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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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A Review of Vacancy Announcements

Once you have done of vacancy announcement were going to go over how this to  be the vacancy announcement if you are interested. On the left-hand side of the screen you will see a tab called overview. When you look at the overview it's going to take you to the vacancy announcement where you will find the position title and you'll also find that department and this one is Department of Health and Human Services. The agency is FDA and the job announcement. HHS-FDA-MP-11-I40110. When you put it on your resume we can make sure it is attached and it will help you to remember what position you applied for. Next you will see a salary range. This is unique because it goes from the grades nine through 13. Each of our grade levels have steps which are longevity steps within reach of the grades within a one to 10. When you see a salary range you will see this is from a step one of a nine and this one goes up to a step 10 of the 13. A lot of applicants feel they have a whole range and they can negotiate but actually depending on the grade level you selected from, your eligibility will be to be step one of that particular grade. There are exceptions to the rural accept this has to be done after you selected and the justification has to be done for you to have superior qualifications where you can go from step one up to and including step 10 of that particular grade.
>> We talk about the series which is a four digit number we relate to that position, for this one is 0343. I talked to you about the grade range which is from nine to 13. It will tell you if it is a full-time and permanent position. The promotion potential means you can go in at the lower level and you have promotion potential in this job from a nine to 11, 11 to 12 and 12 to 13 without further competition. Next is the duty location. This particular job has one vacancy and it happens to be in Mark number County of the United States. One thing that is critical is even though you are eligible for the special hiring authority, you still need to register to look to who may be considered. I selected this one because this is a federal job, it is limited to the FDA. There are times that even though you are eligible for the internal federal job, they may be limited for the duration to a specific location or a specific agency so you need to make sure it says the ability  and the veterans programs and who may be considered. Next you will see a job summary. It tells you a little bit about HHS. The next tab which will be to the right of the overview is due these. It will take you to duties and responsibilities for this position. This position is unique and it has four grade levels. You will see the duties and responsibilities for each of the grade levels, the nine, 11, 12 and 13. If you go where it says back to top, it will take you to the next tab which is called qualifications and evaluations. Again because this is a unique position it goes from 89 through a 13, you will have qualifications for each of the grade levels. The first section of the qualifications required are based on the specialized experience we will be looking for to determine the basic qualifications. At each of the grade levels we look for 1 year at the next lowest grade. You scroll down past the specialized experience and you'll also see some sort of substitution for education experience. The substitution of experience means education versus having work experience. For the GS nine double that would be the master's degree. For the GS  11 level that would be a -- degree. For the higher levels, 12 and 13, generally you will not see any substitution for education for experience but if it's acceptable it would be in this area under qualifications and evaluations. Again if you go to the right, you will see back to top and your next tab would be benefits and other information. In benefits and other information you will find links to the benefit related to the US government. You will see health benefits and information on life insurance. You will see information about the veterans eligibility. It will take you what we call the vet guide and information about -- after December 31, 1959 have to be registered for selective services. Also persons with disabilities, there are things you would need in order to be considered. Also if you are an employee from another agency you will see information about that. If you go to that section into the right-hand side you would see back to top and our next tab is how to apply. This is one of the critical sections on any vacancy announcement because you have to follow this section to the letter. You have to follow this section and not following it it could disqualify you for the position. One of the things in filling out on how to apply section is you will be required to do what is called a questionnaire. If you go to the third line and it says occupational questionnaire, if you select that, it will give you an opportunity to review the questions you will be required to answer when you do the online process. One of the recommendations we have is you can copy and paste it into a wordprocessing type of system and that way you can look at your answers. You will see at the top related to the vacancy announcement and then if you scroll down to you will see the title of the position which is already there. By a graphic data, e-mail address, employment availability. You will have a question on citizenship. As you scroll down, anything that is required regarding languages, you will see that. The question about the lowest grade is important especially when there are multiple grade positions. This is a nine, 11, 12 or 13. You will be required to make a selection at the lowest grade you would accept. If you would accept only the 12, you would not be considered for the nine and the 11. If you choose the 13, you will only be considered for the 13 and not the nine, 11 and 12. If you select the ninth as the lowest grade, you would be eligible for all four grades. There is also this latest information regarding age and if there are any special knowledge. If you scroll down, availability date will be required. Surface computation date if you have other federal experience. It will talk about job preferences. The next section our occupational specialties. For this particular job if you want to be competitive or noncompetitive, you will make that selection. If this is open to veterans or persons with a disability, you would be eligible for noncompetitive consideration. That is what you would select. Geographic location, if this was a multiple positions in multiple locations, you may be requested to ask for what area you want to be considered for. This is really important to you because if it has 20 different locations and you only select one, you will only be selected for the one area you will have interest in. This particular job has only one location. The job related experience will be requested. Any personal background information. When it comes to the occupational assessment question, these are also important because this is how you will isolate where you rank. We or did talk about the what you're specialized experience at the seven and nine levels. We also talked about the one you're specialized experience at seven and nine and we also talked about at those grade levels you can have substitution for education and experience and that is here. This group of questions is related to specialized experience. You go down and select which is appropriate. Because this one was limited to MBA, it will ask if you are an employee. One of the sections you would have is related to task for you going to give a rating of your self or how you rate your self for various tasks related to the job. There will be no indication of training or educational training as you perform the task. It is -- to your rankings. Failure to document to our expert in your resume or how you rate yourself and your resume could result in disqualification. Take these ratings and answer the remaining questions in a particular section and this is your way of how you would rate yourself in this particular area. That will be the end of your questionnaire. This would be done when it's online but for right now we are doing this so you at least know what you will be asked when you actually do the individual rating. We get out of the questionnaire and go back to the vacancy announcement. Those were all the tabs we would actually use, but there were other areas of support you should be aware of. As you scroll up about halfway through the screen, you would see a section called conditions of employment. When you're looking at conditions of employment, the information here would be regarding your background check and security check and requirements. We have information on e verify. Also you would be required for direct deposit and if there were any special requirements for that particular job such as a financial disclosure, if there was a probationary period required, our travel, transportation expenses paid, you would say yes or no. Some of the Government positions are governed by collective bargaining agreements and it would tell you that. If there is a drug screening required, if there is a recruitment bonus. Also anything about time in grade. The other thing to be considered is how you will be evaluated. This will give you the competencies that the person has selected for the job. If you look at these make sure these tabs and knowledge and skills and abilities are covered in your resume year it because we will be looking at those for the basic qualifications and we will also be looking at those in your resume to determine your rating for this particular job. If you can go back to the top, this concludes everything you would need in the vacancy announcement and the things you should be looking for. Specialized experience, this is what we will be using for basic qualification. If the substitution for education for experience, this will be your degree. If there is a substitution for education for experience or if the position has a positive educational requirement, you may be required to actually submit transcripts. Also because of your eligibility for person with a disability or for a veteran, you will be required to submit information that supports your eligibility. DD 214s are required of a veteran as a minimum. Also if you are claiming a disability you may be required to submit documentation from the VA. Person with disabilities would be required to submit a letter from rehab, the VA or from your personal doctor that verifies your disability. If you go almost to the bottom of the screen, what I just went over, what is required documents, there is always a section that says required documents that will refer you and remind you of things that are required. If you would have any questions about the package, we always include contact information where we give you our customer service that can provide any information. One key factor when we are looking at the overview, please remember it has to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern standard Time on the date of the closing date in order to be considered. Failure to follow the forms, failure to follow the opening and closing periods could result in you not being considered which is something we don't want for you. This concludes everything related to a vacancy announcement. Next we're going to have Elaine walk you through the online process for applying for the job. I hope this has been helpful to you. Good luck. Elaine, we are ready for you.