will select option "E"  -- okay? Scrolling down a little  bit further. Using this on  the right, we will read question  five. It reads, identify and analyze  and recommend solutions for problems  pertaining to work area, we will  select  option "B", I have had education  or training in performing the task  but have not yet performed it on  the job. Session  number six. A wide range of guidelines  and regulations performed for the  task. We will  select "C." Question seven. And  Turks it's -- interpret and apply  the guidelines and policies, we  will  select "C". Scrolling down, using  the scrollbar to the  far right, there are no other questions  on this page  to answer.  

Therefore we will select "next"  at the bottom of the page and go  to the next page. Section 5 start  to question  number eight. And life background  information as it pertains to the  various status reports  and notifies supervisor of pending  delays and the reasons, we will  select  option "D." Question  number nine, gathers and organizes  narratives and  statistical information using established  methods and techniques, we will  select  option "D."  

Scrolling him down a little further  on  this page, -- scrolling down a little  bit further on this page, we will  go to question number  10. The regulatory information.  The document and status reports  for presentations, we will select  option "E" for  number 10. Number 11, validate and  research is an update  applicant data, information for  various medical device reports,  we will select option "D" for  question 11. Scroll down a little  further and we will  select "next" to go to the next  page.  

We are now on section 6. Starting  with question 12. Designs and provides  document tracking  reports on submission status. We  will select  option "B" and question 13, provides  weekly technical  status reports related to statutory  deadlines, we will select  option "C". And scrolling down further  on this page, using the scrollbar  to the far right, we will go to  question number 14. Identify  and translate official  regulatory letters, and select  option "E."  

Question 15, prepares  status reports, for regulatory or  scientific summaries and/or instructions,  we will select  option "E" for number 15 at  the bottom. After that we will  select "next" to go to the next  page. We have moved on to section  7 of the assessment which  in their. And we will start with  question  number 16. Provides administrative  and regulatory guidance and advice  to the division and/or support  staff members, we will  select  option "E" for number 16. Number  17, reviews and analyzes data and  industry inquiries, regarding the  status of medical device or invoices  or projects, we will select  option "C" for 17.  

Scrolling down, using the scrolling  Barchetta right, we will move on  to question  18. Initiate answers and chordates  or communication with a wide range  of individuals regarding technical  and scientific information and we  will select  option "D" 418.  

Question 19, evaluate and/or  response to questions  by researching and gathering and  compiling relevant information in  logical format, we will select  option "D" for 19. At the bottom  of 19, we will select  the option "next" to go to the  next section. At this point, we  have gone to the "review  document section.  We have reviews documents into the  right of that, you have a link for  "what document our -- accepted  or required. Click on that link  so you can go to the  vacancy announcement to see what  document are accepted and/or required.  As you can see on the screen right  now, we have moved onto the USA  Jobs  they can see an announcement number. And  the announcement.  

And click on "how to apply."  And scroll down a little bit to  the required document section. As  you can see, under the  required documents, you will see  which documents are required for  this position. Okay? If  you forgot what the documents are  that are required or accepted  for that, you can click on that  link and it will bring you back  to that announcement or you can  see which documents  are required.  

Going back to the  application manager, the table.  You have  the document in the application  package for this vacancy number.  When we are in right now. And we  will scroll down using the  internal scrollbar. To the right  of the original filename. And you  can see  which document -- documents have  already been submitted to go along  with this position in which we are  applying to. We  use the outside far right scrollbar  to scroll down. As you can see at  the bottom of the screen, you have  another table which shows you which  documents are available  for reuse.  

If we want to add a document  to the list of documents to be  sent over for this position which  we are applying to, we can click  on one of the boxes and then add  to the application call him. Click  on the box. --  call him.  -- column. Click on the box. And  review selected documents. Click  on  that box. And now it brings you  back to the top of the page and  you can use the internal scrollbar  in this table and  scroll down. Now you  can see that it is added to the other document.  And it gives you the dates. In the  next column. To your right. And  it shows that you uploaded  that document. And the fourth  column says updating process.  

And it tells you which document  we uploaded. The disability  letter document. On the  external scroll, we are going to  scroll  back down. Okay? And then we  will hit -- go to the next page.  At the bottom of  the page. Now we have been brought  to the  upload document. This one, if you  would like to upload any documents,  you can do so at this time.  The first step would be to select  the document. Click on the drop-down  arrow for select document type.  And you can see  the options and you have  resume, transcript,  SL50,  DL214, OF306, other  documents  and other.  

Select one  of these. At this time, we will  select, "other." And you will find  the document want to browse on your  computer, select the document that  you want to use for  this position. The third thing,  select "upload." As you can see  on  this page, you can see it says upload  successful and the document that  you added was uploaded successfully.  Under uploaded documents, it moved  from processed within one hour.  If you decide to fax in a document  am a it may take anywhere from 2  to 3 days to appear  as processed. We will scroll down  using the far scroll  down or.  -- bar.  

As you can see using  this table, using the internal scrollbar,  you can see what other documents  are  on file. At the very bottom of  the page, you have the faxing tips along  with upload information. And the  option to click on "help" if you  need additional assistance. And  also if you  need to -- you have access to the  fax cover sheet by  clicking on the link that says  "click here."  

Scroll down a little further  and then select "next" at the bottom  of the  page. Now, we moved to the "submit  my  answers" page. You have a table  with  two columns. The first column, to  the left, it is "ready to submit."  Click on the box that  says "ready  to submit." And the next  column is not ready to submit. You  can go back through any of these  fields to the left in the  navigation part. Or you have the  option to log out. At  this point, you are ready to submit  the answers.  

Click on "submit  my answers." We have now come to  the end of  our announcement. We have completed  our application package and we  have received the confirmation page.  Once you have received the  confirmation page, it says "confirmation  of your submission to  USA Staffing." Which means you have  completed the application pay --  packet for this omission. It shows  you the details and the option to  return to USA  Jobs . And you have the option to  click  on "main" and  you importantly. And you have the  option to lock out. At this point,  we  will select "main" and go to the  main page.  

Here, on the  main page, as you can see, on the  first table, here is my application  package. This show shoot every vacancy  announcement that you have applied  for. Through application manager.  It has the status of the position.  The modification date. The  closing date. And the control number  for USA  Jobs . Scroll down a little further on  this page. And we have two boxes  down here at the bottom. To the  left. And you can start  the application package. And the  vacancy number. Or the USA Jobs  control number. Type that in  and select "goo ." To the right of that box is the  profile information. You can click  on "edit or file" and change  the information. Scroll back to  the top.  

We will select one of our vacancies  so we can show you  additional information on the vacancy.  As you can see, on  your status, as you were doing your  announcement, for which you have  applied for, it tells you the status  whether it is complete or there  is additional information you need  to submit. We will select one of  our announcements.  

And we will go to the  next page. Here you see the application  package status. It says this  is complete. With the job title.  The vacancy ID number. Your announcement  number. The USA Jobs control number.  The applicant name. The closing  date . The  contact information. And you also  have the option to view the announcement  again. And change your answers.  At documents. Update your  biographical information. And view  and print your answers that you  submitted for this  particular application.  

A little further down, you have  two tabs.  Detailed and checklist. We are currently  on the  details tab. Below that, you have  assessment. It shows you the status  of your assessment. Which shows  it  is complete. It is an assessment questionnaire.  And it has the dates for when you  submitted it. The next section is  the document and the status of your  document. The  document type. Source. Date receipt.  And the original file  name. Using the out side scrollbar,  we will  scroll down.  

Go back and to the internal scrollbar  under document and scroll down to  see what documents have been processed  and which document have not  been received. Next section  is "messages." You can view your  document and shows  you them -- the document type. It shows  an acknowledgment letter. And the  date it was e-mailed  to you. Any other letters that will  come through the HR specialist,  those documents or letters will  show up here  on messages. The last section is  the application  processing status. And you can  view this. And it shows you this  is complete for when it  was submitted. Go back to  the top for the checklist. And we  are going to click on "checklist"  to the right of  the details.  

It shows you the status. The  item. And at that document was required  or not. As you  can see, the  assessment questionnaire  was required. And the status is  "okay" which means it was  received okay. And the second one  is resume. Which was also required.  And also submitted okay. The  third option was  "other veterans document? And it  was received okay. It was  not required. But if you wanted  to be considered for any veterans  preference, you would have to consult  with the  job announcement.  

We will go back to the  main page. And click on the  "main" box. Now we are back to the  main page of my application packages.  This concludes how to apply  online using Application  Manager for  USA Staffing along with USA Jobs.  At this time, we will lock out .  Thank you