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Navigating Of USAJOBS by Hubert Ellerbe Closed Caption Transcript of Video

[Navigating new version of USAJOBS by Hubert Ellerbe]

Closed Caption Transcript of Video

 Hello, everyone, my name is Hubert Ellerbe and I'm the human resource Specialist with enterprise systems division.  Welcome to our presentation  on navigating through USA jobs.  The first think we will need to  do is log  into the website which the  website address is http://www.usajobs.gov/.  Before  you  create an account -- ourselves with  the home key across the left top. 
     First is home.  This is where  you would come back to on any search  or where ever you been in the system  this is where you return back to.  Then let's go to search  for jobs which allows you advanced  search as  well.  Then my account  which maintains your  profile information and resumes,  saved searches, save documents and  the jobs, applicant status which  I will explain later.   And resource center will touch  on veterans individual disabilities,  students  and senior executives.  Okay, so  now let's  go to -- let's start  out with our then go into  creating an account.  Before we  do that, before we do that to  create an account, let's come back  to let's familiarize is also some  of the other areas on this page. 
     Of course, the what area in the  middle of the page, the white area  is showing you what particular position  you are looking for, what type of  announcement and then your where  block which is right beside that,  will give you where in this country  you want to work in terms of your  state and local  area.  Then we have the advanced  search which you see right  below where, then we have you're  search jobs function which we will  come back to that to search  for positions within the system.  Then let's scroll down just below  that  and you have  your individuals with disabilities.  Let's open that up for a  second.  It kind of gives you a  welcoming page and what have you  in terms of the resources you would  need and what you need to know.  Let's close that out.  And  come back into -- let's close that  out and come back into  the veterans area.  The veterans  area  is another one you'll be able to  welcome and show you the most of  the things you would need to know  and see within USAJOBS.  Let's  close that out.   Then you have your students and  recent graduates.  Then of course,  the senior executives series.  Let's  come down just below that  where it says what  you're following USAJOBS.  And you  can see he can  follow USA jobs on Facebook,  Twitter and the YouTube.  Those  are some pretty good functions to  be able to alert you in another  way of alerting you through USA  jobs.  Let's scroll back  to the top right.  We want to go  into the create let's hit on the  create  an account area.   And this area in terms of creating  a new account of course we are welcoming  you to USAJOBS because this is your  official site for the federal government.  With you're new account we've already  open an account, these are some  of the thinks you want to go over  that you will be able to  do in the USAJOBS area.  You will  be able to  build and store up to  five distinct resumes.  You'll be  able to save and automate job searches.  We will be able  to save and apply for jobs.  You  will be able to search  by Agency, occupation and location.  It will be  able to apply to federal agencies.  You will learn how to use USAJOBS  while you're on the site and it  also has an area where he will be  able to learn about  the federal hiring process.  And  discover special hiring programs  and see which jobs are in demand.  Let's scroll down to the form section  right below that.   The form section you will be able  to see the personal  information and account information.  And you see the red dots as  you look here is your required information.  This is the information that has  to be put on here in order for you  to create an account.  Of course,  your first name, no middle name  is required, there's no red stop  there and then you have your last  name.  And you have you're telephone  numbers.  Which  in this area it will accept  up to three different phone numbers.  Of course, your e-mail information  and you want to  make sure it is in HTML format.  One of the key is that they  are is about is be advised that  only one account can be  created for each e-mail address.  Be sure the e-mail  account you use is only accessible  by you and the e-mail account  is properly secured.  Let's step  down a little lower  on your account information.   With your account information you  have to have you're account uses  between four characters  and no more than 24 your user name.  For your password,  it must contain as well at least  eight characters and no more than  20.  When your creating a password  you want to make sure you  have at least  one uppercase letter, at  least one lowercase letter, at least  one number and at least one  symbol.  Here's another key reminder  to help remind -- to  help remember and protect your password,  supply some personal hands by  selecting three different password  questions and answers.  Knowing  this information can help  you quickly reset you are in  my USA jobs account using our automated  account resetting tool.  As you  come down just a little further  you see your password questions.  These are secret questions that  you may have in  the system and let's use the drop-down  box just to give you a general idea  of some of the questions they have  anywhere to answer.  You have to  use the ones noted that they  have.  And if you come out  of your drop-down box you can go  over your terms and conditions and  read over that.   At the end of that as you can see,  once  you read just below that over your  terms and conditions, at  this time you agree to what you've  read, but this time we would go  ahead and  create an account.  Now for time  intensive purposes, we've already  created an account for you to look  over sort this time we  will sign in. -- so at this time we  will sign in. Let me do this again.  Hold on  just  a second here. Once you get all  signed in this is where it is best  to do what you can.  In  fact, scroll around on this without  being signed in, but it is best  that we will be able to keep everything  that you found  in the system.   Okay, so no what we want  to do once we -- once you are signed  in if you notice across the top  right you will see your  name and that you are the ones I  didn't to this particular account.  If you look to  your left here, to the bottom left  let's go over there, scroll over  to your left and to the bottom where  it says might account  pretty much midway through.  You  will see your  name once again.  And if you  have a goal, this is a good time  to put in a goal as they have some  or you, but you want to add a goal  at this time, this is when you would  add it.  You also could add a picture  at this time if you had a photo  that you wanted to upload.  This  would be the time to do  it.  And if you wanted to edit,  let's go down a little bit right  there to the edit section if  you want to edit your account in  any way and change a phone number  or something, this would have been  the time that you would have done  so.  Let's go down just a little  bit to  the resume portion.  As you can  see this individual you can store  up to five resumes.  And at  this time this individual has stored  two.  And you want  to make sure once you upload you're  resume you do it in a  word processing system.  Preferably  Microsoft Word and make sure  you use your spellcheck.  At this  point  your resume builder you copy and  paste the various blocks of the  test in a specific area such  as duties and responsibilities and  what have you for your resume or  to let they said, your name, each  resume and make sure it is something  that you would remember  be a technical and managerial.   To upload a resume as you can see  right below build a resume you see  that uploading a new resume.  This  feature you have to really be  careful because if you have one  of those resumes that come up to  three pages humane and -- not get  all your information and here  because this particular area when  you're at text count is only  5000.  Be very mindful of that and  that's all you'll be able to  put in there.   Let's scroll over, let's come back  up to where the saved job section  is about midway up a little bit.  This is an area, let me go  further in the highlights from USAJOBS  as you see just above that.   Here is where if anything USAJOBS  wanted to alert you on this is basically  where they would highlight your  information right here that they  wanted you to have.  Let's go back  down  to your save jobs.  Here on any  jobs that you would've saved that  you found in the system or you were  lucky to this is where you  would save the information.  Let's  scroll down  to your documents. Here the good  thing about this particular area  is when you save documents at this  time you would be able to reuse  those documents in the system time  and time again for different positions  that  you apply for.  In the system.  Let's closethat.. Then we  can come down, let's close  that one out.
     Okay, then we have your  applicant status, application status.  This is a very important area as  you can see here it  will alert you on the  status of your application B. it  sometimes the application may close  and he wouldn't have known until  you went on the site and can  see is a debate that either the  vacancy has closed or it is been  moved to  the selecting official. Let me see if we come out  of that area, okay, after you come back up from  the application status we can go  back to the top.  I want  to take you to how you refine your  search and what have you so at this  point, let's go back  to the homepage.   Now from the homepage, now what  we want to do is this is where we  are going to search for a position  and see if we can find in the  system so let's go ahead and add  probably we can add human resources  or whatever career field at this  point you want to add in there.  We will do human  resources.  We will just  a Washington, D.C. Now if you  look in the site you can see in  the bold print it gives you the  job name, it gives you the  series, the grade and pretty  much all the information you would  want in terms of this will  give you an explanation in terms  of as you look for that vacancy  announcement you see  the Agency, the location, your salary  of the information you would need  in terms of the vacancy announcement  which we will go  into further detail later.  But  let's scroll to refining the  results.  At the top here to the  left your top left as it shows,  you have jobs for the  US citizens and then we also have  that second block  is where you would refine your  search  for your vets and disability, your  second block their to federal employees  so we don't want to miss that very  important area.  It will  give you that search for all of  the vets and disabilities and  what have you.  Let's scroll down  and go over -- let's go into one  of the -- I want to show you the  short version of the vacancy announcements  so let's close that down and go  to where it says  the short version.  This way you  will see the bold be at  the Agency itself.   It basically explains everything  at a quick formatted way we you  can see the vacancy  and if you're interested in applying.  Let's  close that out.  Let's go  back over to the left and of  this column and discuss where it  says Agency.  Let's hit on  the Agency area.  Here you will  find most of the agencies that we  have around the country it will  identify for the ones that pulled  how many are in that particular  Agency in term of vacancies that  they have our folks that they are  needing.  You can go back and  get vacancy  again.  And let's come down  to job  category.  And once again, different  jobs that you are looking for to  be able to identify how many we  have in that particular area for  the job categories and where they  are located. Let's  close that out.   Now let's hit  on the grade.  The good thing  about the grade area  is that be it for whatever want  be at nine, 11, 12 and as it goes  all the way up it will usually in  the vacancy announcement it will  give you a minimum to a maximum  for that particular grade in terms  of salary.  We will go down to silly  and maybe be able to see that so  let's close that one out and go  to salary.  And here you will  see how the minimum and a max in  terms of whatever grade you  would have selected.  Let's go to  work  type.  Close that one out and go  to work type.  Once again, you'll  be able to see again,  some of the positions in terms  of the work type and  picking the titles and so let's  close that out.  Your  work schedule.  This is very important as some  positions you have to read the whole  vacancy announcement and some may  say we are only hiring for part-time,  some may say we are hiring for full-time  so you want to really be reading  your vacancy announcement when you  come down to these areas and they  are telling you the work schedule  of these vacancy announcements.  Let's go to posting and close  that one out.
     That posting, open,  steer with the posting data what  basically gives you how long has  it been since a vacancy has been  put out you really want to keep  it -- sometimes you may want to  set your son probably 10 and in  the last 10 days how many positions  came out for the area that you're  interested in.  It is a very key  area right there. Okay, so we can  close that  out.  Now let's go back, scroll  back to the top here.  As a matter  of fact, let's go back to  the home section.   I really didn't mean, now we want  to do the advanced search.  That's right in the middle if we  hit right midway through there just  below the  where and when.  Let sit on  your advanced search.   -- let's hit on your advanced  search.  Okay, now the good thing  about your advanced search is it  is going to help you narrow  down to a specific vacancy.  This  is a very important in terms of  when you are looking for maybe someone  referred to vacancy to you and you  want to go specifically to that  vacancy so let's slide over a little  bit to the left where  it says your keyword.  This is where  as you saw is put in  human resources, it could have been  an  analyst, just  giving it some keywords to search  for different things that you're  interested in it in the system.  The same thing as you go down just  a little bit with the title search.  But let's hit on one  of the question marks.  Right beside  the position to give you a general  idea of what comes up.  It will  just explain what it is in a particular  area if you're not really sure how  you want to narrow you're search  down, this will go in full detail  and explain it that way.   Let's go to the series.  You have  to be careful when you are searching  by series because some will be  in a three letter format and of  course, this requires for  so if you're looking for a three  letter format series, make sure  you add zero.  Again, if we slide  on down there  for the location, now the location search will give  you all of the 50 states are in  the country.  Can we add the Alabama,  hits on  the Alabama one.  Then you can put  add over here once you put  on Alabama all the cities and local  counties for Alabama will come up  and at that time let's  hit and one.  And as you  can see will add  it to your search.  Now to remove  that let's put the mouse back on  that and then you hit remove and  it it  will go away.   Okay, now let's slide down to  your Agency shirt.  Right in the  same line and it is pretty much  the same criteria if you want to  search by Agency  you heard the agriculture was a  good Agency to be with or Department  of Commerce or anyone of these agencies  that you can go to in the same thing  applies, you hit on one of those  and either add and let's hit on  one because what happens is% agencies  go to the bottom so let's hit on  one of those in the Agency block. 
     Let's pick one.  And as you  can see just below all the sub agencies  will come  up before the type of area you want  to work at or what have you and  your sub agencies will come up and  that's a you you track them that  weight and once again using  the adding and remove function.  Let's slide over from there and  scroll down a little bit and  let's go over in terms of  your eligibility as a veteran.   Once again, these are key areas  you need  to have when searching for a position.  You want to make  sure you add the yes  for vets and individuals with disabilities.  That's a critical area and it will  pull up folks that have these announcements  for you and what have  you.  That's how you keep  point your search nearing it down  to really going after the vacancies  or the area you are looking to work  at.  That would in turn, kind of  show you all you're navigations  area.  Let's go back  to the top. Now the good thing  at this point to narrow the search  we would have narrowed our search  completely based on the advanced  search that I just showed  you, that would pretty much you're  navigation throughout the USAJOBS  in terms of after you have created  an account.  Those that -- those  are the navigations that I've just  shown you that you should be able  to narrow you're searches and what  have you in terms of the USAJOBS,  but at this time, that would pretty  much conclude the  presentation and I'd like to turn  it over to my colleagues who will  go further in detail  of the vacancies further in detail.  Good luck on your search and thank  you and have  a  wonderful day.